2023 Medical Examiner's Reading Challenge
Karen Baroness, M.E. • Texas

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Mildred Abbott Casserole Casualty Twister Sisters Mystery #2 1
updated Terry Ambrose A Treasure to Die For Seaside Cove B&B #1 1
updated Terry Ambrose Clues in the Sand Seaside Cove B&B #2 1
Terry Ambrose Dead Men Need No Reservations Seaside Cove B&B #7 1
Carolyn Arnold Bowled Over Americano Sara and Sean Cozy Mysteries #1 2
updated Carolyn Arnold Wedding Bells Brew Murder Sara and Sean Cozy Mysteries #2 1
Maggie Bailey Seams Deadly Measure Twice Sewing Mystery #1 3
Melissa Bourbon Murder Through an Open Door Pippin Lane Hawthorne #3 2
Melissa Bourbon Murder and an Irish Curse Pippin Lane Hawthorne #4 1
C.J. Box Open Season Joe Pickett #1 4
updated Amy Boyles Y'all Witches Bless Your Witch #10 1
Allison Brook Checked Out for Murder Haunted Library Mysteries #4 3
Allison Brook Death on the Shelf Haunted Library Mysteries #5 2
Allison Brook Overdue or Die Haunted Library Mysteries #7 4
Valerie Burns Murder is a Piece of Cake Baker Street Mystery #2 3
Ellen Byron Wined and Died in New Orleans Vintage Cookbook Mystery #2 3
Lynn Cahoon A Medium Homecoming Haunted Life Cozy Mystery #2 1
Lynn Cahoon A Medium Life Haunted Life Cozy Mystery #3 1
Lynn Cahoon Murder 101 Kitchen Witch Mysteries #1.5 1
Amber Camp Canter with a Killer Horse Rescue Mystery #1 1
updated Amber Camp Trotting into Trouble Horse Rescue Mystery #2 1
Laura Childs Lemon Curd Killer Tea Shop Mystery #25 2
Laura Childs Honey Drop Dead Tea Shop Mystery #26 2
Maddie Day Murder at the Taffy Shop Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery #2 2
Vicki Delany Murder Spills the Tea Tea by the Sea Mysteries #3 1
Vicki Delany Steeped in Malice Tea by the Sea Mysteries #4 1
Maria DiRico Four Parties and a Funeral Catering Hall Mysteries #4 1
updated Leighann Dobbs A Zen for Murder Mooseamuck Island #1 1
Janet Evanovich The Big Kahuna Fox and O'Hare #6 3
Daryl Wood Gerber A Flicker of a Doubt Fairy Garden Mystery #4 3
Lena Gregory Murder a la Mode Coffee and Cream Cafe #1 2
Erin Johnson Steep With One Eye Open Magical Tea Room Mysteries #7 2
Erin Johnson A Bitter Blend Magical Tea Room Mysteries #8 2
Erin Johnson The Wizard of Menace Magical Renaissance Faire #8 2
Jenny Kales On the Chopping Block Callie's Kitchen Mysteries #1 1
Jenny Kales Spiced and Iced Callie's Kitchen Mysteries #2 1
Jenny Kales Secrets and Pies Callie's Kitchen Mysteries #3 1
Michelle Hillen Klump Murder Served Neat Cocktails and Catering Mystery #2 1
Shea MacLeod A Death in Devon Sugar Martin Mysteries #1 2
Tegan Maher The Deadly Daiquiri Enchanted Coast Magical Mystery #1 1
Leslie Meier Valentine Murder Lucy Stone #5 3
Michalea Moore Something Wiccan This Way Comes Wheel of the Year Mysteries #1 1
Terrie Farley Moran Death on the Emerald Isle Murder, She Wrote #56 1
Elizabeth Pantley Genies and Gibberish Magical Mystery Book Club #4.5 1
Elizabeth Pantley Secrets and Scallywags Magical Mystery Book Club #5 3
Jodi Rath Deep Dish Pizza Disaster Cast Iron Skillet Mystery #5 3
updated Linda Reilly Up to No Gouda Grilled Cheese Mysteries #1 1
Christina Romeril A Christmas Candy Killing Killer Chocolate Mystery #1 2
Christina Romeril A Nutcracker Nightmare Killer Chocolate Mystery #2 3
A.N. Sage A Grave Roast Orchard Hollow #1 2
A.N. Sage Cafe au Slay Orchard Hollow #2 2
Angela M. Sanders Witch and Famous Witch Way Librarian Mysteries #3 2
Angela M. Sanders Witch Upon a Star Witch Way Librarian Mysteries #4 3
Debra Sennefelder How the Murder Crumbles Cookie Shop Mystery #1 2
Trixie Silvertale Fairy Wives of Windsor Magical Renaissance Faire #4 1
Robin Stevens Murder is Bad Manners Murder Most Unladylike Mystery #1 3
Mark Waddell The Body in the Back Garden Crescent Cove Mystery #1 4
updated Samara Yew Murder by the Seashore California Bookshop Mystery #1 2

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