2022-2023 Ten Pins Game

The 2022-2023 Ten Pins Reading Game at Mystillery Lanes is open! Your goal is to knock down all ten pins by reading books with numbers in their titles, using additional books and a little math if needed. But wait, there's more! The more books you can use, the higher your score! Read the General Information page and start knocking down pins!

Nov 26: Avid Series Reader takes out pins 2, 5, and 9!
Nov 7: Bev Hankins has multiplied to knock down pin 10, completing her string!
Nov 5: Tina Hilbert just knocked down pin 7 with some fancy addition!
Want to try something a little different? Here are four 1947 Crime Club radio dramatizations which have some numbers in their titles. Just listen to add them to your game! Each is 30 minutes:
  • Fear Came First by Vera Kelsey. Four women fight over an inheritance in a deserted house.
  • Death Never Doubles by Stedman Coles. A lawyer and a crook are doubles and the crook's mob mistake the lawyer for their old boss.
  • Death at 7:10 by H.F.S. Moore. Susan Ward Steel, a woman everybody hated, dies of atropine poisoning in the compartment of a mystery writer on a train.
  • Death Swims at Midnight by James Urthine. A corpse on the beach leads a vacationing detective to a murderer.
As with all Mystillery challenges, short stories are welcome here! Check out your mystery anthologies/collections - shorts with numbers in titles are pretty common!
  (submit once for each pin).

MYSTILLERY LANES LEAGUE STANDINGS updated SAT NOV 26 2022 @ 5.00 pm EST convert
Bowler Books
Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4 Pin 5 Pin 6 Pin 7 Pin 8 Pin 9 Pin 10
Tina Hilbert
14 One Of Us Is Lying (McManus) Secondhand Spirits (Blackwell) Two Bodies For The Price Of One (Bond)
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery (Christie)
Ten Apples Up On Top (Seuss)
A Clan of Two (Vitale)
The 12 Days of Valentines (Lettice)
Two Can Keep a Secret (McManus)
The 6:20 Man (Baldacci) PLUS One of Us Is Next (McManus) Thirteens (Marshall)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Christie)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Christie)
A Case of Two Cities (Xiaolong)
Bev "Striker" Hankins
11 The One Hundred and One Dalmatians (Smith) Take Two at Bedtime (Allingham) Challenge for Three (Garth) Four Days' Wonder (Milne) The Five Red Herrings (Sayers) Six Deadly Dames (Nebel) Seven Tears for Apollo (Whitney) Eight Perfect Murders (Swanson) The Nine Billion Names of God (Clarke) Five Little Pigs (Christie) TIMES Bodies in the Library 2 (Medawar, ed.)
Rick Mills
9 With One Stone (Lockridge) Death is a Double Crosser (Crime Club) Three Men and a Corpse (Ray) The Five Bells and Bladebone (Grimes) The Sixth Commandment (Wells) Death at 7:10 (Crime Club) Behind Murder's Eight-Ball (James) Mystery of the 500 Diamonds (Barr) WILD CARD A Thousand To One (Gardner) WILD CARD
Avid Series Reader
New Mexico
8 The Absent One (Adler-Olsen) Second Son (Child) Third Strike (Craig) The Four Corners of the Sky (Malone) The Lions of Fifth Avenue (Davis) The Sixth Wedding (Hilderbrand) Death by the Dozen (McKinlay) WILD CARD 22 Britannia Road (Hodgkinson) WILD CARD
8 The Once and Future Witches (Harrow) The Double Comfort Safari Club (Smith) The Man Who Died Twice (Osman)
The First Eagle (Hillerman)
Unsung Heroes of World War II* (Durrett)
Two Roads (Bruchac)
Seventy-Seven Clocks (Fowler) Ten Second Staircase (Fowler)
The United Kingdom
5 The Three Dahlias (Watson) Seventeen (Brownlow) CREATIVE (1+7) The Nine: Origins (Trester) Flat 19 (Ashworth) MINUS The Nine of Diamonds (Johnstone)
4 One Bad Apple (Connolly) Secondhand Spirits (Blackwell) Knit One, Kill Two (Sefton) ADDITION Six Feet Deep Dish (Quigley)
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*full title: Unsung Heroes of World War II: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers by Deanne Durrett

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