2021 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge

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Welcome to the 2021 Six Shooter Challenge! Your goal is to shoot (read) six mysteries by the same target (author). You get one notch on your gun for each target completed. You get bonus points for each additional notch beyond the first one. Unlike many reading challenges, just reading more books may not necessarily help your score. Scores are not based upon quantity, but rather efficient shooting in reaching your target(s). Just read a book and submit your first entry to join!

SueC (Utah) carves her notch #8 with author Elly Griffiths and breaks the notch record with #9 for author Donna Andrews!

People's Exhibit A

Your Obedient Host will be away serving his debt to society at the State of Maine Mattress Repair Facility (3 days hard labor for tearing tag off mattress - let this be a lesson to you - crime does not pay!) Thu July 22 through Sun July 25, and this challenge page will not be updated during that period. Please continue your submissions as usual, and your Obedient Host will update the challenge upon his expected early release for good behavior.

Here is Mystillery Newsletter #11 for July.

READER BOARD updated THU JULY 22 2021 @ 10.00 am EDT convert
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4 6
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The "Whac-a-mole" section (the notched) - sorted by score
9 64 0.843 0.800 sharpshooter badge 1.643
8 54 0.888 0.700 sharpshooter badge 1.588
Bev Hankins
4 22 1.090 0.300 sharpshooter badge 1.390
7 64 0.656 0.600 sharpshooter badge 1.256
Tari Hann
2 11 1.090 0.100 sharpshooter badge 1.190
Rick Mills
6 56 0.642 0.500 sharpshooter badge 1.142
Tina Hilbert
6 66 0.545 0.500 sharpshooter badge 1.045
3 22 0.818 0.200 sharpshooter badge 1.018
Traci L.
1 60 0.100 0 0.100
The not-notched-mosh-pit. Sorted by shots fired - keep shooting, it's the only way out of here!
Avid Series Reader
New Mexico
0 41 0.000 0 0.000
Scott Nickels
0 22 0.000 0 0.000
Karen Baroness
0 20 0.000 0 0.000
United Kingdom
0 18 0.000 0 0.000
Simone C.
0 11 0.000 0 0.000
0 4 0.000 0 0.000
Guatemala Paula
0 4 0.000 0 0.000
0 3 0.000 0 0.000
Anna Marten
0 2 0.000 0 0.000
0 2 0.000 0 0.000
Sharon Angle-Boyer
North Carolina
0 1 0.000 0 0.000

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Shooting gallery:


Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
John Dickson Carr bang!The Nine Wrong Answers bang! Papa La-Bas bang! The Mad Hatter Mystery bang! It Walks by Night bang! The Man Who Could Not Shudder
Dr. Fell#12
Freeman Wills Crofts bang!The Cask          
Elizabeth Daly bang!Unexpected Night
Henry Gamadge #1
bang!Deadly Nightshade
Henry Gamadge #2
Erle Stanley Gardner bang!The Case of the Gilded Lily
Perry Mason #50
Anthony Gilbert bang!Out For the Kill bang!A Question of Murder bang!Prelude to Murder bang! Passenger to Nowhere    
P. M. Hubbard bang! The Dancing Man bang! A Rooted Sorrow bang! A Thirsty Evil      
E. Phillips Oppenheim bang!The Great Impersonation bang! The Golden Beast bang! The Grassleyes Mystery      
Joseph Shearing
(Marjorie Bowen)
bang! Aunt Beardie bang! The Crimes of Laura Sarelle        
Hillary Waugh bang! Sleep Long, My Love bang! Girl on the Run        

Anna Marten

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Linsey Miller bang! The Game          
Diana Peterfreund bang! In the Hall With the Knife          

