Collier Crime Club Mysteries checklist

I believe this list is complete, but if you are aware of additional titles in this blue/black uniform binding, please let me know!

Author Title Year Comment
Coles, Manning The Fifth Man 1946
Davis, Frederick C. Deep Lay the Dead 1942
Dean, Amber Wrap It Up 1946
Disney, Doris Miles Who Rides a Tiger 1946
Kelsey, Vera Whisper Murder 1946
Knight, Kathleen Moore Terror by Twilight 1942
Knight, Kathleen Moore Trademark of a Traitor 1943
Millar, Margaret The Devil Loves Me 1942
Roberts, Katharine Center of the Web 1942
Seeley, Mabel The Chuckling Fingers 1941
Seeley, Mabel Eleven Came Back 1943
Stagge, Jonathan Death's Old Sweet Song 1946
Strange, John Stephen Look Your Last 1943
Strange, John Stephen Murder Gives a Lovely Light 1941
Weston, Garnet The Hidden Portal 1946
Woolrich, Cornell Black Angel 1943

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