2022 Six Shooter Reading Challenge
Rick Mills • Maine

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on SUN AUG 14 2022 . Previous shooting galleries: 201920202021

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Margery Allingham bang!The White Cottage Mystery          
Robert Barr bang!Mystery of the 500 Diamonds          
Ernest Bramah bang!The Knight's Cross Signal Problem
Max Carrados
bang! Mystery of the Vanished Petition Crown
Max Carrados
bang!The Holloway Flat Tragedy
Max Carrados
bang! The Disappearance of Marie Severe
Max Carrados
bang!The Mystery of the Poisoned Dish of Mushrooms
Max Carrados
bang!The Ghost at Massingham Mansions
Max Carrados
Ernest Bramah bang! The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage
Max Carrados
bang!The Ingenious Mr. Spinola
Max Carrados
bang!The Coin of Dionysius
Max Carrados
bang!The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor
Max Carrados
bang!The Clever Mrs. Straithwaite
Max Carrados
bang!The Tilling Shaw Mystery
Max Carrados
John Dickson Carr bang! It Walks by Night
Henri Bencolin #1
bang! The Corpse in the Waxworks
Henri Bencolin #4
bang! The Mad Hatter Mystery
Dr. Gideon Fell #2
Leslie Charteris bang! Mystery of the Child's Toy
Short story
bang! The Saint on Guard bang! The Saint Bids Diamonds bang! The Saint vs. Scotland Yard    
Agatha Christie bang!The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Hercule Poirot #1
Manning Coles (Adelaide Manning & Cyril Coles ) bang! Without Lawful Authority
Tommy Hambledon #4
bang!The Basle Express
Tommy Hambledon
bang! Alias Uncle Hugo
Tommy Hambledon #14
bang! Duty Free    
Crime Club bang!Death Blew Out the Match
Radio dramatization #1
bang!Fear Came First
Radio dramatization #16
bang!Silent Witnesses
Radio dramatization #18
bang!The Grey Mist Murders
Radio dramatization #20
bang!Death Swims at Midnight
Radio dramatization #40
bang!Sentence of Death
Radio dramatization #46
Crime Club bang!Topaz Flower
Radio dramatization #22
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle bang! The Adventure of the Dancing Men          
Mignon G. Eberhart bang! The Night Watch Mystery
Nurse Sarah Keate
bang! Dead Yesterday
Nurse Sarah Keate
bang! The White Cockatoo      
Erle Stanley Gardner bang!The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde
Perry Mason #25
bang!The Case of the Lame Canary
Perry Mason #11
bang! The Case of the Crimson Kiss
Perry Mason #84
bang! Fingers of Fong bang! The Valley of Little Fears bang! Crooked Lightning
Erle Stanley Gardner bang!In Round Figures
Lester Leith
bang!Bird in the Hand
Lester Leith
bang!A Thousand to One
Lester Leith
bang!The Exact Opposite
Lester Leith
bang!At Arm's Length  
Sue Grafton bang! A is for Alibi
Kinsey Millhone #1
bang! B is for Burglar
Kinsey Millhone #2
bang! C is for Corpse
Kinsey Millhone #3
bang! D is for Deadbeat
Kinsey Millhone #4
Anna Katharine Green bang!The Leavenworth Case
Ebenezer Gryce #1
bang! That Affair Next Door
Amelia Butterworth #1
bang! Lost Man's Lane
Amelia Butterworth #2
Martha Grimes bang! The Deer Leap
Richard Jury #6
bang! I Am The Only Running Footman
Richard Jury #8
bang! The Five Bells and Bladebone
Richard Jury #9
bang! The Old Silent
Richard Jury #10
Inner Sanctum bang!The Man Who Couldn't Die (mp3) bang!Death is a Double Crosser (mp3) bang!The Voice on the Wire (mp3)      
Frances & Richard Lockridge bang! Death on the Aisle bang! A Client is Canceled
Capt. Heimrich #4
bang! With One Stone
Capt. Heimrich #14
bang! Murder Roundabout
Capt. Heimrich #18
Ngaio Marsh bang! Colour Scheme
Insp. Roderick Alleyn #12
Edgar Allan Poe bang! The Murders in the Rue Morgue
C. Auguste Dupin #1
bang! The Mystery of Marie Rogt
C. Auguste Dupin #2
bang! The Purloined Letter
C. Auguste Dupin #3
bang! The Tell-Tale Heart    
Ellery Queen (Dannay & Lee) bang!The Four of Hearts bang! Queen's Full        
Dorothy L. Sayers bang! The Image in the Mirror bang! The Incredible Elopement of Lord Peter Wimsey        
Rex Stout bang!Black Orchids
bang!Cordially Invited to Meet Death
Edgar Wallace bang!The Day of Uniting          
Carolyn Wells bang! Faulkner's Folly
Alan Ford #2
bang! The Sixth Commandment bang! The Tannahill Tangle
Fleming Stone #25
bang! The Room With the Tassels
Pennington Wise #1
Valentine Williams bang! The Crouching Beast bang! The Man With the Clubfoot        

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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