2024 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge
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Carolyn Arnold Eleven Brandon Fisher 23
M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney) Death of a Gossip Hamish Macbeth 1
M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney) Death of a Cad Hamish Macbeth 2
M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney) Death of an Outsider Hamish Macbeth 1
M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney) Death of a Perfect Wife Hamish Macbeth 3
M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney) Death of a Hussy Hamish Macbeth 1
M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney) Death of a Snob Hamish Macbeth 1
Allison Brennan Stalked Lucy Kincaid 7
Agatha Christie The Secret Adversary Tommy & Tuppence 2
Agatha Christie The Secret of Chimneys 2
Agatha Christie Towards Zero 2
Agatha Christie The Man in the Brown Suit 2
Agatha Christie The Sittaford Mystery 1
Agatha Christie The Body in the Library Miss Marple 2
updated Janet Evanovich One for the Money Stephanie Plum 11
updated Janet Evanovich Two for the Dough Stephanie Plum 17
updated Janet Evanovich Three to Get Deadly Stephanie Plum 8
updated Janet Evanovich Four to Score Stephanie Plum 5
updated Janet Evanovich High Five Stephanie Plum 10
updated Janet Evanovich Hot Six Stephanie Plum 7
Marissia Farrar Entangled in Them 4
Laurell K Hamilton Danse Macabre Anita Blake 2
Laurell K Hamilton Burnt Offerings Anita Blake 17
Laurell K Hamilton Blue Moon Anita Blake 18
Laurell K Hamilton Obsidian Butterfly Anita Blake 36
Laurell K Hamilton The Harlequin Anita Blake 12
Laurell K Hamilton Blood Noir Anita Blake 8
Laurell K Hamilton Skin Trade Anita Blake 32
Laurell K Hamilton Flirt Anita Blake 8
Laurell K Hamilton Bullet Anita Blake 10
Laurell K Hamilton Hit List Anita Blake 7
Laurell K Hamilton Kiss the Dead Anita Blake 8
Laurell K Hamilton Affliction Anita Blake 14
Laurell K Hamilton Crimson Death Anita Blake 13
updated Laurell K Hamilton Serpentine Anita Blake 8
updated Laurell K Hamilton Sucker Punch Anita Blake 6
updated Laurell K Hamilton Rafael Anita Blake 11
updated Laurell K Hamilton Smolder Anita Blake 5
updated Laurell K Hamilton Slay Anita Blake 14
Tanya Huff Sing the Four Quarters Quarters 7
Lisa Jackson The Girl Who Survived 14
Lisa Jackson Liar, Liar 14
Lisa Jackson See How She Dies 5
updated Iris Johansen The Face of Deception Eve Duncan 7
updated Iris Johansen the Killing Game Eve Duncan 6
updated Iris Johansen the Search Eve Duncan 12
updated Iris Johansen Body of Lies Eve Duncan 10
updated Iris Johansen Dead Aim Eve Duncan 1
updated Iris Johansen Blind Alley Eve Duncan 13
Mercedes Lackey By the Sword Valdemar 27
Mercedes Lackey Winds of Fate Valdemar 7
Mercedes Lackey Winds of Change Valdemar 9
Mercedes Lackey Winds of Fury Valdemar 11
Shelly Laurenston Hot and Badgered Honey Badger 24
Shelly Laurenston In a Badger Way Honey Badger 13
Shelly Laurenston Badger to the Bone Honey Badger 37
Shelly Laurenston Breaking Badger Honey Badger 34
Shelly Laurenston Born to be Badger Honey Badger 36
Shelly Laurenston The Unyielding 16
Seanan McGuire Lost in the Moment and Found Wayward Children 8 4
Tamora Pierce Terrier Beka Cooper 23
Tamora Pierce Bloodhound Beka Cooper 11
Tamora Pierce Mastiff Beka Cooper 26
Tamora Pierce Wild Magic Immortals 21
Karen Rose Don't Tell Chicago #1 8
Karen Rose Have You Seen Her? Chicago #2 9
Karen Rose I'm Watching You Chicago #3 27
Karen Rose Nothing to Fear Chicago #4 20
Karen Rose Dirty Secrets 5
Karen Rose You Can't Hide Chicago 18
Karen Rose Count to Ten Chicago 20

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