Avid Series Reader

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
L.L. Bartlett bang! Dead in Red
Jeff Resnick #2
bang! When the Spirit Moves You
Jeff Resnick #2.5
Jessica Beck
(Tim Myers)
bang! Sinister Sprinkles
Donut Shop Mystery #3
bang! Evil Eclairs
Donut Shop Mystery #4
bang! Tragic Toppings
Donut Shop Mystery #5
Frances Brody
(Frances McNeil)
bang!Dying in the Wool
Kate Shackleton #1
bang!A Medal for Murder
Kate Shackleton #2
bang! Murder in the Afternoon
Kate Shackleton #3
Fiona Buckley
(Valerie Anand)
bang! The Doublet Affair bang!Queen's Ransom bang! To Ruin a Queen      
Vanetta Chapman bang! A Perfect Square bang! Material Witness bang! Murder Simply Brewed
Amish Village Mystery #1
Barbara Cleverly bang! The Damascened Blade
Joe Sandilands #3
bang! The Palace Tiger
Joe Sandilands #4
bang! The Bee's Kiss
Joe Sandilands #5
bang! Tug of War
Joe Sandilands #6
Cleo Coyle
(Alice Alfonsi & Marc Cerasini)
bang!The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller
Haunted Bookshop #6
bang! Billionaire Blend
Coffeehouse #13
Ellen Crosby bang!Harvest of Secrets
Wine Country #9
bang! The Angels' Share
Wine Country #10
Judy Ann Davis bang! Four White Roses bang! Up on the Roof        
Joan Druett bang! Shark Island bang! Run Afoul bang! Deadly Shoals      
Martin Edwards bang! I Remember You bang! The Dungeon House bang! Gallows Court
Rachel Savernake #1
Monica Ferris (Mary Monica Pulver) bang! Knitting Bones
Needlecraft Mystery #11
bang! Thai Die
Needlecraft Mystery #12
bang! Blackwork
Needlecraft Mystery #13
Nicci French
(Nicci Gerrard & Sean French)
bang!Blue Monday
Freida Klein #1
bang! Tuesday's Gone
Freida Klein #2
Diana Gabaldon bang! The Scottish Prisoner
Lord John Grey #3
Tess Gerritsen bang!The Shape of Night bang! Last to Die
Rizzoli & Isles #10
Chris Grabenstein bang!Mad Mouse
John Ceepak #2
Caroline Graham bang! The Killings at Badger's Drift
Inspector Barnaby #1
bang! Death of a Hollow Man
Inspector Barnaby #2
Sarah Graves
(Mary Squibb)
bang!Wreck the Halls
Home Repair is Homicide #5
Iona Grey bang!Letters to the Lost bang! The Glittering Hour        
Elly Griffiths
(Domenica de Rosa)
bang!Smoke and Mirrors
Stephens & Mephisto #2
bang!The Blood Card
Stephens & Mephisto #3
bang! The Stranger Diaries
Harbinder Kaur #1
Martha Grimes bang! The Knowledge
Richard Jury #24
bang!The Old Success
Richard Jury #25
bang! Biting the Moon
Andi Oliver #1
bang! Send Bygraves    
John Harvey bang!Darkness & Light
Frank Elder #3
bang! Body & Soul
Frank Elder #4
Sarah Jio bang!The Violets of March bang!The Bungalow bang! The Last Camellia      
Iris Johansen bang!The Search
Eve Duncan #3
Mari Jungstedt bang! Unspoken
Anders Knutas #2
bang! The Inner Circle
Anders Knutas #3
bang! Killer's Art
Anders Knutas #4
Erin Kelly bang!The Poison Tree          
Elizabeth Kostova bang!The Shadow Land          
T. J. MacGregor bang!Black Water
Tango Key #2
Karen MacInerney bang!Brush with Death
Gray Whale Inn #5
bang!Death Runs Adrift
Gray Whale Inn #6
bang! Pumpkin Pied
Gray Whale Inn #6.5
Adrian McKinty bang! The Cold Cold Ground
Sean Duffy #1
bang! I Hear the Sirens in the Street
Sean Duffy #2
Kristina McMorris bang! Letters from Home bang! The Edge of Lost bang! Sold on a Monday      
Christine Mangan bang!Tangerine          
Henning Mankell bang! The Fifth Woman
Kurt Wallander #6
bang! One Step Behind
Kurt Wallander #7
Steve Martini bang!Compelling Evidence
Paul Madriani #1
bang!Prime Witness
Paul Madriani #2
bang!Undue Influence
Paul Madriani #3
Lia Matera bang!Designer Crimes
Laura DiPalma #5
Peter May bang!Firemaker
China Thrillers #1
Susan Meissner bang!A Bridge Across the Ocean bang! A Sound Among the Trees        
Kate Morton bang! The Lake House          
Ann Parker bang! What Gold Buys
Silver Rush #5
bang! A Dying Note
Silver Rush #6
bang! Mortal Music
Silver Rush #7
T. Jefferson Parker bang!The Fallen          
Sandra Parshall bang! Broken Places bang! Disturbing the Dead bang! Under the Dog Star      
Michael Pearce bang! A Dead Man in Trieste 2020
Seymour of Special Branch #1
bang! A Dead Man in Istanbul 2020
Seymour of Special Branch #2
bang! A Dead Man in Athens 2020
Seymour of Special Branch #3
bang! A Dead Man in Tangier 2020
Seymour of Special Branch #4
bang! A Dead Man in Barcelona 2020
Seymour of Special Branch #5
Andrea Penrose bang! Sweet Revenge
Lady Arianna Regency Mystery #1
bang!Murder at Black Swan Lane
Wrexford & Sloane #1
bang! Murder at Half Moon Gate
Wrexford & Sloane #2
Anne Perry bang!A Christmas Return
Christmas Mysteries #15
bang! A Christmas Revelation
Christmas Mysteries #16
Nancy Pickard bang!The Whole Truth
Marie Lightfoot #1
Stefanie Pintoff bang!In the Shadow of Gotham
Simon Ziele #1
bang! A Curtain Falls
Simon Ziele #2
Lucinda Riley bang! The Love Letter bang! The Orchid House        
Michael Robotham bang!Lost
Joseph O'Loughlin #2
bang! Shatter
Joseph O'Loughlin #3
Simone St. James bang!Silence for the Dead          
Arlene Sachitano bang!The Quilt Before the Storm
Harriet Truman / Loose Threads #5
Martin Cruz Smith bang!Gorky Park
Arkady Renko #1
Kathleen Tessaro bang!The Perfume Collector          
Arthur W. Upfield bang! The Sands of Windee
Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte #2
Ciji Ware bang!Midnight on Julia Street
Time Travel #1
Lauren Willig bang!Betrayal of the Blood Lily
Pink Carnation #6

sharpshooter badge Bev Hankins

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Agatha Christie bang!Murder in the Calais Coach bang! The Listerdale Mystery bang! The Boomerang Clue (Why Didn't They Ask Evans?) bang! Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective
(Parker Pyne Investigates)
bang! Murder in Three Acts Death in the Clouds
C. S. Harris
(Candice Proctor)
bang!When Maidens Mourn
Sebastian St. Cyr #7
bang! What Darkness Brings
Sebastian St. Cyr #8
bang! Why Kings Confess
Sebastian St. Cyr #9
bang! Who Buries the Dead
Sebastian St. Cyr #10
bang! When Falcons Fall
Sebastian St. Cyr #11
Where the Dead Lie
Sebastian St. Cyr #12
Claude Izner
(Liliane Korb & Laurence Lefèvre)
bang! Murder on the Eiffel Tower 2020
Victor Legris #1
bang! The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise 2020
Victor Legris #2
bang! The Montmartre Investigation
Victor Legris #3
bang! The Marais Assassin
Victor Legris #4
bang!The Predator of Batignolles
Victor Legris #5
Strangled in Paris
Victor Legris #6
Frances & Richard Lockridge bang! Think of Death
Captain Heimrich #1
bang!Accent on Murder
Captain Heimrich #11
bang! With One Stone
Captain Heimrich #13
bang! Preach No More
Lt. Nathan Shapiro #6
bang!Murder by the Book
Mr. & Mrs. North #26
The Judge is Reversed
Mr. & Mrs. North #24

