2019 Medical Examiner Reading Challenge
Ahcop, M.E.

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Author (links to bio) Title (links to review) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
Victor Bayley House of Hatred               1
Francis Beeding (John Palmer) The Black Arrows             4   5
Francis Beeding (John Palmer) Death in Four Letters               3
Francis Beeding (John Palmer) The Norwich Victims               3
Francis Beeding (John Palmer) The League of Discontent               2
Francis Beeding (John Palmer) No Fury           5
Francis Beeding (John Palmer) Take it Crooked                 1
Josephine Bell All is Vanity                 1
Victor Bridges Dusky Night               2
Victor Bridges The King Comes Back             4
Victor Bridges Greensea Island             4 6
Victor Bridges The Happy Murderers                 1
Victor Bridges It Happened in Essex             2
Victor Bridges The Secret of the Creek         6
John Dickson Carr The Nine Wrong Answers             3
J. Jefferson Farjeon Sinister Inn               3
Anthony Gilbert (Lucy Beatrice Malleson) Out for the Kill               2
Anthony Gilbert (Lucy Beatrice Malleson) Prelude to Murder           5
Anthony Gilbert (Lucy Beatrice Malleson) A Question of Murder               2
P.M. Hubbard The Dancing Man                 2
David Hume (John Victor Turner) The Gaol Gates are Open               2
Charlotte Jay (Geraldine Halls) A Hank of Hair               2
Harry Stephen Keeler Two Strange Ladies                 2
Marie Belloc Lowndes And Call It Accident               2
Marie Belloc Lowndes The Chianti Flask                 1
Marie Belloc Lowndes The House by the Sea (aka Vanderlyn's Adventure)               2
Marie Belloc Lowndes The Injured Lover               2
Marie Belloc Lowndes The Lonely House             4
Marie Belloc Lowndes The Marriage Broker               2
Jean Potts Go, Lovely Rose             4
E. Baker Quinn Death is a Restless Sleeper               2
Anthony Webb Verdict Without Jury                 2
B.G. Williamson Death Stalks the Ward           3       3
F. Yeats-Brown (ed.) Murder by the Dozen 5     3 3 5 8 26
Jeremy York (John Creasey) Yesterday's Murder             3
18 unique authors 35 books                   118

Asph = asphyxiation, hanging, strangling, air deprivation
Drown = drowning
Fall = from height, or pushed
Fire = fire, bomb, or explosion
Hit = by fists, object, or vehicle
Pois = poison, poison gas, poison dart, drugs, snake venom, carbon monoxide
Shot = by gun, arrow, other projectile
Stab = by knife, other sharp object
Other = natural causes, electrocution, execution, other

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