2020 Medical Examiner's Reading Challenge
Rretzler, M.E.

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Author (links to bio) Title (links to review) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Mycroft & Sherlock: The Empty Birdcage           11       11
Catherine Aird (Kinn H. McIntosh) Last Respects           4
George Bellairs ( Harold Blundell ) Death Stops the Frolic (Turmoil in Zion)             3
George Bellairs ( Harold Blundell ) Death in Room Five             5
George Bellairs ( Harold Blundell ) He'd Rather Be Dead               2
Christianna Brand Heads You Lose             4
Heron Carvic Miss Seeton Draws the Line 3                 3
G.D.H. & Margaret Cole The Man From the River                 1
A. Fielding ( Dorothy Feilding ) The Charteris Mystery               2
Charles Finch The Last Passenger     3           4
Christopher Fowler England's Finest 4         9
Leonard Gribble The Case of the Marsden Rubies               4
Donna Leon Through a Glass, Darkly                 1
Susan Elia MacNeal The King's Justice       7   11
Gladys Mitchell When Last I Died               3 4
Carlene O'Connor Murder in an Irish Cottage               2
DM Quincy Murder at the Opera               2
Deanna Raybourn A Murderous Relation             3   4
Neil Richards and Matthew Costello Death Trap (Cherringham)                 1
Julia Spencer-Fleming All Mortal Flesh             4
Darcie Wilde And Dangerous to Know                 1
19 unique authors 21 books                   82 toe tags

Asph = asphyxiation, hanging, strangling, air deprivation
Drown = drowning
Fall = from height, or pushed
Fire = fire, bomb, or explosion
Hit = by fists, object, or vehicle
Pois = poison, poison gas, poison dart, drugs, snake venom, carbon monoxide
Shot = by gun, arrow, other projectile
Stab = by knife, other sharp object
Other = natural causes, electrocution, execution, other
= new

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