sharpshooter badge C0NTENTH0MEB0DY

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
David Baldacci bang!Memory Man
Amos Decker #1
bang! The Last Mile
Amos Decker #2
bang! The Fix
Amos Decker #3
bang! The Fallen
Amos Decker #4
bang! Redemption
Amos Decker #5
Walk the Wire
Amos Decker #6
David Baldacci bang! The Long Road to Mercy
Atlee Pine #1
bang! The Simple Truth bang! Zero Day
John Puller #1
bang! The Forgotten
John Puller #2
bang! The Escape
John Puller #3
No Man's Land
John Puller #4
David Baldacci bang!Split Second
King & Maxwell #1
bang! Hour Game
King & Maxwell #2
bang!Simple Genius
King & Maxwell #3
bang! A Minute to Midnight
Atlee Pine #2
bang! Daylight
Atlee Pine #3
Allison Brennan bang! Love Me to Death
Lucy Kincaid #1
bang! Kiss Me, Kill Me
Lucy Kincaid #2
bang! If I Should Die
Lucy Kincaid #3
bang! The Prey
Predator #1
bang! Killing Fear
Prison Break #1
Lee Child
(James Dover Grant)
bang! The Killing Floor bang! Die Trying
Jack Reacher #2
Mary Higgins Clark bang!Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry bang! I've Got You Under My Skin        
Harlan Coben bang!Deal Breaker
Myron Bolitar #1
Patricia Cornwell bang!Post Mortem
Kay Scarpetta #1
Jeffrey Deaver bang!The Goodbye Man
Colter Shaw #2
bang! The Final Twist
Colter Shaw #3
Jonathon King bang!The Blue Edge of Midnight
Max Freeman #1
bang! A Visible Darkness
Max Freeman #2
bang! Shadow Men
Max Freeman #3
bang! A Killing Night
Max Freeman #4
bang! Acts of Nature
Max Freeman #5
Midnight Guardians
Max Freeman #6
Jonathon King bang! Don't Lose Her
Max Freeman #7
bang!Eye of Vengeance       
Kevin O'Brien bang! Unspeakable bang! Killing Spree bang! Tell Me You're Sorry bang! Left For Dead bang! Make Them Cry Final Breath
Kevin O'Brien bang!One Last Scream          
James Patterson bang!1st to Die
Murder Club #1
bang! 2nd Chance
Murder Club #2
bang!The Black Book
Black Book #1
bang!The Red Book
Black Book #2
bang!Mistress The Summer House
James Patterson bang!NYPD Red
NYPD Red #1
bang! NYPD Red 2
NYPD Red #2
bang!NYPD Red 3
NYPD Red 3
bang! NYPD Red 4
NYPD Red #4
bang! Red Alert
NYPD Red #5
NYPD Red 6
NYPD Red #6
James Patterson bang!Don't Blink bang! The Coast to Coast Murders bang! Three Women Disappear bang! Fifty Fifty
Harriet Blue #2
bang! Liar, Liar
Harriet Blue #3
Harriet Blue #4
John Sandford
(John Roswell Camp)
bang!Rules of Prey
Lucas Davenport #1


Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Agatha Christie bang! Death in the Clouds
Hercule Poirot #12
The A.B.C Murders
Hercule Poirot #13
Murder in Mesopotamia
Hercule Poirot #14

Guatemala Paula

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Parker Bilal bang! The Golden Scales          
Laura Walker Jensen bang! Hope, Faith, and a Corpse
Faith Chapel Mystery #1
Sandi Scott bang! Murder Off Broadway
Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery #12
Victoria Tait bang! Rhino Charge
Kenya Kanga Mystery #3

sharpshooter badge JJean

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
David Baldacci bang! One Good Deed
Archer #1
bang!A Gambling Man
Archer #2
bang! A Minute to Midnight
Atlee Pine #2
bang! Daylight
Atlee Pine #3
bang! The Fallen
Amos Decker #4
Amos Decker #5
David Baldacci bang! Hell"s Corner
Camel Club #5
Agatha Christie bang!The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Hercule Poirot #4
bang! Black Coffee
Hercule Poirot #7
bang! Death in the Clouds
Hercule Poirot #12
bang! Appointment with Death
Hercule Poirot #19
bang! Five Little Pigs
Hercule Poirot #25
Towards Zero
Supt. Battle #5
Agatha Christie bang! The Body In The Library
Miss Marple #3
bang! Nemesis
Miss Marple #11
bang! The Unexpected Guest
Michael Connelly bang! Fair Warning bang!Night Fire        
Stephen King bang! Bag of Bones 2020 bang! The Institute 2020 bang! If It Bleeds bang! The Outsider bang! Later  
James Patterson bang! Killer Instinct bang! Cajun Justice bang! Zoo
Zoo #1
bang! Cross
Alex Cross #12
bang! 1st to Die
Women's Murder Club #1
Deadly Cross
Alex Cross #28
Danielle Steel bang! Answered Prayers        

Karen Baroness

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Terry Ambrose bang!Treasure Most Deadly
Seaside Cove B&B #5
Winnie Archer bang!Death Gone A-Rye
Bread Shop Mys #6
Ginger Bolton bang!Beyond a Reasonable Donut
Deputy Donut Mys #5
Lynn Cahoon bang!One Poison Pie
Kitchen Witch Mys #1
Kelly Brady Channick bang!Asbury High and the Kidnapper's Drive
Asbury High Mys #4
Laura Childs (Laura Alden) bang!Haunted Hibiscus
Tea Shop Mystery #22
Krista Davis bang!The Diva Runs Out of Thyme
A Domestic Diva Mystery
Maria DiRico (Ellen Byron) bang!Long Island Iced Tina
Catering Hall Mystery #2
D.E. Haggerty bang! Saint Vandal's Day          
Erin Johnson bang!Spelling the Tea
Vampire Tea Room #1
bang! With Scream and Sugar
Vampire Tea Room #2
bang! A Score to Kettle
Vampire Tea Room #3
bang!Solstice Spirits
Winter Witches of Holiday Haven #10
TC LoTempio bang!The Time for Murder is Meow
Urban Tails Pet Shop Mys #1
Olivia Matthews (Patricia Sargeant) bang!Murder by Page One
Peach Coast Library Mystery #1
Elizabeth Pantley bang!The Disappearance of Emily
Destiny Falls Mys & Magic #2
SC Perkins bang!Fatal Family Ties
Ancestry Detective Mys #3
Jodi Rath bang!Monkey Bread Business
Cast Iron Skillet Mys
Angela M. Sanders bang! Bait and Witch          
Debra Sennefelder bang!The Corpse Who Knew Too Much
Food Blogger Mys #4


Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Robert B. Parker bang! The Godwulf Manuscript
Spenser #1
bang! Crimson Joy
Spenser #15
bang! The Professional
Spenser #37
bang! Painted Ladies
Spenser #38


Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Linda Castillo bang!Down A Dark Road
Kate Burkholder #9
bang! A Gathering of Secrets
Kate Burkholder #10
Patricia Cornwell bang!Postmortem
Kay Scarpetta #1
bang! Body of Evidence
Kay Scarpetta #2
bang! All That Remains
Kay Scarpetta #3
Lisa Gardner bang!The Perfect Husband
Quincy & Rainie #1
Val McDermid bang! The Mermaids Singing
Hill & Jordan #1
bang! The Wire in the Blood
Hill & Jordan #2
bang! The Last Temptation
Hill & Jordan #3
bang! The Torment of Others
Hill & Jordan #4
Angela Marsons bang!Lost Girls
DI Kim Stone #3
bang!Play Dead
DI Kim Stone #4
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Imitation In Death
In Death #17
bang! Remember When Part I
In Death #17.5
bang! Remember When Part II
In Death #17.5
bang! Divided in Death
In Death #18
Melinda Woodhall bang!The River Girls
Mercy Harbour #1
bang! Girl Eight
Mercy Harbour #2

sharpshooter badge Rick Mills

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
John Dickson Carr bang! It Walks by Night
Henri Bencolin #1
Raymond Chandler bang! The Finger Man bang! Red Wind        
Leslie Charteris            
Agatha Christie bang! Death on the Nile
Hercule Poirot #17
bang! By the Pricking of my Thumbs
Tommy & Tuppence #4
bang! Murder at the Vicarage
Miss Marple #1
bang! A Pocket Full of Rye
Miss Marple #6
bang! The Mirror Crack'd
Miss Marple #8
At Bertram's Hotel
Miss Marple #3
Manning Coles (Adelaide Manning & Cyril Coles ) bang! Without Lawful Authority
Tommy Hambledon #4
bang!The Basle Express
Tommy Hambledon #?
Philip R. Craig bang! Death in Vineyard Waters
Martha's Vineyard #2
bang! Vineyard Deceit
Martha's Vineyard #3
bang! Cliff Hanger
Martha's Vineyard #4
bang! Off Season
Martha's Vineyard #5
bang! A Case of Vineyard Poison
Martha's Vineyard #6
Death on a Vineyard Beach
Martha's Vineyard #7
Philip R. Craig bang! A Deadly Vineyard Holiday
Martha's Vineyard #8
bang! Vineyard Enigma
Martha's Vineyard #13
bang! Murder at a Vineyard Mansion
Martha's Vineyard #15
Mignon G. Eberhart bang! The Chiffon Scarf bang! The Hangman's Whip bang! The Pattern      
Erle Stanley Gardner bang! This is Murder bang! The Clue of the Forgotten Murder bang! The Case of the Turning Tide
Gramps Wiggins #1
bang! The Case of the Smoking Chimney
Gramps Wiggins #2
bang! The Bigger They Come
Lam & Cool #1
The Case of the Ice Cold Hands
Perry Mason #68
Erle Stanley Gardner bang!The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde
Perry Mason #25
Martha Grimes bang! The Man with a Load of Mischief 0
Richard Jury #1
bang! The Old Fox Deceiv'd
Richard Jury #2
bang! The Anodyne Necklace
Richard Jury #3
bang! The Dirty Duck
Richard Jury #4
bang! Jerusalem Inn
Richard Jury #5
Kathleen Moore Knight bang! The Trouble at Turkey Hill bang! Death Came Dancing bang! Bait for Murder bang! Murder/Intrigue for Empire bang! The Port of Seven Strangers Bells for the Dead
Kathleen Moore Knight bang!Beauty is a Beast bang! The Silent Partner        
Edward Marston (Keith Miles) bang!The Railway Detective
Railway Detective #1
Nancy Barr Mavity bang!The Tule Marsh Murder
Peter Piper #1
bang!The Body on the Floor
Peter Piper #2
Mary Plum bang!The Killing of Judge MacFarlane
John Smith #1
bang!Dead Man's Secret
John Smith #2
Ellery Queen
Frederic Dannay & Manfred Lee
bang! The Roman Hat Mystery
EQ #1
bang! The Chinese Orange Mystery
EQ #8
bang! The Dragon's Teeth
EQ #15
bang! The Adventures of Ellery Queen
Short Stories #1
bang! The New Adventures of Ellery Queen
Short Stories #2
Mary Roberts Rinehart bang!The Man in Lower Ten          
Sax Rohmer (Arthur Ward) bang!The Day the World Ended          
Nancy Rutledge bang!The Preying Mantis          
Rex Stout bang! The Final Deduction
Nero Wolfe #35
bang!Death of a Doxy
Nero Wolfe #42
S. S. Van Dine
(Willard H. Wright)
bang! The Benson Murder Case
Philo Vance #1
bang! The Canary Murder Case
Philo Vance #2
bang! The Greene Murder Case
Philo Vance #3
bang! The Bishop Murder Case
Philo Vance #4
Edgar Wallace bang! Face in the Night bang! White Face bang! The Devil Man bang! The Calendar bang! The Treasure Hunt The Gaol Breaker
Carolyn Wells bang! The Clue
Fleming Stone #1
bang! The Maxwell Mystery
Fleming Stone #4
bang! Anybody but Anne
Fleming Stone #5
bang! Prillilgirl
Fleming Stone #17
bang! All At Sea
Fleming Stone #22
The Beautiful Derelict
Fleming Stone #39
Carolyn Wells bang! Faulkner's Folly
Alan Ford #2

