2023 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Rick Mills • Maine

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on FRI DEC 29 2023 .
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Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Margery Allingham bang!The White Cottage Mystery bang!More Work for the Undertaker
Albert Campion #13
bang! Mystery Mile
Albert Campion #2
bang!The Fear Sign
Albert Campion #5
bang!Death of a Ghost
Albert Campion #6
bang! The Case of the Late Pig
Albert Campion #9
Margery Allingham bang! The Crime at Black Dudley
Albert Campion #1
Robert Barr k bang! The Hour-Glass bang! The Vengeance of the Dead bang! Over the Stelvia Pass bang! The Shadow of the Greenback bang! Old Number 86 bang! The Type-Written Letter
Earl Der Biggers k bang! The House Without a Key
Charlie Chan #1
bang! The Chinese Parrot
Charlie Chan #2
bang! Behind That Curtain
Charlie Chan #3
The Black Camel
Charlie Chan #4 (planned)
Charlie Chan Carries On
Charlie Chan #5 (planned)
Keeper of the Keys
Charlie Chan #6 (planned)
John Dickson Carr bang! It Walks by Night
Henri Bencolin #1
bang! The Corpse in the Waxworks
Henri Bencolin #4
bang! The Mad Hatter Mystery
Dr. Gideon Fell #2
bang! The Man Who Couldn't Shudder
Dr. Gideon Fell #12
bang! The Sleeping Sphinx
Dr. Gideon Fell #17
bang! The Emperor's Snuff Box
target John Dickson Carr bang! The House in Goblin Wood bang! Strictly Diplomatic        
target Leslie Charteris            
Agatha Christie bang!The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Hercule Poirot #1
bang!The Mystery of the Blue Train
Hercule Poirot #6
bang!Appointment with Death
Hercule Poirot #19
bang!After the Funeral
Hercule Poirot #29
bang!The Moving Finger
Miss Marple
bang!Sad Cypress
Hercule Poirot #21
Agatha Christie bang! Partners in Crime
Tommy & Tuppence #2
target Manning Coles            
George Harmon Coxe bang! The Jade Venus
Kent Murdock #8
bang! The Fifth Key
Kent Murdock #9
bang! The Camera Clue
Kent Murdock #3
bang! A Routine Night's Work bang! Hell's Siphon  
Crime Club bang!Epitath for Lydia
Radio dramatization #23
bang!Death Swims at Midnight
Radio dramatization #40
bang!Sentence of Death
Radio dramatization #46
target Franklin W. Dixon            
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle bang! The Adventure of the Dancing Men
Sherlock Holmes
bang! The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
Sherlock Holmes
bang! The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
Sherlock Holmes
bang! A Scandal in Bohemia
Sherlock Holmes
bang! The Red-Headed League
Sherlock Holmes
bang! The Adventure of the Empty House
Sherlock Holmes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle bang! The Five Orange Pips
Sherlock Holmes
bang! The Reigate Puzzle
Sherlock Holmes
bang! B 24 bang! A Medical Document bang! The Sealed Room bang! The Copper Beeches
Sherlock Holmes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle bang! The Adv. of the Cardboard Box
Sherlock Holmes
bang! The Adv. of the Yellow Face
Sherlock Holmes
target Mignon G. Eberhart bang! The Mystery of Hunting's End
Nurse Sarah Keate #3
bang! Man Missing
Nurse Sarah Keate #7
bang! Dead Men's Plans      
target Jacques Futrelle bang! The Problem of Cell 13
The Thinking Machine
bang! The Crystal Gazer
The Thinking Machine
bang! The Scarlet Thread
The Thinking Machine
bang! The Flaming Phantom
The Thinking Machine
bang! The Missing Necklace
The Thinking Machine
bang! The Phantom Motor
The Thinking Machine
target Jacques Futrelle bang! The Brown Coat
The Thinking Machine
Erle Stanley Gardner bang!The Case of the Golddigger's Purse
Perry Mason #26
bang!The Case of the Borrowed Brunette
Perry Mason #28
bang!The Case of the Green-eyed Sister
Perry Mason #42
bang!Flight to Disaster bang! The Case of the Spurious Spinster
Perry Mason #64
bang! The Case of the Baited Hook
Perry Mason #16
