2024 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Tina Hilbert • Ohio

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on SAT JUNE 29 2024 .
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Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Victoria Abbott (M & V Maffini) bang!The Christie Curse
Book Collectors #1
bang!The Sayers Swindle
Book Collectors #2
Ellery Adams bang! Pecan Pies and Homicides
Charmed Pie Shoppe #3
bang! Lemon Pies and Little White Lies
Charmed Pie Shoppe #4
bang! Breach of Crust
Charmed Pie Shoppe #5
Esme Addison bang! A Spell For Trouble
Enchanted Bay #1
bang! A Hex For Danger
Enchanted Bay #2
Elizabeth Adler bang!Please Don't Tell          
Boris Akunin bang!The Winter Queen
Erast Fandorin #1
Susan Wittig Albert bang!The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree
Darling Dahlias #1
bang!The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies
Darling Dahlias #2
bang!The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose
Darling Dahlias #3
bang!The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Rose
Darling Dahlias #4
bang!The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush
Darling Dahlias #5
bang! The Darling Dahlias and the Eleven O'Clock Lady
Darling Dahlias #6
Jennifer Lynn Alvarez bang!Lies Like Wildfires          
Jonathan Ames bang!You Were Never Really Here          
Liz S. Andrews bang!The Mist Rises Over Notchey Creek
Harley Henrickson #1
bang!The Ghosts of Notchey Creek
Harley Henrickson #2
Katherine Arden bang!Small Spaces
Small Spaces #1
bang!Dead Voices
Small Spaces #2
target Emily Arsenault bang! When All The Girls Are Sleeping          
target Nicole Baart bang! Everything We Didn't Say          
target Bree Baker (Julie Anne Lindsey) bang! Pleading The Fish
Seaside Cafe #7
target David Baldacci bang! The Camel Club
Camel Club #1
bang! The Edge
The 6:20 Man #2
A.G. Barnett bang!An Occupied Grave
Brock & Poole #1
Lorna Barrett See Lorraine Bartlett          
Lorraine Bartlett bang!Murder Is Binding
as Lorna Barrett Booktown Mystery #1
bang!Bookmarked For Death
as Lorna Barrett Booktown Mystery #2
target Gael Baudino bang! Dragonsword
Dragonsword #1
bang! Duel of the Dragons
Dragonsword #2
bang! Dragon Death
Dragonsword #3
M.C. Beaton
(Marion Chesney)
bang!Agatha's First Case
Agatha Raisin #0.5
bang!Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
Agatha Raisin #1
bang!Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet
Agatha Raisin #2
bang!Down The Hatch
Agatha Raisin #32
bang!Agatha Raisin and the Day The Floods Came
Agatha Raisin #12
bang! A Highland Christmas
Hamish Macbeth #15.5
Cara Black bang!Three Hours in Paris          
Laura Gail Black bang!For Whom The Book Tolls
Antique Bookshop #1
Teri Bailey Black bang!Girl At The Grave          
Juliet Blackwell bang!Secondhand Spirits
Witchcraft Mystery #1
bang!If Walls Could Talk
Haunted Home Reno #1
bang! Dead Bolt
Hanuted Home Reno #2
Lawrence Block bang!The Topless Tulip Caper
Chip Harrison #4
Stephanie Bond (Stephanie Bancroft) bang! Party Crashers
Body Movers #0.5
bang! Body Movers
Body Movers #1
bang! 2 Bodies for the Price of 1
Body Movers #2
bang! 2 Bodies for the Price of 1
Body Movers #2
bang! 3 Men and a Body
Body Movers #3
bang! 4 Bodies and a Funeral
Body Movers #4
Stephanie Bond (Stephanie Bancroft) bang! 5 Bodies To Die For
Body Movers #5
bang! 6 Killer Bodies
Body Movers #6
bang! 6 1/2 Body Parts
Body Movers #6.5
bang! 7 Brides For 7 Bodies
Body Movers #7
updated bang! 8 Bodies Is Enough
Body Movers #8
updated bang! 9 Bodies Rolling
Body Movers #9
updated Stephanie Bond (Stephanie Bancroft) updated bang!10 Bodies Lying
Body Movers #10
updated bang!11 Bodies Moving On
Body Movers #11
updated bang!12 Bodies And A Wedding
Body Movers #12
Ray Bradbury bang!The Halloween Tree bang!Dear Santa        