sharpshooter badge Sanacrow

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Agatha Christie bang! Murder at the Vicarage          
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Naked in Death 1 bang!Glory in Death 2 bang!Immortal in Death 3 bang!Rapture in Death 4 bang!Ceremony in Death 5 notch! Vengeance in Death 6
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Holiday in Death 7 bang!Midnight in Death 7.5 bang!Conspiracy in Death 8 bang!Loyalty in Death 9 bang!Witness in Death 10 notch!Judgement in Death 11
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Betrayal in Death 12 bang!Interlude in Death 12.5 bang!Seduction in Death 13 bang!Reunion in Death 14 bang!Purity in Death 15 notch!Portrait in Death 16
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Imitation in Death 17 bang! Big Jack 17.5 bang! Divided in Death 18 bang! Vision in Death 19 bang! Survival in Death 20 notch! Origin in Death 21
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Memory in Death 22 bang! Haunted in Death 22.5 bang! Born in Death 23 bang! Innocent in Death 24 bang! Creation in Death 25 notch! Eternity in Death 25.5
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Strangers in Death 26 bang! Salvation in Death 27 bang! Ritual in Death 27.5 bang! Promises in Death 28 bang! Kindred in Death 29 notch! Missing in Death 29.5
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Fantasy in Death 30 bang! Indulgence in Death 31 bang! Possession in Death 31.5 bang! Treachery in Death 32 bang! New York to Dallas 33 notch! Chaos in Death 33.5
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Celebrity in Death 34 bang! Delusion in Death 35 bang! Calculated in Death 36 bang! Thankless in Death 37 bang! Taken in Death 37.5 notch! Concealed in Death 38
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Festive in Death 39 bang! Obsession in Death 40 bang!Devoted in Death 41 bang! Brotherhood in Death 42 bang! Apprentice in Death 43

Scott Nickels

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Matthew Costello & Neil Richards bang!Killer Track
Cherringham Cosy #39
bang!The Wrong Man
Mydworth Mys #7
Lindsey Davis bang!The Silver Pigs
Marcus Didius Falco #1
Elly Griffiths (Domenica de Rosa) bang!The Night Hawks
Ruth Galloway #13
Arnaldur Indridason bang! The Shadow District
Reykjavik Wartime Mystery #1
bang! The Shadow Killer
Reykjavik Wartime Mystery #2
bang! The Darkness Knows
Inspector Konrad #1
Andrew Klavan bang!Another Kingdom
Another Kingdom #1
bang! The Nightmare Feast
Another Kingdom #2
John Lescroart bang!The Missing Piece
Dismas Hardy #19
Nicholas Meyer bang!The Return of the Pharaoh...
Holmes Pastiches #5
David Morrell bang!Murder As A Fine Art
Thomas De Quincey #1
bang! Inspector of the Dead
Thomas De Quincey #2
bang! Ruler Of The Night
Thomas De Quincey #3
Ian Rankin bang!Rather Be The Devil
Inspector Rebus #21
bang!In A House Of Lies
Inspector Rebus #22
bang!A Song For The Dark Times
Inspector Rebus #23
Peter Robinson bang!Not Dark Yet
Inspector Banks #27
Olen Steinhauer bang!The Bridge of Sighs
Yalta Boulevard Sequence #1
bang!The Confession
Ruthenium Quintet #2
Frank Tallis bang!Death and the Maiden
Lieberman Papers #6
Charles Veley bang!The Last Moriarty
Sherlock Holmes & Lucy James #1

Sharon Angle-Boyer

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Thomas Harris bang!Red Dragon          

Simone C

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Verity Bright (real name unpublished) bang! Mystery by the Sea          
Agatha Christie bang!Evil under the Sun
Hercule Poirot #24
Fyodor Dostoevsky bang! The Brothers Karamazov          
Lucy Foley bang! The Guest List          
Carolyn Haines bang! A Gift of Bones          
Thomas Harris bang! Red Dragon          
Rachel Hawkins bang! The Wife Upstairs          
Karen McManus bang! The Cousins          
Molly MacRae bang!Scones and Scoundrels          
Tirzah Price bang!Pride and Premeditation          
Kerry Wilkinson bang! The Blame          


Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Barry Eisler bang! A Lonely Resurrection bang! Winner Take All bang! The Last Assassin      

sharpshooter badge SueC

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Susan Wittig Albert bang! Holly Blues 2020          
Donna Andrews bang! Duck the Halls 2020
Meg Langslow #16
bang!The Good, the Bad, and the Emus 2020
Meg Langslow #17
bang! The Nightingale before Christmas 2020
Meg Langslow #18
bang! Lord of the Wings
Meg Langslow #19
bang! Die Like an Eagle
Meg Langslow #20
Gone Gull
Meg Langslow #21
Lorna Barrett (Lorraine Bartlett) bang! Title Wave 2020          
Rhys Bowen (Janet Quin-Harkin) bang!Above the Bay of Angels          
C. J. Box bang! Long Range
Joe Pickett #20
bang! Shots Fired: Stories from Joe Pickett Country bang! Dark Sky
Joe Pickett #21
Jim Butcher bang!Storm Front
Dresden Files #1
bang! Fool Moon
Dresden Files #2
bang! Grave Peril
Dresden Files #3
bang! Summer Knight
Dresden Files #4
bang! Death Masks
Dresden Files #5
Blood Rites
Dresden Files #6
Agatha Christie bang!The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Hercule Poirot #1
Sheila Connolly bang!A Turn for the Bad
County Cork #4
bang! Cruel Winter
County Cork #5
bang! Many a Twist
County Cork #6
bang! The Lost Traveller
County Cork #7
bang! Fatal Roots
County Cork #8
One Bad Apple
Orchard Mystery #1
Sheila Connolly bang!Relatively Dead
Relatively Dead #1
bang! Relatively Dead
Relatively Dead #2
Erle Stanley Gardner bang!The D.A. Calls It Murder
Doug Selby #1
Elly Griffiths
(Domenica de Rosa)
bang!The Woman in Blue bang! The Stranger Diaries
Harbinder Kaur #1
bang! The Postscript Murders
Harbinder Kaur #2
bang! The Chalk Pit
Ruth Galloway #9
bang! The Dark Angel
Ruth Galloway #10
The Stone Circle
Ruth Galloway #11
C. S. Harris (Candice Proctor) bang!What Angels Fear
Sebastian St. Cyr #1
bang! When Gods Die
Sebastian St. Cyr #2
bang! Why Mermaids Sing
Sebastian St. Cyr #3
bang! Where Serpents Sleep
Sebastian St. Cyr #4
bang! What Remains of Heaven
Sebastian St. Cyr #5
Where Shadows Dance
Sebastian St. Cyr #6
C. S. Harris (Candice Proctor) bang!When Maidens Mourn
Sebastian St. Cyr #7
bang! What Darkness Brings
Sebastian St. Cyr #8
Anne Hillerman bang!Spider Woman's Daughter
Leaphorn & Chee #19
bang! Rock with Wings
Leaphorn & Chee #20
bang! The Song of the Lion
Leaphorn & Chee #21
bang! Cave of Bones
Leaphorn & Chee #22
bang! The Tale Teller
Leaphorn & Chee #23
Leaphorn & Chee #24
Anna Lee Huber bang!A Wicked Conceit
Lady Darby Mystery #9
Laurie R. King bang! Justice Hall
Mary Russell #6
bang! The Game
Mary Russell #7
bang! Locked Rooms
Mary Russell #8
bang! The Language of Bees
Mary Russell #9
bang! The God of the Hive
Mary Russell #10
Pirate King
Mary Russell #11
Patrick McManus bang!The Blight Way
Sheriff Bo Tully #1
bang! Avalanche
Sheriff Bo Tully #2
bang! The Double-Jack Murders
Sheriff Bo Tully #3
bang! The Huckleberry Murders
Sheriff Bo Tully #4
bang! The Tamarack Murders
Sheriff Bo Tully #5
Circles in the Snow
Sheriff Bo Tully #6
Anne Perry bang!A Christmas Grace 2020 bang! Half Moon Street
Charlotte & Thomas Pitt #20
Alexander McCall Smith bang!The Sunday Philosophy Club
Isabel Dalhousie #1
bang!The Careful Use of Compliments
Isabel Dalhousie #4
bang!The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday
Isabel Dalhousie #5
bang!The Lost Art of Gratitude
Isabel Dalhousie #6
bang!The Charming Quirks of Others
Isabel Dalhousie #7
The Forgotten Affairs of Youth
Isabel Dalhousie #8
Alexander McCall Smith bang!The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds
Isabel Dalhousie #9
bang! The Novel Habits of Happiness
Isabel Dalhousie #10
bang! The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
No. 1 Ladies' Det. Agy. #1
bang! Morality for Beautiful Girls
No. 1 Ladies' Det. Agy. #3
Caroline & Charles Todd bang!A False Mirror
Ian Rutledge #9
Jacqueline Winspear bang!The American Agent
Maisie Dobbs #15
bang! The Consequences of Fear
Maisie Dobbs #16

