2023 Medical Examiner's Reading Challenge
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09 Authors 24 Titles links to review Series 291 Toe Tags
updated David Baldacci Memory Man Amos Decker 1 13
updated David Baldacci The Last Mile Amos Decker 2 9
updated David Baldacci The Fix Amos Decker 3 6
updated David Baldacci The Fallen Amos Decker 4 17
updated David Baldacci Redemption Amos Decker 5 14
updated David Baldacci Walk the Wire Amos Decker 6 11
Laurell K Hamilton Guilty Pleasures Anita Blake #1 26
Laurell K Hamilton The Laughing Corpse Anita Blake #2 19
Laurell K Hamilton Circus of the Damned Anita Blake #3 31
Laurell K Hamilton The Lunatic Cafe Anita Blake #4 18
Laurell K Hamilton Bloody Bones Anita Blake #5 22
Laurell K Hamilton The Killing Dance Anita Blake #6 14
Leanna Hieber & Andrea Jones A Haunted History of Invisible Women 31
Jess Lourey Quarry Girls 15
Seanan McGuire Beneath the Sugar Sky Wayward Children #3 3
Seanan McGuire In an Absent Dream Wayward Children #4 2
Seanan McGuire Come Tumbling Down Wayward Children #5 7
Seanan McGuire In Mercy, Rain Wayward Children #5.5 2
Seanan McGuire Across the Green Grass Fields Wayward Children #6 5
Seanan McGuire Where the Drowned Girls Go Wayward Children #7 1
Casey McQuiston Red, White, and Royal Blue 2
Stephen Manes Where Snowflakes Dance and Curse 4
Gregg Olsen If You Tell 3
Douglas Starr The Killer of Little Shephard 16

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