2021 Six Shooter Reading Challenge
Tari Hann

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on MON AUG 30 2021.

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Avery Aames
(Daryl Wood Gerber)
bang! Lost and Fondue 2020 bang! A Sprinkling of Murder 2020        
Ellery Adams bang!The Book of Candlelight 2020
SB&S Society #3
bang! Peach Pies and Alibis Ink & Shadows
SB&S Society #4
Winnie Archer bang!Kneaded to Death 2020          
Cindy Bell bang!The Sweet Smell of Murder 2020          
Jennie Bentley bang!Fatal Fixer-Upper 2020          
Miranda Bliss bang!Cooking Up Murder 2020          
Catherine Bruns bang!Killer Transaction 2020          
Kate Carlisle bang!This Old Homicide 2020          
Lyndsey Cole bang!BlackBuried Pie
Black Cat Cafe #3
bang! Very Buried Cheesecake
Black Cat Cafe #4
bang! Gunpowder Chowder
Hooked & Cooked #1
bang! RaspBuried Torte
Black Cat Cafe #5
bang! PoisonBuried Punch Gunpowder Chowder
Hooked & Cooked #1
Lyndsey Cole bang! RaspBuried Torte          
Kathi Daley bang!Gooseberry Christmas          
Joanna Fluke
(Joanne Fischmann)
bang! Christmas Cupcake Murder 2020
Hannah Swensen #26
bang! Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Hannah Swensen #8
bang! Key Lime Pie Murder
Hannah Swensen #9
bang! Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder
Hannah Swensen #27
Carole Fowkes bang!Plateful of Murder 2020          
Lee Hollis
(Rick Copp & Holly Simason)
bang!Poppy Harmon and the Hung Jury bang! Death of a Blueberry Tart bang! Death of a Chocoholic bang! Death of a Wicked Witch bang! Murder at the PTA Poppy Harmon and the Pillow Talk Killer
Lee Hollis
(Rick Copp & Holly Simason)
bang! Death of an Italian Chef
Hayley Powell #14
bang! Death of a Christmas Caterer        
Tonya Kappes
(Maymee Bell)
bang!Gear, Grills & Guns 2020 Ropes, Riddles and Robberies        
Mary Kruger bang!Death on the Cliff Walk 2020          
Gayle Leeson bang!The Calamity Café 2020          

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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