sharpshooter badge Tari Hann

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Avery Aames
(Daryl Wood Gerber)
bang! Lost and Fondue 2020 bang! A Sprinkling of Murder 2020        
Ellery Adams bang!The Book of Candlelight 2020
SB&S Society #3
bang! Peach Pies and Alibis Ink & Shadows
SB&S Society #4
Winnie Archer bang!Kneaded to Death 2020          
Cindy Bell bang!The Sweet Smell of Murder 2020          
Jennie Bentley bang!Fatal Fixer-Upper 2020          
Miranda Bliss bang!Cooking Up Murder 2020          
Catherine Bruns bang!Killer Transaction 2020          
Kate Carlisle bang!This Old Homicide 2020          
Lyndsey Cole bang!BlackBuried Pie
Black Cat Cafe #3
bang! Very Buried Cheesecake
Black Cat Cafe #4
bang! Gunpowder Chowder
Hooked & Cooked #1
bang! RaspBuried Torte
Black Cat Cafe #5
bang! PoisonBuried Punch Gunpowder Chowder
Hooked & Cooked #1
Lyndsey Cole bang! RaspBuried Torte          
Kathi Daley bang!Gooseberry Christmas          
Joanna Fluke
(Joanne Fischmann)
bang! Christmas Cupcake Murder 2020
Hannah Swensen #26
bang! Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Hannah Swensen #8
bang! Key Lime Pie Murder
Hannah Swensen #9
bang! Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder
Hannah Swensen #27
Carole Fowkes bang!Plateful of Murder 2020          
Lee Hollis
(Rick Copp & Holly Simason)
bang!Poppy Harmon and the Hung Jury bang! Death of a Blueberry Tart bang! Death of a Chocoholic bang! Death of a Wicked Witch bang! Murder at the PTA Poppy Harmon and the Pillow Talk Killer
Lee Hollis
(Rick Copp & Holly Simason)
bang! Death of an Italian Chef
Hayley Powell #14
bang! Death of a Christmas Caterer        
Tonya Kappes
(Maymee Bell)
bang!Gear, Grills & Guns 2020 Ropes, Riddles and Robberies        
Mary Kruger bang!Death on the Cliff Walk 2020          
Gayle Leeson bang!The Calamity Café 2020          

