2020 Medical Examiner's Reading Challenge
Avid Series Reader, M.E.

This clipboard was last updated on THU AUG 13 2020.

Author * (links to bio) Title (links to review) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
M. C. Beaton (Marion Chesney Gibbons) Death of a Traveling Man             3
Connie Berry A Dream of Death                 2
Rhys Bowen (Janet Quin-Harkin) Naughty in Nice           4
Fiona Buckley (Valerie Anand) To Ruin a Queen             3
Barbara Cleverly The Bee's Kiss               2
C. R. Corwin (Rob Levandoski) Dig (Morgue Mama Mystery #2)               2
Cleo Coyle (Alice Alfonsi) The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller               2
Philip R. Craig Murder at a Vineyard Mansion             4
Deborah Crombie Dreaming of the Bones               3
Deborah Crombie A Finer End         6
Deborah Crombie Kissed a Sad Goodbye     4       8
Deborah Crombie Leave the Grave Green                 2
Deborah Crombie Mourn Not Your Dead               2
Julianna Deering Rules of Murder             3   4
Joan Druett Deadly Shoals             5
Kaitlyn Dunnett (Kathy Lynn Emerson) Kilt Dead                 1
Martin Edwards I Remember You           5
Monica Ferris Thai Die           4
Charles Finch The Laws of Murder                 2
Nicci French (Nicci Gerrard & Sean French) Blue Monday               2
Tess Gerritsen The Shape of Night               3
Kerry Greenwood Blood and Circuses               3
Kerry Greenwood Cooking the Books                 1
John Harvey Darkness & Light             4
Erin Kelly The Poison Tree               3
Kate Kingsbury Dead and Breakfast               2
Kate Kingsbury Dig Deep for Murder                 1
Kate Kingsbury For Whom Death Tolls             2
William Kent Krueger Ordinary Grace           5
Harper Lin Cappuccinos, Cupcakes and a Corpse                 1
Karen MacInerney Brush with Death                 1
Karen MacInerney Death Runs Adrift                 1
Adrian McKinty The Cold Cold Ground     3   7     13
Kristina McMorris The Edge of Lost             3   3 6
Christine Mangan Tangerine               2
Henning Mankell The Fifth Woman     7
Peter May The Firemaker           3 6
Marcia Muller The Ever-Running Man               4
Carol O'Connell The Chalk Girl   3         6 11
Ann Parker A Dying Note               3
T. Jefferson Parker The Fallen                 1
Sandra Parshall Broken Places             3   4
Stefanie Pintoff In the Shadow of Gotham         3   7
Cynthia Riggs Deadly Nightshade         4
David Rosenfelt Dead Center       5
David Rosenfelt Play Dead             4
David Rosenfelt Sudden Death         3     6
Lou Jane Temple Death du Jour               3   3
Lauren Willig The Betrayal of the Blood Lily                 1
S. Fowler Wright The Attic Murder                 1
41 authors 50 books                   181 toe tags

* pseudonyms are set in italics.

= new

Asph = asphyxiation, hanging, strangling, air deprivation
Drown = drowning
Fall = from height, or pushed
Fire = fire, bomb, or explosion
Hit = by fists, object, or vehicle
Pois = poison, poison gas, poison dart, drugs, snake venom, carbon monoxide
Shot = by gun, arrow, other projectile
Stab = by knife, other sharp object
Other = natural causes, electrocution, execution, other

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