A Comparison Study of the Learning Effectiveness of
Computer Aided Instruction vs. Classroom Lecture
by Rick Mills

Welcome to my master's thesis: A report on a study on the effectiveness of computer-based training in industry. Some minor cosmetic changes have been made from the original APA formatting to accommodate web delivery - for example, underlining has been removed so it will not be confused with linked text, and the tables have been modified to conform to accessibility standards for HTML.

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This work was cited in The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, January 2010, volume 9 Issue 1, in an article titled Effects of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) On Secondary School Students' Performance in Biology by Mudasiru Olalere YUSUF (PhD) and Adedeji Olufemi AFOLABI (PhD).    [PDF ]

Computer-Aided Instruction vs. Traditional Teaching: Comparison by a Controlled Experiment by Athanasios Kehagias and Pan. Vlachos, American College of Thessaloniki, Greece.    [PDF ]

Web Based Training. ERIC Digest ED445234

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