2023-2024 Ten Pins game

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Game or Challenge?

This is called a Game, not a Challenge. What's the difference?



  1. The Mystillery defines this activity as game, not a challenge.
  2. This game is open to anyone participating in the Mystillery challenges: Medical Examiner, Six Shooter, Beachcomber, or Century Club.
  3. This game is seasonal, and is open now through March 31 2024 (it alternates with Abra Cadavers).
  4. Any genres may be read.
  5. Any reading done from Jan 1 2023 to March 31 2024 qualifies. Can't remember? Check your Medical Examiner clipboard or Six Shooter Gallery!
  6. You can reread books from previous years.
  7. You may use each book only once (if title has two numbers in it, you may use it twice).
  8. You can change or reorganize your books/pins. You may find this necessary to get all the pins down. Just submit the form for the pin again, the new info will replace the old info. If it is complicated, just email me.
  9. You can replace single-book entries with multiple-book entries in order to maximize your score.
  10. You can use books already used by others.
  11. You can use each of the methods as much as you like.
  12. Once you complete ten pins, you have completed the game.
  13. Print books, audio books, radio dramatizations, short stories, or e-books may be used.
  14. Bloggers are welcome to any images for your blog.




If you wish to contact another challenger, first try the Goodreads message system:
  1. Click on the Goodreads icon on the challenger's line on the main page. This brings you to their Goodreads profile.
  2. Click the MORE button (with the down arrow)
  3. Click MESSAGE. This - hopefully - brings up a message form. Just fill it out!
  4. If the challenger does not have Goodreads, or is not accepting Goodreads messages, send an email to me (rickmills9@gmail.com) indicating who you wish to message. I will inquire of that challenger if they wish to message with you.


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