2024 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Vallery • Louisiana

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on WED JUNE 26 2024.
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Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
target Taylor Adams bang!The Last Word          
target Adeara Allyne bang!Close Deception
Maybe Deception #1
target Carolyn Arnold bang! The Little Grave
Detective Amanda Steele
bang! Eleven
Brandon Fisher FBI #1
bang! Silent Graves
Brandon Fisher FBI #2
bang! The Defenseless
Brandon Fisher FBI #3
bang! Blue Baby
Brandon Fisher FBI #4
bang! Violated
Brandon Fisher FBI #5
target Carolyn Arnold bang! Remnants
Brandon Fisher FBI #6
bang! On the Count of Three
Brandon Fisher FBI #7
bang! Past Deeds
Brandon Fisher FBI #8
bang! Ties That Bind
Det. Madison Knight #1
bang! Justified
Det. Madison Knight #2
bang! Sacrifice
Det. Madison Knight #3
target Carolyn Arnold bang!Found Innocent
Det. Madison Knight #4
bang!Just Cause
Det. Madison Knight #5
bang!Deadly Impulse
Det. Madison Knight #6
target Jennifer Lynn Barnes bang! The Naturals
The Naturals #1
bang!Killer Instinct
The Naturals #2
bang!All In
The Naturals #3
bang!Bad Blood
The Naturals #4
The Naturals #4.5
bang! The Inheritance Games
The Inheritance Games #1
target Fiona Barton bang! The Suspect
Kate Waters
target Penny Batchelor bang!My Perfect Sister          
target Keri Beevis bang! The Sleepover          
target Kathy Bennett bang! A Dozen Deadly Roses          
target Molly Black bang! Girl One : Murder
Maya Gray #1
bang! Beyond Reason
Reese Link #1
bang! Nearly Mine
Grace Ford #1
target Sara Blaedel bang! Dissolved          
target Kate Bold bang!Nowhere Safe
Harley Cole #1
bang!In His Blood
Eve Hope #1
target Allison Brennan bang!The Third to Die
Quinn & Costa #1
target H.S. Burney bang!The Lake Templeton Murders          
target Karen M. Bryson bang!Leona’s Last Resort
Tawnee Mountain Mysteries
target Chelsea Cain bang!Heartsick
Sheridan & Lowell #1
Sheridan & Lowell #2
bang!Evil at Heart
Sheridan & Lowell #3
bang!The Night Season
Sheridan & Lowell #4
bang!Kill You Twice
Sheridan & Lowell #5
bang! Let Me Go
Sheridan & Lowell #6
target Alexia Casale bang! The Best Way to Bury Your Husband          
target V.J. Chambers bang! The Bone Forest
Wren Delacroix #1
target Linn Chapel bang! The Gargoyle’s Secret
Stonehaven Mysteries #1
bang! Entrapped
Stonehaven Mysteries #2
target Wayne Cotes bang! The Fairy Tale Murders
Marcus Maddox
target Alice Feeney bang!Good Bad Girl bang!Rock Paper Scissors        
target Amanda Feyerbend bang! The Killing Game
Liz Lockhart Mystery
target P.N. Garlick bang!Who the Heck is Alice?          
target Christopher Golden bang!Body Bags          
Fiona Grace bang!A Killer Cupcake
Beachfront Bakery #1
bang!A Murderous Macaron
Beachfront Bakery #2
bang!A Perilous Cake Pop
Beachfront Bakery #3
bang!A Deadly Danish
Beachfront Bakery #4
bang!A Treacherous Tart
Beachfront Bakery #5
bang! A Calamitous Cookie
Beachfront Bakery #6
target Jess Haven bang!Killer Cottage
Tiny House Mysteries
target Heather M. Herman bang! The Corpse Queen          
target Colleen Hoover bang! Verity          
target Ty Hutchinson bang! Corktown
Abby Kane Thriller #1
bang! Tenderloin
Abby Kane Thriller #2
bang!Russian Hill
Abby Kane Thriller #3
bang!Lumpini Park
Abby Kane Thriller #4
bang!Coit Tower
Abby Kane Thriller #5
bang! The Puzzle Maker
Abby Kane Thriller #13
target Ragnar Jonasson bang! The Darkness
Hidden Iceland #1
bang! The Island
Hidden Iceland #2
bang! The Mist
Hidden Iceland #3
target Lars Kepler bang! Stalker          
target Julia Koty bang! Mystics and Murder
Darla Damian Mysteries
target Mary Kubica bang! Just the Nicest Couple          
target Freida McFadden bang! The Inmate bang! One By One bang! The Perfect Son bang! The Locked Door bang! Do You Want to Know a Secret bang! Ward D
