Bible Pathways

Leader's Guide

This series was written to provide a one-hour weekly study session, each session focusing on one book of the Bible. The series is not tied to any particular version of the Bible, and if people bring different versions, all the better. If you loop the series (starting over again once complete) participants can join at any point, and continue until the entire Bible is covered. By combining some of the smaller books as suggested below, the entire Bible may be covered in about a year.

The goals of this series are:

  1. to provide a tool for basic Bible fluency, especially for those who have little or no experience in group Bible study
  2. to provide all materials at no cost
  3. to provide a non-denominational study, with no other agenda than to learn about the Bible as the inspired word of God
  4. to provide each session as a standalone session, so participants do not feel left out if they only attend some sessions.

Materials needed:

Preparation: General session format: Miscellaneous notes
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