2024 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Tari Hann • Ohio

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on SAT JULY 13 2024 .
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Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Avery Aames See Daryl Wood Gerber         
target Ellery Adams bang! Murder in the Book Lover's Loft
Book Retreat #9
Winnie Archer (Melissa Bourbon) bang!Kneaded to Death          
Cindy Bell bang!The Sweet Smell of Murder          
Jennie Bentley bang!Fatal Fixer-Upper          
Miranda Bliss (Casey Daniels) bang!Cooking Up Murder          
Catherine Bruns bang!Killer Transaction          
target Lynn Cahoon bang! A Medium Gift
A Haunted Life #4
bang! Murder on a Snowy Evening
Cat Latimer #9
bang! Five Furry Familiars
Kitchen Witch #5
bang! Olive You to Death
Tourist Trap Mysteries #16
Kate Carlisle bang!This Old Homicide          
Lyndsey Cole bang! RaspBuried Torte bang! PoisonBuried Punch
Black Cat Café Mysteries #6
bang! CranBuried Coffee Cake
Black Cat Café Mysteries #7
bang! WineBuried Wedding
Black Cat Café Mysteries #8
bang! JingleBuried Cookies
Black Cat Café Mysteries #9
bang! Easter Buried Eggs
Black Cat Café Mysteries #10
Amber Crewes bang! Lemon Tarts & Fiery Darts
Sandy Bay #12
bang! Muffins and Coffins
Sandy Bay #13
bang!Twas the Fright Before Christmas
Sandy Bay ~ #25.5
Kathi Daley bang!Gooseberry Christmas bang! The Legend of Tabby Hollow
Whales & Tails #5
bang! Once Upon a Haunting
Bookstore at Holiday Bay #2
bang! Soul Surrender
Zoe Donovan #14
bang! Once Upon a Christmas
Bookstore at Holiday Bay #3
bang! Heavenly Honeymoon
Zoe Donovan #15
target Kathi Daley bang! Once Upon a Clue
Bookstore at Holiday Bay #4
Leighann Dobbs bang!Murder, Money & Marzipan
Lexy Baker #3
bang! 3 Bodies and a Biscotti
Lexy Baker #4
bang!Brownies, Bodies & Bad Guys
Lexy Baker #5
bang! Bake, Battle & Roll
Lexy Baker #6
bang! A Zen for Murder
Mooseamuck Island Mysteries #1,
Carole Fowkes bang!Plateful of Murder          
target Lee Hollis bang! Murder at the Spelling Bee
Maya & Sandra Mysteries #4
CeeCee James bang! The Sweet Taste of Murder
Angel Lake Mysteries #1
bang! Crème Brûlée to Slay
Baker St. Mysteries #1
bang! Deadly Reservation
Oceanside Hotel Mysteries #2
target Tonya Kappes bang! Zoning, Zealots & Ziplines
Camper & Criminals #30
bang! Hammocks, Handguns & Hearsay
Camper & Criminals #31
bang! Questions, Quarrel & Quandary
Camper & Criminals #32
bang! Macchiato Murder
Killer Coffee #13
bang! Elves, Evergreen & Evidence
Camper & Criminals #34
bang! Sleight of Hand
Maisie Doss #1
target Tonya Kappes bang! Pour-Over Predicament
Killer Coffee #14
bang! Moonlight, Marshmallows & Manslaughter
Camper & Criminals #35
bang! Bonfires, Backpacks & Brawls
Camper & Criminals #36
bang! Tangled Lies
Maisie Doss #2
updated bang! Fireworks, Freedom & Felonies
Camper & Criminals #37
Mary Kruger (Mary Kingsley) bang!Death on the Cliff Walk          
Gayle Leeson (Gayle Trent) bang!The Calamity Café          
target Rosie A. Point bang! The Rotelle Ruin
Romano's Restaurant #6
bang! Black Forest Warrants
Charlie Mission #1
bang! Carrot Cake Jailbreak
Charlie Mission #2
bang! Red Velvet Droplets
Charlie Mission #3
J.A. Whiting bang!Lights, Camera, Fireworks
Tipperary Carriage Co. #9
bang! Murder on Stage
Tipperary Carriage Co. #10
bang! The Summer Storm
Tipperary Carriage Co. #11
bang! County Fair Mystery
Tipperary Carriage Co. #12
bang! Harvest Moon Murder
Half Moon Mysteries #1

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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