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Zechariah study guide

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This short book may be combined with Malachi for a one-hour study session.
Preparation Prior to the study session, participants should read:
Zechariah 1:1-6: introduction
Zechariah 2: one of the visions about rebuilding the city
Zechariah 9:9-17: prohecy of the coming of Jesus
Orientation Zechariah is book #38 of 39 in the Old Testament, and the 11th book of the Minor Prophets. For more information see the Bible Overview page.

Synopsis Zechariah talks more about the Messiah than any other OT book - except Isaiah. Jesus and other NT writers often quote Zechariah. The book has two parts: 1-8 are his visions about the rebuilding of the temple. 9-14 concern God punishing Israel's enemies and restoring Israel. Some schlolars believe 9-14 were written by someone else.

Part 1: Zechariah, in one troubled night, has a series of 8 visions: Horses among the trees (1:7), 4 horns and 4 crafstmen (1:18), measuring line (2:1), cleansing of Joshua (3:1), golden lampstand (4:1), flying scroll (5:1), woman in a basket (5:5), and 4 chariots (6:1). He answers questions about fasting (7:1)

Part 2: Zechariah prophesies the political future. Alexander the Great will conquer the surrounding nations but spare Jerusalem (9:1). Israel will then succeed over Greece (9:11) but then be scattered, later brought back together (10:1 - 11:3). Israel will reject their coming shepherd [Jesus] and be led astray (11:4). The Messiah will arrive and deliver His people (12), cleanse them (13), and rule over the earth (14).

Discussion points The 8 visions follow a pattern - Zechariah sees the vision, then asks an angel to explain it. What is the explanation of each vision?
Event Prophecy Fulfillment
I will live among you Zechariah 2:10 Matthew 2:23
believers to be holy priesthood Zechariah 3:8 1 Peter 2:5
king arrives, riding on a donkey Zechariah 9:9 Matthew 21:7, John 12:14
betrayed for 30 pieces of silver Zechariah 11:12 Matthew 26:14
money used to buy potter's field Zechariah 11:13 Matthew 27:9
body pierced by a spear Zechariah 12:10 John 19:34
good shepherd killed, sheep scattered Zechariah 13:6 Matthew 26:31

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