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Ten Reasons You Would Like Bible Pathways

The Bible Pathways format of survey-the-entire-Bible-in-a-year fits a need not addressed by conventional studies. We began this series in 2011 when we realized that 1). many parts of the Bible are never covered in the lectionary or the usual published studies, 2). most in-depth studies require either a lot of time commitment, or a lot of money for materials; and 3). consider the usual study, say, a 10-week study on the book of Romans: 10 weeks per book? It would take 13 years to study the entire Bible at that rate. We have completed four trips through the Bible; and we invite you to join us! Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Each session is self contained. We focus on one Bible book per session (in order). You will never feel like you showed up in the middle and missed something.

  2. No commitment. We don't take attendance, or ask for advance signup. We have the session with whoever shows up.

  3. No cost. There is no book to buy. We are assuming you have a Bible already.

  4. Opportunity for prayer. We always open with prayer and an opportunity to lift up those in need.

  5. Jesus is present. We claim the promise of Matthew 18:20: "Where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them."

  6. Be Bible fluent in one year. We cover the entire Bible in the course of one year. The series repeats, so jump in at any point until you have covered the entire Bible.

  7. Choose your study plan. Some just come to the sessions to survey the books, while others like to use the sessions as an introduction to further reading on their own.

  8. All study guides are on this web site, so you can preview the content of any session, and print them out if you like.

  9. We start and end on time. We're all busy, and we honor your gift of your time. It is a one-hour session.

  10. Shared resources. Even if you are not near our sessions, you are welcome to use our resources. All study materials are published under a Creative Commons license, which allows printing/copying for small group use without restrictions.

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In addition to The Holy Bible, the following reference sources were used in compiling this study series:

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