sharpshooter badge Tina Hilbert

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Liz S. Andrews bang!The Mist Rises Over Notchey Creek
Harley Henrickson #1
bang!The Ghosts of Notchey Creek
Harley Henrickson #2
Bree Baker (Julie Anne Lindsey) bang!Live and Let Chai
Seaside Cafe Mystery #1
David Baldacci bang!Memory Man 0
Amos Decker #1
bang!The Last Mile 0
Amos Decker #2
bang!The Fix 0
Amos Decker #3
bang!The Fallen 0
Amos Decker #4
bang!Redemption 0
Amos Decker #5
Walk the Wire 0
Amos Decker #6
David Baldacci bang!The Innocent 0
Will Robie #1
bang!The Hit 0
Will Robie #2
bang!The Target 0
Will Robie #3
bang!The Guilty 0
Will Robie #4
bang!End Game 0
Will Robie #5
Long Road to Mercy
Atlee Pine #1
David Baldacci bang!A Minute to Midnight
Atlee Pine #2
Atlee Pine #3
Heather Blake (Heather Webber) bang!A Potion to Die For
Magic Potion Mystery #1
bang!One Potion in the Grave
Magic Potion Mystery #2
Alan Bradley bang! Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Flavia de Luce #1
bang! The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag
Flavia de Luce #2
bang! A Red Herring Without Mustard
Flavia de Luce #3
bang! I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
Flavia de Luce #4
bang!Speaking From Among the Bones
Flavia de Luce #5
Sandra Brown bang!Chill Factor          
Lynn Cahoon bang!If the Shoe Kills
Tourist Trap #3
Stephen Chbosky bang!Imaginary Friends          
G.K. Chesterton bang!The Eye of Apollo
Father Brown
bang!The Sins of Prince Saradine
Father Brown
bang!The Secret Garden
Father Brown
bang!The Queer Feet
Father Brown
Mary Higgins Clark bang!Daddy's Little Girl          
Kenley Davidson bang!Goldheart
Andari Chronicles #2
bang! Pirouette
Andari Chronicles #3
Jennifer Donnelly bang!Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book          
Carola Dunn bang! Manna From Hades
Cornish Mystery #1
bang!A Colourful Death
Cornish Mystery #2
Janet Evanovich bang!Wicked Appetite 0
Wicked #1
bang!Wicked Business 0
Wicked #2
bang!Wicked Charms 0
Wicked #2
bang!One for the Money 0
Stephanie Plum #1
bang!Two for the Dough 0
Stephanie Plum #2
bang!The Shell Game
Fox and Hare #.25
Janet Evanovich bang!Pros and Cons          
A.J. Finn bang!The Woman in the Window          
Tarryn Fisher bang!The Wrong Family bang! The Wives        
Joanna Fluke
(Joanne Fischmann)
bang! Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
Hannah Swensen #1
bang! Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Hannah Swensen #2
Gillian Flynn bang!Dark Places bang!Gone Girl bang!Sharp Objects bang!The Grownup    
Tara French The Witch Elm bang!The Searcher bang! In the Woods
Dublin Murder Squad #1
Eva Gates bang!By Book or By Crook
Lighthouse Library #1
bang! Booked For Trouble
Lighthouse Library #2
Sophie Hannah bang!A Game for All the Family bang!Perfect Little Children        
Sally Hepworth bang!The Mother-in-Law bang! The Family Next Door bang! The Mother's Promise      
Bobbi Holmes (Anna J. McIntyre) bang! The Ghost of Marlow House
Haunting Danielle #1
bang! The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds
Haunting Danielle #2
bang! The Ghost Who Wasn't
Haunting Danielle #3
bang! The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge
Haunting Danielle #4
bang! The Ghost of Halloween Past
Haunting Danielle #5
bang! The Ghost Who Came For Christmas
Haunting Danielle #6
Bobbi Holmes (Anna J. McIntyre) bang! The Ghost of Valentine Past
Haunting Danielle #7
Louise R. Innes bang!Death at a Country Mansion
Daisy Thorne #1
Lisa Jewell bang!Watching You bang! The Family Upstairs bang! Then She Was Gone bang! One-Hit Wonder bang! I Found You bang! Invisible Girl
Jenn McKinlay bang!Death of a Mad Hatter
Hat Shops Mystery #2
Ann M. Martin bang!The Doll People
Doll People #1
Delia Owens bang!Where the Crawdads Sing          
Ransom Riggs bang! Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #1
bang! Hollow City
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #2
bang! Library of Souls
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #3
bang! A Map of Days
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #4
bang! The Conference of the Birds
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #5
The Desolations of Devil's Acre
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #6
Nora Roberts bang!Carnal Innocence bang!Divine Evil bang!Hideaway bang!Under Currents    
J. K. Rowling bang!Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter #1
Simone St. James bang!Lost Among the Living bang!The Haunting of Maddy Clare        
Maggie Sefton bang!Knit One, Kill Two
Knitting Mystery #1
Paige Shelton bang!The Cracked Spine
Scottish Bookshop Mystery #1
Fran Stewart bang!A Wee Murder In My Shop
ScotShop #1
S. J. Watson bang!Final Cut          
Lilian Watts bang!A Cue to A Kill
Theatrical Cozy Mystery

Traci L.

