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Come in. We've been expecting you. Benson will take your coat and hat. Go up the staircase, we're in the first room in front. The light is on.

You are in the Reading Challenge Master Control Room.

Click the Open signs (or the buttons at top) to visit the current challenges.
Click the Closed signs to explore the archives in the cellar. Bring a flashlight.

For your safety, remember: Never enter the secret passageway first.

Description 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge You are the Medical Examiner. Attach toe tags to victims you find in murder mysteries. Closed Closed Closed
closed open open
Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge Shoot (read) six mysteries by the same author. Sounds easy, but it's more like whac-a-mole. Closed Closed Closed Closed open open
Mystery Marathon NEW for 2024! Run the marathon by reading 26.2 mysteries.           open
Century Club Mystery Reading Challenge Read one mystery from each of ten decades.           Open
Abra Cadavers Baseball Game Play ball! Seasonal, runs April-September.   Closed Closed Closed closed open
Ten Pins Bowling Game Use numbers and math to knock down pins! Seasonal, runs October-March.     2021-2022
opens Oct 2024


I don't think it's healthy for a man to be always brooding over crime and detective stories. Reading up on all sorts of cases. It puts ideas into his head. - Inspector Japp in Agatha Christie's Death in the Air
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