2023 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge
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Blessin Adams Great and Horrible News*4 29
Jane A. Adams The Apothecary's Daughter Ray Flowers #1 9
Taylor Adams The Last Word 6
A.B. Alexander Eye For Her 5
Caroline Alexander The Bounty*1 58
Samantha Allen Patricia Wants to Cuddle 11
Martin Baggoley Derbyshire Murders 36
Tina Baker Make Me Clean 4
Nathan Ballingrud The Strange 9
Charlotte Barnes Penance 4
Brandon Barrows The Last Request 12
Cole Baxter I Won't Let You Go 5
Cole Baxter The Night Nurse 2
Alice Bell Grave Expectations 9
Christopher Berry-Dee & Robin O'Dell Prime Suspect 9
Nancy Bilyeau The Orchid Hour 13
Jenny Blackhurst The Hiking Trip 6
K.T. Blakemore The Good Time Girls Wild-Willed Women of the West #1 4
Ashley Kalagian Blunt Dark Mode 6
Chelsea Bobulski The Wood 6
Mike Bockoven FantasticLand: A Novel 18
updated T.L. Bodine Neverest 3
Robin Bowles Accidental Death? When Things May Not Be As They Seem 19
Thom Braun Hungerford Stairs 6
Eliza Jane Brazier If I Disappear 10
Bailey Bridgewater Come Find Me in the Midnight Sun Louisa Lineback Mystery #1 3
Nick Brooks Promise Boys 1
James Buckler The Simple Truth 7
Rachel Caine Sword and Pen Great Library #5 6
Jo Callaghan In the Blink of an Eye 8
Linda Cargill The Dark 2
Jane Casey The Cutting Place Maeve Kerrigan #9 4
Agatha Christie Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories Miss Marple 30
Agatha Christie The Murder at the Vicarage Miss Marple #1 1
Agatha Christie The Sittaford Murder 2
Amy Chua The Golden Gate 3
Mary Higgins Clark Before I Say Goodbye 9
Mary Higgins Clark Night-Time Is My Time 15
updated Darcy Coates Dead of Winter 12
Genevieve Cogman Scarlet Scarlet #1 2
Bridget Collins et al The Haunting Season 14
Suzanne Collins The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Hunger Games #0 36
Kieron Connolly The History of Hollywood*2 55
Andreina Cordani The Twelve Days of Murder 8
M.W. Craven The Puppet Show Washington Poe #1 16
M.W. Craven Black Summer Washington Poe #2 4
M.W. Craven The Curator Washington Poe #3 4
M.W. Craven Dead Ground Washington Poe #4 4
Shirley Day Game 5
Shirley Day Person of Interest 4
Katya de Becerra When Ghosts Call Us Home 2
Melissa de la Cruz The Headmaster's List 2
Jasper DeWitt The Patient 5
Brad Dimock Sunk Without A Sound 30
Ryan Douglass The Taking of Jake Livingston 5
Sarah Beth Durst The Lake House 2
Kendra Elliot The First Death Columbia River #4 6
Bella Ellis A Gift of Poison 10
Kat Ellis Wicked Little Deeds 7
Tara Ellis A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island Samantha Wolf #6 1
C.M. Ewan The House Hunt 3
John C. Fazio The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Four Smoking Guns 26
Brianna Fenty The Monster and the Magpie 15
Paul Fischer The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures 30
Anita Frank The Good Liars 7
Faith Gardner What January Remembers Jolvix Episodes #3 1
Sulari Gentill The Woman in the Library 5
Megan Goldin The Night Swim Rachel Krall #1 7
Lawrence Goldstone The Anatomy of Deception 18
Sarah Goodwin The Resort 3
Sharon Gosling Fir 1
Merritt Graves The Night Time Is The Right Time 6
Stacy Green The Girl in the Pink Shoes Lucy Kendall #1 8
Kate Griffin Fyneshade 7
Jeff Guinn Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie & Clyde 58
Karen Hamilton The Contest 4
Grady Hendrix How To Sell A Haunted House 3
updated Christina Henry Good Girls Don't Die 6
Keigo Higashino Malice Detective Kaga #1 3
Sarah Hilary Black Thorn 7
Shannon Hollinger Best Friends Forever 5
M.A. Hunter The Trail 9
Alison James The Woman in Carriage 3 1
