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2023 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge

Medical Examiner Reading Challenge textbooks

Welcome to the 2023 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge! Your goal as Medical Examiner is to read murder mysteries and attach toe tags to the unfortunate victim(s). There is no advance signup for this challenge, just submit your first Death Certificate to begin. Be sure to read our General Information page and then file your death certificate.
Jan 25: Jjean grabs the Garnet Gloves for tying her 50th toe tag!
Jan 25: Lavender Lab Coats to Tina Hilbert and Tracy for tying their 100th toe tag!

Who else examined my book? Enter Author or Title:

BUREAU of VITAL STATISTICS updated FRI JAN 27 2023 @ 10.00 am EST convert
Medical Examiners
2 5
Authors Books
1 5 1
Toe Tags
1 0 7 8
Personal effects
batkat West Virginia
Gold Gurney (Most Toe Tags)
5 11 136 Blog Goodreads profile
OutsmartYourShelf The United Kingdom 9 9 122 Goodreads profile
Tracy New York
Lavender Lab Coat (100 Toe Tags)
9 12 114 Goodreads profile
Tina Hilbert Ohio
Bronze Body Bag (Most Authors)
Silver Scalpel (Most Books)
Lavender Lab Coat (100 Toe Tags)
12 15 112 Blog Goodreads profile
Scott Nickels Georgia 10 10 83 Goodreads profile
Avid Series Reader New Mexico 7 7 64 Blog Goodreads profile PaperBack Swap bookshelf
Jjean Texas
Garnet Gloves (50 toe tags)
7 8 55 Goodreads profile
Colleen Illinois 5 5 51 Goodreads profile
Medical Examiner Authors Books Toe Tags Notes Personal effects
Bev "Quincy" Hankins Indiana 8 8 48 My Reader's Block All Covered Up Goodreads profile
Erika Morris California 6 7 44 Goodreads profile Instagram
SueC Utah 8 12 43 Blog Goodreads profile
Zesty Bean & Cheese Virginia 4 4 42 Goodreads profile
Anne A. Maine 9 10 38 Goodreads profile
Rick Mills Maine
Chief Medical Examiner
8 10 35 Blog Goodreads profile PaperBack Swap bookshelf
Susan Jensen Arizona 6 6 31 Blog Goodreads profile
Tara Illinois 4 4 19 Goodreads profile PaperBack Swap bookshelf
Medical Examiner Authors Books Toe Tags Notes Personal effects
KazOfBooks Scotland 4 5 17 Goodreads profile
Tari Hann Ohio 7 7 13 Blog Goodreads profile
Shannon The Netherlands 4 4 12 Goodreads profile Instagram
Kim Prytherch South Carolina 1 1 9
Jessica Libby Washington 1 1 9 Blog Goodreads profile
JenneB Pennsylvania 1 1 5 Goodreads profile Instagram
Becca Vogelezang Michigan 1 1 4 Goodreads profile
Dr. Anna Geddes The United Kingdom 1 1 3 Goodreads profile
Rhonda D Alabama 1 1 1 Goodreads profile
Medical Examiner Authors Books Toe Tags Notes Personal effects

      Instructions and rules are found on the General Information page.

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medical examiner

M.E.'s notebook:

The coroner had come. Following his custom, he had selected a small room to carry out his inquiries in. He chose Jim Tannahill's little study, a delightful, den-like place off the great hall. Here he sat at Tannahill's own desk, and sent for the witnesses he required.

Carolyn Wells, writing in The Tannahill Tangle, 1928.

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A Mystillery challenge
hosted by Rick Mills
The Mystillery Reading Challenge Addict