2021 Six Shooter Reading Challenge

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on WED DEC 8 2021. Previous shooting galleries: none

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
David Baldacci bang!The Innocent
Will Robie #1
bang!The Hit
Will Robie #2
bang!The Target
Will Robie #3
bang!The Guilty
Will Robie #4
bang!End Game
Will Robie #5
notch!Split Second
King & Maxwell #1
Allison Brennan bang! Love Me to Death
Lucy Kincaid #1
bang! Kiss Me, Kill Me
Lucy Kincaid #2
bang! If I Should Die
Lucy Kincaid #3
bang! Silenced
Lucy Kincaid #4
bang! Speak No Evil
No Evil #1
bang! See No Evil
No Evil #2
Agatha Christie bang! Murder at the Vicarage bang! Ten Little Indians bang!Parker Pyne Detective bang!A Caribbean Mystery bang!Cards on the Table bang!The Regatta Mystery
Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire) bang!Into the Drowning Deep bang!San Diego 2014: Last Stand of the California Browncoats        
Kevin O'Brien bang!Hide Your Fear bang!Left for Dead bang!Make Them Cry bang!The Next to Die bang!One Last Scream notch!Tell Me You're Sorry
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Naked in Death 1 bang!Glory in Death 2 bang!Immortal in Death 3 bang!Rapture in Death 4 bang!Ceremony in Death 5 notch! Vengeance in Death 6
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Holiday in Death 7 bang!Midnight in Death 7.5 bang!Conspiracy in Death 8 bang!Loyalty in Death 9 bang!Witness in Death 10 notch!Judgement in Death 11
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Betrayal in Death 12 bang!Interlude in Death 12.5 bang!Seduction in Death 13 bang!Reunion in Death 14 bang!Purity in Death 15 notch!Portrait in Death 16
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Imitation in Death 17 bang! Big Jack 17.5 bang! Divided in Death 18 bang! Vision in Death 19 bang! Survival in Death 20 notch! Origin in Death 21
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Memory in Death 22 bang! Haunted in Death 22.5 bang! Born in Death 23 bang! Innocent in Death 24 bang! Creation in Death 25 notch! Eternity in Death 25.5
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Strangers in Death 26 bang! Salvation in Death 27 bang! Ritual in Death 27.5 bang! Promises in Death 28 bang! Kindred in Death 29 notch! Missing in Death 29.5
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Fantasy in Death 30 bang! Indulgence in Death 31 bang! Possession in Death 31.5 bang! Treachery in Death 32 bang! New York to Dallas 33 notch! Chaos in Death 33.5
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Celebrity in Death 34 bang! Delusion in Death 35 bang! Calculated in Death 36 bang! Thankless in Death 37 bang! Taken in Death 37.5 notch! Concealed in Death 38
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Festive in Death 39 bang! Obsession in Death 40 bang!Devoted in Death 41 bang! Brotherhood in Death 42 bang! Apprentice in Death 43 notch! Echoes in Death 44
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang!Secrets in Death 45 bang! Dark in Death 46 bang! Leverage in Death 47 bang! Connections in Death 48 bang! Vendetta in Death 49 notch! Golden in Death 50
J. D. Robb
(Nora Roberts)
bang! Shadows in Death 51 bang! Faithless in Death 52
Karen Rose bang!Don't Tell
Chicago 1
bang!I'm Watching You
Chicago 2
bang!Nothing to Fear
Chicago 3
bang!You Can't Hide
Chicago 4
bang!Count to Ten
Chicago 5
notch!Have You Seen Her?
Raleigh 1
Karen Rose bang!Die for Me
Phila/Atlanta 1
bang!Scream for Me
Phila/Atlanta 2
bang!Kill for Me
Phila/Atlanta 3
bang!I Can See You
Minneapolis 1
bang!You Belong to Me
Baltimore 1
notch!No One Left to Tell
Baltimore 2
Karen Rose bang!Did You Miss Me
Baltimore 3
bang!Broken Silence
Baltimore 3.5
bang!Dirty Secrets
St. Petersburg 0.5
bang!Watch Your Back
Baltimore 4
bang!Closer Than You Think
Cincinnati 1
notch!Alone in the Dark
Cincinnati 2
Karen Rose bang!Every Dark Corner
Cincinnati 3
bang!Monster in the Closet
Baltimore 5
bang! Edge of Darkness
Cincinnati 4
bang!Death is Not Enough
Baltimore 6
bang! Say You're Sorry
Sacramento 1
notch!Into the Dark
Cincinnati 5
Karen Rose bang!Say No More
Sacramento 2
bang!Say Goodbye
Sacramento 3
Karin Slaughter bang!Triptych
Will Trent 1
Will Trent 2
Will Trent 3
Will Trent 4
Will Trent 5
Will Trent 6
Karin Slaughter bang!Busted
Will Trent 6.5
Will Trent 7
bang!The Kept Woman
Will Trent 8
bang!The Last Widow
Will Trent 9
bang!The Silent Wife
Will Trent 10
notch!The Good Daughter

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bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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