Jinty James Spells & Spiced Latte Maddie Goodwell #1 1
Jack Jordan Conviction 8
Femi Kayode Lightseekers Philip Taiwo #1 7
Femi Kayode Gaslight Philip Taiwo #2 3
J.G. Kelly The White Lie 22
Ruth Kelly The Escape 5
Naomi Kelsey The Burnings 24
Jenny Knight The Fifth Guest 3
K.F. Kuang Yellowface 1
Nicole Givens Kurtz Glitches & Stitches Death Violation #1 1
L.A. Larkin Next Girl Missing Sally Fairburn Crime Thrillers #1 12
M.J. Lee What The Shadows Hide DI Ridpath #9 11
Sam Lloyd The Rising Tide 3
Katie Lumsden The Secrets of Hartwood Hall 2
J.L. Lycette The Algorithm Will See You Now 3
Annette Lyon Just One More 5
N.J. Mackay The Quiet Dead DI Sebastian Locke #1 5
Gilly Macmillan The Fall 4
Gillian McAllister Just Another Missing Person 2
Amy McCulloch Midnight 10
Gretchen McNeil #Murdertrending #Murdertrending #1 22
Imran Mahmood All I Said Was True 2
Annabelle Marx The Herbalist's Secret 10
Zoe Mayen Enter the Forest: Murder in Taman Negara 2
Megan Miranda The Only Survivors 11
Caroline Mitchell The Islanders 9
J.S. Monroe The Other You 4
Sarah Moorhead The Treatment 12
Lauren Muņoz Suddenly A Murder 5
Margaret Murphy Before He Kills Again Detective Cassie Rowan #1 4
L.C. North The Ugly Truth 4
T.J. Payne Intercepts 3
Stephanie Perkins The Woods Are Always Watching 3
Polly Phillips The Reunion 1
Alex Pine The Christmas Killer DI James Walker #1 8
Tim Powers My Brother's Keeper 9
Natasha Preston The Cabin 6
Lou Raguse Vanished in Vermillion*3 26
Phil Rickman The Fabric of Sin Merrily Watkins #9 14
Phil Rickman To Dream of the Dead Merrily Watkins #10 4
Phil Rickman The Secrets of Pain Merrily Watkins #11 14
Kiley Roache Killer Content 1
J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) Creation In Death In Death #25 12
Jack Rosewood The Most Bizarre True Crime Stories*5 59
Zoe Rosi Pretty Evil 8
Madeleine Roux Asylum Asylum #1 2
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter #3 5
Gareth Rubin The Turnglass 5
Riley Sager (Todd Ritter) The Only One Left 8
Helen Scarlett The Lodger 14
Andrew Shaffer Secret Santa 7
Jamison Shea I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me 3
Jools Sinclair 44 44 #1 3
L.H. Stacey The Weekend 9
Neil R. Storey The Blackout Murders 85
Miranda Sun If I Have To Be Haunted 4
Louise Swanson End of Story 2
Daniel Sweren-Becker Kill Show 4
Stacey Thomas The Revels 3
Mel Torrefranca Nightshade Academy Belladonna #1 4
C.J. Tudor The Drift 21
Julia Rosemary Turk Lone Player Lone Player #1 13
Simon Turney Para Bellum 15
Lisa Unger (Lisa Miscione) Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six 10
J.M. Varese The Company 7
Laura Vaughan Hazard Night 4
Timothy Venning Royal Mysteries of the Tudor Period 55
Luca Veste The Six 7
Katy Watson A Very Lively Murder 3 Dahlias Mysteries #2 5
M. Darusha Wehm Hamlet, Prince of Robots 5
Diana Wilkinson One Down 2
Kerry Wilkinson The One Who Fell Whitecliff Bay Mystery #1 3
Nick Clark Windo The Feed 4
Jeanette Winterson Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days 10
Peter Wise Disturbing the Water 20
Chris Wright The Daemon's Wish 10
Carol Wyer An Eye for an Eye Detective Kate Young #1 6

*1: The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
*2: The History of Hollywood: A Century of Greed, Corruption and Scandal behind the Movies
*3: Vanished in Vermillion: The Real Story of South Dakota's Most Infamous Cold Case
*4: Great and Horrible News: Murder and Mayhem in Early Modern Britain
*5: The Most Bizarre True Crime Stories Ever Told: 20 Unforgettable and Twisted True Crime Cases That Will Haunt You

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