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ellery Adams bang!Murder in the Storybook Cottage          
Winnie Archer bang!Flour in the Attic bang! Dough or Die
Bread Shop #5
Bree Baker bang!Live and Let Chai
Seaside Cafe #1
bang! No Good Tea Goes Unpunished
Seaside Cafe #2
bang! Tide and Punishment
Seaside Cafe #3
Ginger Bolton (Janet Bolin) bang!Survival of the Fritters
Deputy Donuts #1
Rhys Bowen
(Janet Quin-Harkin)
bang! Her Royal Spyness          
Joseph Mark Brewer bang! Tokyo Summer          
Kathleen Bridge bang!Better Homes and Corpses
Hamptons H&G #1
bang!Hearse and Gardens
Hamptons H&G #2
bang!Ghostal Living
Hamptons H&G #3
Mollie Cox Bryan bang!Death of an Irish Diva
Cumberland Creek #3
Leslie Budewitz bang! Death Al Dente          
Lucy Burdette
(Roberta Isleib)
bang! An Appetite for Murder
Key West Food Critic #1
bang! Death in Four Courses
Key West Food Critic #2
bang! Topped Chef
Key West Food Critic #3
bang! Murder with Ganache
Key West Food Critic #4
bang! Death with All the Trimmings
Key West Food Critic #5
V. M. Burns bang! The Plot is Murder bang! Read Herring Hunt bang! Novel Art of Murder bang! Wed, Read & Dead bang! Bookmarked for Murder A Tourist's Guide to Murder
Mystery Bookshop #6
Jeanne Burrows-Johnson bang!Prospect for Murder
Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian #1
Lynn Cahoon bang!Who Moved my Goat Cheese bang! Killer Green Tomatoes
Farm to Fork #2
Kate Carlisle bang!The Grim Reader          
Laurie Cass bang! Lending a Paw          
Vivien Chien bang!Egg Drop Dead
Noodle Shop #5
bang! Killer Kung Pao
Noodle Shop #6
Laura Childs
(Gerry Schmitt)
bang! Eggs on Ice bang! Mumbo Gumbo Murder bang! Parchment and Old Lace bang! Egg Shooters
Cackleberry Club #9
Agatha Christie bang!Murder on the Orient Express bang! The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Hercule Poirot #1
Mary Higgins Clark bang!Kiss the Girls and Make them Cry bang! Every Breath you Take        
Leena Clover bang!Gone With the Wings bang! Strawberries and Strangers
Pelican Cove #1
bang! Raspberry Chocolate Murder
Dolphin Bay #1
Nancy Coco
(Nancy J. Parra)
bang!All Fudged Up          
Sheila Connolly bang! Buried in a Bog          
Maya Corrigan bang! Scam Chowder
Five Ingredient #2
Donna Amis Davis bang!Danger at the Dive Shack bang! Disquiet at the Dive Shack bang! Duplicity at the Dive Shack      
Maddie Day (Edith Maxwell) bang!Flipped for Murder
Country Store #1
bang!Grilled for Murder
Country Store #2
bang! When Grits Hit the Fan
Country Store #3
Ana T Drew bang! The Murderous Macaron
Julie Cavallo #1
bang! Killer Karma
Julie Cavallo #2
bang!The Sinister Superyacht
Julie Cavallo #3
Lauren Elliott bang!Murder by the Book
Beyond the Page Bookstore #1
Jessica Fletcher bang! Aloha Betrayed bang! The Murder of Twelve A Time for Murder      
Amanda Flower bang! Toxic Toffee bang! Crime and Poetry        
Joanna Fluke
(Joanne Fischmann)
bang! Coconut Layer Cake Murder bang! Christmas Cupcake Murder bang! Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
Hannah Swensen
Sarah Fox bang! Wine and Punishment bang! An Ale of Two Cities        
Victoria Gilbert bang!Booked for Death
Booklover's B&B #1
Sally Goldenbaum bang! Death by Cashmere          
J. M. Griffin bang!Left Fur Dead bang!Who's Dead, Doc? bang! Hop til You Drop
Jules & Bun #3
Sherry Harris bang! Let's Fake a Deal          
Cheryl Hollon bang!Still Knife Painting
Paint & Shine #1
Miranda James (Dean James) bang!Bless Her Dead Little Heart          
Lizzie Josephson bang!Peril Through the Panama
Cozy Cruise #2
bang! The Murder Mystery Cruise
Cozy Cruise #3
bang! Comeback Cruise
Cozy Cruise #4
Jennifer Joy (Becca Bloom) bang! Cabs, Cakes and Corpses bang! Rum Raisin Revenge bang! Cold Case Crumble
Murder on the Equator #3
Tonya Kappes bang!Beaches, Bungalows and Burglaries bang! Deserts, Driving & Derelicts
Camper & Criminals #2
bang!Forests, Fishing, & Forgery
Camper & Criminals #3
Celia Kinsey bang!Fit to be French Fried bang!Hamburger Heist bang!Pizza Pie Puzzler bang!Hot Dog Horrors    
Libby Klein bang!Class Reunions are Murder
Poppy McAllister #1
bang!Midnight Snacks are Murder
Poppy McAllister #2
bang!Restaurant Weeks are Murder
Poppy McAllister #3
bang! Theater Nights are Murder
Poppy McAllister #4
Kate Lansing bang!Killer Chardonnay
Colorado Wine Mystery #1
C A Larmer bang!Agatha Christie Book Club          
Ruby Loren bang!The Florist and the Funeral          
Mary McHugh bang!Chorus LInes, Caviar and Corpses
Happy Hoofers #1
bang! Flamenco, Flan, and Fatalities
Happy Hoofers #2
Jenn McKinlay bang!Buried to the Brim bang! Word to the Wise bang! Hitting the Books bang! Pumpkin Spice Peril bang! One for the Books  
Alyssa Maxwell bang!Murder at the Breakers          
Colleen Mooney bang!Rescued by a Kiss          
Judy Moore bang!A Book Signing to Die For
Cozy mysteries to die for #1
Catie Murphy bang!Dead in Dublin          
Chris Niles bang!Lost Palm          
Sara Paretsky bang! Shell Game          
Meredith Potts bang!Chocolates with a side of murder          
Sara Rosett bang!Death in the English Countryside          
Debra Sennefelder bang! Three Widows and a Corpse bang! The Corpse Who Knew Too Much
food blogger #4
Paige Shelton bang! To Helvetica and Back          
Joanna Campbell Slan bang! Kiki Lowenstein and the Purple Passion          
Denise Swanson bang!Winner Cake All          
Cathy Tully bang! Dr. Shine Cracks the Case
Chiro Cozy #1
bang! Misalignment and Murder
Chiro Cozy #2
Lisa Unger bang!Confessions on the 7:45          
Ruth Ware
(Ruth Warburton)
bang!The Woman in Cabin 10          
Stuart Woods bang! Choppy Water
Stone Barrington #54
Stone Barrington #55
bang! Hush Hush
Stone Barrington #56
bang! Double Jeopardy
Stone Barrington #57
Ovidia Yu bang!Aunty Lee's Delights bang! Aunty Lee's Deadly Specials
Singaporean Mystery #2

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
sharpshooter badge Sharpshooter badge (score 1.000 or better)
Rolled over from 2020
One more to go
Target complete

How to:

  1. Advance signup is no longer needed.
  2. Shoot (read) book #1
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Reload,repeat until you have read 6 books. Once you complete 6, you get a notch on your gun.
  5. Please note the Shooting Gallery does not update in real time. Your submission generates an email to The Grand Targetmeister, who will post the data. Generally, you should see your submission posted within 24 hours. If you do not see it, click the REFRESH button on your web browser to reload the page.
  6. This is a rolling challenge. How does that work? At the end of the year, incomplete targets carry forward to the following year.


  1. The challenge runs from January 1 - December 24, 2021..
  2. Genres: You get to decide what is a 'mystery'. Traditional murder mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals, young adult, romances, all are welcome.
  3. Formats: Print books, audio books, radio dramatizations, or e-books may be used.
  4. Each completed target earns you a notch on your gun.
  5. Once you have completed a target, you can target the same author again for additional notches.
  6. You can target different authors simultaneously or consecutively.
  7. Young folks are especially welcome too. Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew readers are naturals!
  8. Pseudonyms count as the same author, for example, if your target is Erle Stanley Gardner, you can count books by A. A. Fair.
  9. You do not need to write reviews, but you are welcome to. If you supply a link to your blog or Goodreads review, the title will link to it.
  10. Bloggers are welcome to copy any images from this challenge.
  11. Never enter the secret passageway first.




This is a virtual shooting gallery. No actual books were harmed in the creation of this challenge. Do not read books for this challenge while operating a motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, locomotive, or lawnmower. All models are over 18 years of age. Do not use while sleeping. Any reproduction, retransmission or rebroadcast without the express, written consent of Major League Baseball is strictly prohibited.

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