2019 Medical Examiner Reading Challenge
Tari Hann, M.E.

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Author (links to bio) Title (links to review) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
Ellery Adams A Killer Plot             3
Ellery Adams Murder in the Paperback Parlor                 2
Ellery Adams Pies and Prejudice               2
Ellery Adams The Whispered Word             3
Lucy Arlington (Susan Furlong) Buried in a Book               2
Joy Avon In Peppermint Peril             3
Bree Baker Live and Let Chai                 2
Bethany Blake Something Borrowed, Something Mewed               2
Catherine Bruns Penne Dreadful               2
Mollie Cox Bryan Christmas Cow Bells               2
Lucy Burdette (Roberta Isleib) A Deadly Feast               2
Maymee Bell (Tonya Kappes) Batter Off Dead                 1
Bethany Blake A Midwinter's Tail                 2
Melissa Bourbon (Ramirez) Pleating for Mercy                 1
V. M. Burns The Novel Art of Murder               2
Camilla Chafer Jeopardy in January                 1
Donna Walo Clancy Jam Up and Jelly Fright             3
Carolyn Chambers Clark Candy, Murder & Me                 2
Nancy Coco (Nancy Parra) Fudge Bites                 2
G.G. Collins Dead Editor File                 2
Elisabeth Crabtree The St. Valentine's Day Cookie Massacre                 2
Waverly Curtis (Waverly Fitzgerald & Curt Colbert) Dial C for Chihuahua                 2
Kathi Daley The Trouble with Turkeys                 2
Vicki Delany A Scandal in Scarlet             3
Lauren Elliott Murder in the First Edition                 2
Alex Erickson Death by Coffee                 1
Jessica Fletcher / Donald Bain Gin & Daggers               2
Amanda Flower Death and Daisies                 1
Joanne Fluke Cinnamon Roll Murder             2
Sally Goldenbaum How to Knit a Murder                 1
Julia Henry Pruning the Dead                 1
Mary Ellen Hughes A Curio Killing               2
Miranda James (Dean James) Dead with the Wind               2
Kathleen Joyce First of September                 2
Tonya Kappes A Killer Latte                 2
Tonya Kappes Motorhomes, Maps & Murder               3
Arlene Kay Homicide by Horse Show               2
Diane Kelly Dead as a Door Knocker                 1
Libby Klein Restaurant Weeks Are Murder                 1
Kathy Krevat (Kathy Aarons) The Trouble with Talent               2
Emmalee Laurens Death for Dessert               2
T.C. LoTempio The Time for Murder Is Meow               2
Judi Lynn The Body in the Attic               2
Judi Lynn The Body in the Wetlands               4
Molly MacRae Last Wool and Testament             4
Wendy Meadows Snowy Misery                 2
Leslie Meier Christmas Carol Murder                 1
Carlene O'Connor,
Maddie Day (Edith Maxwell),
Alex Erickson
Christmas Cocoa Murder             3
Nancy J. Parra A Case of Syrah, Syrah               2
Nancy J. Parra Seven Deadly Zins               2
S.C. Perkins Murder Once Removed                 1
Barbara Ross Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody               2
Lane Stone The Changing of the Guard Dog               3
Kathleen Suzette Appliqued to Death                 2
Chelsea Thomas Candy Apple Killer                 2
  55                   111

Asph = asphyxiation, hanging, strangling, air deprivation
Drown = drowning
Fall = from height, or pushed
Fire = fire, bomb, or explosion
Hit = by fists, object, or vehicle
Pois = poison, poison gas, poison dart, drugs, snake venom, carbon monoxide
Shot = by gun, arrow, other projectile
Stab = by knife, other sharp object
Other = natural causes, electrocution, other

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