target Freida McFadden bang! Do Not Disturb bang! The Coworker bang! The Surrogate Mother bang! Never Lie bang! The Teacher bang! The Devil Wears Scrubs
Dr. Jane McGill #1
target Patricia McLinn bang! Sign Off
Caught Dead in Wyoming
target Phil Maxey bang!Deadfall
Infernal Contagion #1
target Nancy Mehl bang! Cold Pursuit
Ryland & St. Clair
target William Meikle bang!Copycat Murders          
target Dawn Merriman bang! Message in the Bones
Messages of Murder #1
target Alex Michaelides bang!The Silent Patient          
target Kristen Middleton bang! Forget Me Not          
target Kiersten Modglin bang! Do Not Open bang! The Liar’s Wife bang! The Arrangement
The Arrangement #1
bang! The Amendment
The Arrangement #2
bang! The Atonement
The Arrangement #3
bang! Hemlock
target Kiersten Modglin bang! I Said Yes bang! The Mother-in-Law bang! The Good Neighbors bang! Wait for Dark bang! The Stranger bang! The Nanny’s Secret
Locke Industries
target Anya Mora bang! My Husband’s Wife          
target Victoria M. Patton bang!Innocence Taken
Damien Kane
target Ann Voss Peterson bang! Lethal
Small Town Secrets
target Laura Peterson bang! Obsessed          
target Lisa Pevey bang!A Murder in Cursive
Lettering Detective #2
target Blake Pierce bang!Already Gone
Laura Frost FBI Mystery
bang!Girl, Alone
Ella Dark FBI Mystery
bang!Cause to Kill
Avery Black
bang!Before He Kills
Mackenzie White
bang!Her Last Wish
Rachel Gift FBI #1
bang! Once Gone
Riley Paige #1
target Blake Pierce bang! Just Me
Cami Lark #1
bang! Just Outside
Cami Lark #2
bang!Trace of Death
Keri Locke #1
Making of Riley Paige #1
bang!Girl, Taken
Ella Dark FBI Mystery #2
bang! Once Solved
Riley Paige SS
target Blake Pierce bang! Once Taken
Riley Paige #2
bang! Undone
Cora Shields #1
bang! Never Run
May Moore #1
bang! Let Her Go
Fiona Red #1
bang! Girl, Hunted
Ella Dark FBI Mystery #3
bang! Girl, Silenced
Ella Dark FBI Mystery #4
target Blake Pierce bang!The Perfect Wife
Jessie Hunt #1
bang!The Perfect Block
Jessie Hunt #2
updated bang! The Perfect House
Jessie Hunt #3
target Sarah Pinborough bang!Behind Her Eyes          
target Kathy Reichs bang! Swamp Bones
Temperance Brennan
bang! Bones on Ice
Temperance Brennan
updated target Ann-Marie Richards updated bang!The Rich Housewife          
target Natalie D. Richards bang! Four Found Dead          
target Amanda Robson bang!Obsession          
target Jeneva Rose bang! Home is Where the Bodies Are bang! The Perfect Marriage bang! You Shouldn’t Have Come Here      
updated target Simone St. James updated bang! Murder Road          
target E. G. Scott bang! The Rule of Three          
target Kat Shehata bang! Drawn to Death
Evelyn Sinclair Psychic Mystery Romance #1
bang!Drawn to the Mafia
Evelyn Sinclair Psychic Mystery Romance #2
target Karin Slaughter bang!False Witness          
target Benjamin Stevenson bang!Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone
Ernest Cunningham #1
target C.M. Sutter bang! Blood in the Bayou
FBI Agent Jade Monroe Live or Die
bang! Run for Your Life
Mitch Cannon Savannah Heat Thriller #1
target L.C. Turner bang! Vows and Victims
Presley Thurman Mystery
bang! Bats and Bling
Presley Thurman Mystery
bang! Weddings and Weapons
Presley Thurman Mystery
target Suzy Turner bang! Willow Tree Farm
Winterbourne Witches
Nick Vulich bang!The Cemetery Murders
Alice French Mystery
target Audrey Walker bang! Deadly Touch          
updated target Kate White updated bang! Between Two Strangers          
target Graham Wilson bang! Vanished
Crocodile Dreaming #4
Melissa Yi bang!Code Blues
Hope Zse Media Crime Mys.

Pseudonyms are set in italics.

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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