2021 Beachcomber Mystery Reading Challenge

Beachcomber store in Wells, Maine


Welcome to the beach!

CABANAS as of TUE NOV 24 2020
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Detectives Victims Weapons etc.
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Bev Hankins
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Rick Mills
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Traci L
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Wickedly Romance
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How to:

  1. You can sign up at this page.

  2. Obtain a set of four Beachcomber beach bags. Here are some options:

    • Largest print! Each beach bag is a separate web page.

    • Printer friendly! Here are all four on one sheet of paper, easy to print, fold up, and tuck in your book:

    • Mobile device friendly! Here are individual beach bags as .jpg images:

    • Plain text! Easy to copy/paste onto a blog tracking page.

    • Refer to the beach bags as you read. Mark the items on the beach bags as you find them in your books.

    • For Detectives, find a letter which occurs in the detective's name.
      • Titles do not count. For example, "Inspector Closeau" would count for A, but not for T.
      • You can use anyone who has the detective role in the story, it need not be an 'official' detective.
      • You may find more than one detective per book, but use each one only once, however...
      • You can reuse a detective by reading additional books - for example, if you read two Nero Wolfe books, you can use Nero Wolfe for both F and O.

    • For Victims, find a letter which occurs in the victim's name. Victims must be dead. You may find more than one per book, but use each one only once.

    • WILD CARDS! You are allowed one WILD CARD per beach bag. This is a freebie to replace that last hard-to-find item. Just cross out that item and write in "Wild Card".

    • Submit the Beachcomber Form as you fill each beach bag. This is on the honor system, you need not list nor document your books, nor submit the beach bags themselves.

    • You will get a cabana on the beach upon either signing up, or filling your first beach bag.


  1. Challenge is open now, ends Dec 31 2021.
  2. Print books, audio books, radio dramatizations, short stories, or e-books may be used.
  3. Beach bags may be filled in any order.
  4. You can work multiple beach bags simultaneously.
  5. Bloggers are welcome to any images for your blog.
  6. Former 2020 Bingo players: As that challenge came to a premature end, you are welcome to copy over any unredeemed bingo items from your cards into the beach bags. The Crime Scenes and Weapons cards are almost identical to that challenge.



* The direct-straight-line coastline of Maine measures to be 228 miles, but the tide coastline (which includes all of the inlets and bays of the mainland and 3,166 islands) measures to be 3,478 miles. Sunrisepoint.com

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