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Preparation Participants should read the following portions prior to the study session.
Genesis 1 - 3: Creation and the Fall of Man
Genesis 6 - 9:17: Noah and the Flood
Genesis 39, 41-42: Joseph in Egypt:
Orientation Genesis is book #1 of 39 in the Old Testament. It is considered a book of Law. For more information see the Bible Overview page.
Synopsis God creates the world. Adam and Eve live in a beautiful garden, but they are soon tempted and sin. As a result they are expelled from the garden. Things gradually gets worse until God decides to destroy all life with a flood. Noah, however, finds favor with God, and is spared along with his family. God creates a plan to reclaim humanity from sin. God begins to repopulate the earth, creating a nation of 12 Jewish tribes through their patriarch Abraham.
Major Characters Adam and Eve, the first human couple (3:20)
Noah, builder of the Ark (5:29)
Abram/Abraham (+Sarai/Sarah), chosen of God to be the patriarch of the Jews (17:4)
Isaac (+ Rebekah), son of Abraham; almost sacrified in a test of faith (22:2)
Esau, the outdoorsman and hunter (25:25), and Isaac's favorite (25:28)
Jacob, the quiet one, father of the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel (25:28), Rebekah's favorite (25:28)
Joseph, son of Jacob, who becomes a ruler in Egypt (30:24)
Major Events Creation and the Fall of Man (Ch.1-3)
Enoch taken away by God (5:24)
Noah and the Flood (Ch. 6-9)
The Tower of Babel (Ch. 11)
Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Ch. 19)
Joseph (Ch. 37-50) is sold into slavery, goes to Egypt, interprets Pharaoh's dreams, becomes a ruler to guide Egypt's survival during the great famine.
Activities 1. List the schedule of Creation. Are the days of creation literal 24-hour periods or longer periods? See 2 Peter 3:8.
2. Build a family tree of the characters
Connections 1. Abraham's family continues to grow in Exodus.
2. For more about God's work in creation, see his reply to Job in Job 38:4 - 40:2.
3. Abraham's importance to both Jews and Christians is shown in Romans 4: 1-25 and James 2: 14-26.
4. Enoch is one of two persons in the Bible who never experienced a physical death. (see also Hebrews 11:5). Enoch also prophesied in The Book of Enoch (available for free download, see #37 on this page), quoted in Jude 14. The other is Elijah (2 Kings 2:1-18)

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