Erle Stanley Gardner bang! The Case of the Bigamous Spouse
Perry Mason #65
bang! The Case of the Fiery Fingers
Perry Mason #37
bang! The Case of the Crying Swallow
Perry Mason # 83
bang! Fools Die on Friday
(as A.A. Fair)
Lam & Cool
bang! Crows Can't Count
(as A.A. Fair)
Lam & Cool #10
bang! The Case of the Glamorous Ghost
Perry Mason #47
Sue Grafton bang! G is for Gumshoe
Kinsey Millhone #7
bang! H is for Homicide
Kinsey Millhone #8
bang! I is for Innocent
Kinsey Millhone #9
bang! J is for Judgment
Kinsey Millhone #10
Anna Katharine Green k bang!The Leavenworth Case
Ebenezer Gryce #1
bang! That Affair Next Door
Amelia Butterworth #1
bang! Lost Man's Lane
Amelia Butterworth #2
bang! The Circular Study
Amelia Butterworth #3
bang! XYZ: A Detective Story bang! The Mill Mystery
Martha Grimes bang! Rainbow's End
Richard Jury #13
bang! The Case Has Altered
Richard Jury #14
bang! The Stargazey
Richard Jury #15
bang! The Lamorna Wink
Richard Jury #16
bang! The Blue Last
Richard Jury #17
bang! The Grave Maurice
Richard Jury #18
Brett Halliday          
Sydney Horler bang! The Curse of Doone
Mystery League #2
Inner Sanctum bang!The Man Who Couldn't Die (mp3) bang!Death is a Double Crosser (mp3) bang!The Voice on the Wire (mp3)      
target Rufus King bang!The Pills of Lethe          
target Kathleeen Moore Knight bang! Three of Diamonds
Elisha Macomber
bang! Death Goes to a Reunion
Elisha Macomber
updated bang! Valse Macabre
Elisha Macomber
Ngaio Marsh bang! Colour Scheme
Insp. Roderick Alleyn #12
Nancy Barr Mavity          
target E. Phillips Oppenheim k bang! The Double Traitor bang! The Man Without Nerves        
target Baroness Orczy k        
Frank L. Packard bang! The Big Shot bang! The Night Operator bang! Tiger Claws bang! The Wire Devils bang! On the Iron at Big Cloud bang! The Adventures of Jimmie Dale
Jimmie Dale
target Herman Petersen bang! The D.A.'s Daughter bang! Murder in the Making
Doc Miller #1
bang! Old Bones
Doc Miller #2
Edgar Allan Poe bang! The Murders in the Rue Morgue
C. Auguste Dupin #1
bang! The Mystery of Marie Rogt
C. Auguste Dupin #2
bang! The Purloined Letter
C. Auguste Dupin #3
bang! The Tell-Tale Heart bang! The Man of the Crowd bang! The Oblong Box
Edgar Allan Poe bang! Ms. Found in a Bottle          
Ellery Queen (Dannay & Lee) bang!The Four of Hearts bang! Queen's Full bang! The Fourth Side of the Triangle bang! The Glass Village bang! The Scarlet Letters bang! The Dutch Shoe Mystery
Ellery Queen #3
target Arthur B. Reeve bang!The Silent Bullet
Craig Kennedy #1
bang! The Campaign Grifter k      
target Mary Roberts Rinehart bang! The Great Mistake          
target Sax Rohmer bang! The Day the World Ended          
Dorothy L. Sayers bang! The Image in the Mirror bang! The Incredible Elopement of Lord Peter Wimsey        
Georges Simenon bang! The Late Monsieur Gallet
Maigret #3
bang! The Hanged Man of St. Pholien
Maigret #4
bang! Maigret and the Toy Village
Maigret #24
bang!Maigret's Patience
Maigret #64
bang!Maigret's Boyhood Friend
Maigret #69
bang! Maigret in Vichy
Rex Stout bang!Black Orchids
bang!Cordially Invited to Meet Death
bang! Murder By the Book
Nero Wolfe #19
bang! The Gun With Wings
Nero Wolfe
bang! Bullet fot One
Nero Wolfe
bang! Disguise for Murder
Nero Wolfe
Rex Stout bang! The Second Confession
Nero Wolfe #15
bang! Gambit
Nero Wolfe #37
target Seldon Truss bang! The Hunterstone Outrage
Mystery League #20
bang! Turmoil at Brede
Mystery League #13
bang! Why Slug a Postman
C.I. Gidleigh
bang! Draw the Blinds
C.I. Gidleigh
target S. S. Van Dine (W H Wright)            
Edgar Wallace bang!The Day of Uniting
Mystery League #7
bang!The Hand of Power
Mystery League #1
bang! Sergeant Sir Peter      
Valentine Williams bang! The Crouching Beast bang! The Man With the Clubfoot        

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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