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Preparation Participants should read the following portions prior to the study session.
Joshua 1: 12-18: God describes the land of Canaan as a gift.
Joshua 2: Rahab befriends the two Israelite spies
Joshua 6: The walls of Jericho collapse
Joshua 10: 1-15: The sun stands still
Orientation Joshua is book #6 of 39 in the Old Testament. It is considered a book of History. For more information see the Bible Overview page.
Synopsis The Israelites finally arrive at the border of the land which God has promised them - after serving 400 years in slavery in Egypt, then wandering in the Sinai desert wilderness for 40 years. Their goal is to enter the land and take it over, driving out the idol-worshipping natives (the Canaanites). This book describes the conquest of the land and the settlement by the Israelites. The emphasis is that the land is God's gift to the Israelites, not the spoils of war - it came from God, not man.
Major Characters Joshua, leader of the Israelites
Rahab, a prostitute who hid two Israelite spies (ch. 2)
Achan, the Israelite whose greed cost his nation a battle (7: 16-26)
Major Events Israelite spies investigate Jericho (2: 1-24)
Israelites cross the Jordan River (3: 1-17)
Walls of Jericho tumble down (6: 1-27)
Sun and Moon stop in place for a day (10: 1-28)
Joshua divides the land among 12 tribes (ch. 13 -22)
Joshua's farewell and death (ch. 23-24)
Activities 1. Discuss the "devoted things" which refers to giving an irrevocable gift to God by totally destroying it. How does this survive as a Jewish tradition today? *
2. The conquest of Canaan shows that true and false religions cannot coexist. How does this fit with today's emphasis on tolerance and acceptance?
3. Chapters 13-24 describe the land division and settlement in detail. How does this document serve as a historical or genealogical reference for today's peoples?
Relevance What scriptures in this book have application for my life?
Connections The book of Judges is a continuation of Joshua, describing the ongoing settlement in Canaan.

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