2022 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge

Medical Examiner Reading Challenge textbooks

Welcome to the 2022 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge! Your goal as Medical Examiner is to read murder mysteries and attach toe tags to the unfortunate victim(s). Be sure to read our General Information page and then file your death certificate.
T H E       L A T E S T       D E A D L I N E S :
Dec 9: Sanacrow attaches toe tag #1495 to rise to the top of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, and gingerly gather the Gold Gurney away from C0NTENTH0MEB0DY!
Dec 1: Dr. Anna Geddes attaches her 50th toe tag to grasp the Garnet Gloves away from Kim!
Nov 22: Traci L. attaches her 200th toe tag to finagle the fabled Fuscia Forceps award away from Erika Morris!
Sep 30: Bev Hankins is now compiling her list of 2023 Reading Challenges. Never too early to begin planning!

Who else examined my book? Enter Author or Title:

BUREAU of VITAL STATISTICS updated FRI DEC 9 2022 @ 7.00 pm EST convert
Medical Examiners
3 1
Authors Books
2 2 7 4
Toe Tags
1 2 5 5 6
Personal effects
Sanacrow Tennessee
Gold Gurney (Most Toe Tags @ 1495)
23 148 1495 Goodreads profile
C0NTENTH0MEB0DY USA 40 118 1292 Blog Goodreads profile
OutsmartYourShelf The United Kingdom 132 146 1227 Goodreads profile
Colleen Illinois 71 144 1134 Goodreads profile
Tracy New York 101 150 1058 Goodreads profile
Bev "Quincy" Hankins Indiana
Bronze Body Bag (Most Authors @ 167)
Silver Scalpel (Most Books @ 237)
167 237 970 My Reader's Block All Covered Up Goodreads profile
Tina Hilbert Ohio 76 143 872 Blog Goodreads profile
Scott Nickels Georgia 49 98 728 Goodreads profile
Avid Series Reader New Mexico
Magenta Magnifier (500th toe tag)
Scarlet Sponge (400th toe tag)
87 101 591 Blog Goodreads profile PaperBack Swap bookshelf
Jjean Texas 72 97 581 Goodreads profile
Medical Examiner Authors Books Toe Tags Notes Personal effects
SueC Utah 27 91 382 Blog Goodreads profile
Rick Mills Maine
Chief Medical Examiner
Brass Bone Saw (300th Toe Tag)
44 118 353 Blog Goodreads profile PaperBack Swap bookshelf
Susan Jensen Arizona 54 57 265 Blog Goodreads profile
JenneB Pennsylvania 49 92 258 Goodreads profile Instagram
Erika California
Lavender Lab Coat (100th Toe Tag)
29 45 231 Goodreads profile Instagram
Tari Hann Ohio 77 131 224 Blog Goodreads profile
Traci L. Illinois
Fuschia Forceps (200th Toe Tag)
82 106 206 Blog Goodreads profile
Anne A. Maine 18 22 94 Goodreads profile
Jen McFarren Montana 24 32 93 Goodreads profile
Tara Illinois 21 25 75 Goodreads profile PaperBack Swap bookshelf
Medical Examiner Authors Books Toe Tags Notes Personal effects
David Salley New York 21 24 69 Goodreads profile
Rhonda D Alabama 22 24 59 Goodreads profile
Kim Prytherch South Carolina 18 26 56
Dr. Anna Geddes The United Kingdom
Garnet Gloves (50th Toe Tag)
9 18 50 Goodreads profile
Simone C Alabama 14 16 45
Karen Baroness Montana 12 31 44 Blog Goodreads profile Instagram
Jessica Wale Washington 10 11 38 Blog Goodreads profile
Shannon The Netherlands 13 15 36 Goodreads profile Instagram
TashaLasha Da Wrapper Virginia 6 10 25 Goodreads profile
Jana S. Estonia 1 2 12 Goodreads profile
Morgan KP New Jersey 2 2 8 Goodreads profile
Medical Examiner Authors Books Toe Tags Notes Personal effects

    Instructions and rules are found on the General Information page.

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M.E.'s notebook:

There is a rose garden on the Andrews place. It is a formally arranged spot with a sundial in the center. Old Phelps lay near the sundial, and his bald head was a mess. A croquet mallet was beside the body. It was too soon after breakfast for me, especially when the coroner began his examination. I retreated to the station wagon.

Herman Petersen, writing in The D.A.'s Daughter, 1943.

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