Laura Bradford bang! A Plus One For Murder
Friend For Hire #1
bang! A Perilous Pal
Friend For Hire #2
Alan Bradley bang!As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust
Flavia de Luce #7
bang!Thrice the Brindled Cat Hath Mew'd
Flavia de Luce #8
bang!The Grave's A Fine and Private Place
Flavia de Luce #9
bang!The Golden Tresses of the Dead
Flavia de Luce #10
bang! The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse
Flavia de Luce #6.5
target Ellie Brannigan bang! Murder in an Irish Castle
Irish Castle #1
target Christin Brecher bang! Murder's No Votive Confidence
Nantucket Candle Maker #1
target Allison Brennan bang!The Third To Die
Quinn & Costa #1
bang!Tell No Lies
Quinn & Costa #2
bang!The Wrong Victim
Quinn & Costa #3
bang!Seven Girls Gone
Quinn & Costa #4
bang!The Missing Witness
Quinn & Costa #5
bang! North Of Nowhere
Fredric Brown bang! The Far Cry          
Sandra Brown bang!Chill Factor bang! Sting        
Julia Buckley bang!A Dark and Stormy Murder
Writer's Apprentice #1
target Valerie Burns bang!Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder
Baker Street #1
target Cylin Busby bang!The Stranger Game          
target Lynn Cahoon bang!One Poison Pie
Kitchen Witch #1
bang!Murder 101
Kitchen Witch #1.5
Bailey Cates (Cricket McRae) bang!Brownies and Broomsticks
Magical Bakery #1
G.K. Chesterton bang!The Blue Cross
Father Brown
bang!The Flying Stars
Father Brown
Rachelle J. Christensen bang!Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things
Wedding Planner #1
bang!Veils and Vengeance
Wedding Planner #2
bang!Proposals And Poison
Wedding Planner #3
Agatha Christie bang! Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
Hecule Poirot SS
bang! The Love Detectives
Harley Quin SS
bang! The Tuesday Night Club
Miss Marple ss
bang! Spider's Web    
Mary Higgins Clark bang!Daddy's Little Girl bang!I've Got My Eyes On You bang!A Stranger Is Watching bang! Where Are The Children?
Where Are The Children? #1
target Alice Clark-Platt bang!To Die For          
target Lucy Clarke bang!One Of The Girls          
Ann Cleeves bang!Raven Black
Shetland Island #1
bang!White Nights
Shetland Island #2
bang!Red Bones
Shetland Island #3
bang! Blue Lightning
Shetland Island #4
target Mary Cobb bang! My Summer Darlings          
target Alyssa Cole bang!When No One Is Watching          
Michael Connelly bang!Blue on Black
Harry Bosch #14.5
target C.J. Connor bang! Board To Death
Board Game Shop #1
Patricia Cornwell bang!Cruel and Unusual
Kay Scarpetta #4
Mary Daheim bang!The Alpine Xanadu
Emma Lord #24
Kenley Davidson bang!Goldheart
Andari Chronicles #2
bang! Pirouette
Andari Chronicles #3
Maddie Day (Edith Maxwell) bang! Christmas Cocoa and a Corpse
Country Store #6.5
target Tania del Rio bang!Warren the 13th & All-Seeing Eye
Warren the 13th #1
Vicki Delany bang!Elementary, She Read
Sherlock Holmes Bookshop #1
bang!By Book or By Crook
(as Eva Gates)
Lighthouse Library #1
bang! Booked For Trouble
(as Eva Gates)
Lighthouse Library #2
bang! Reading Up A Storm
(as Eva Gates)
Lighthouse Library #3
bang! The Spook In The Stacks
Lighthouse Library #4
Leighann Dobbs bang!Dead Wrong
Blackmoore Sisters #1
Jennifer Donaldson bang! I Know You Remember bang!Lies You Never Told Me        
Jennifer Donnelly bang!Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book          
target Daphne Du Maurier bang! The Birds          
Lois Duncan bang!I Know What You Did Last Summer bang! Killing Mr. Griffin        
Carola Dunn bang! Manna From Hades
Cornish Mystery #1
bang!A Colourful Death
Cornish Mystery #2
bang! Valley of the Shadow
Cornish Mystery #3
bang! Buried in the Country
Cornish Mystery #4
target Peggy Ehrhart bang!Death of a Christmas Card Crafter
Knit & Nibble #8.5
Alex Erickson bang! Death by Hot Cocoa
Bookstore Cafe #7.5
Janet Evanovich bang!Pros and Cons bang! The Heist
Fox & O'Hare #1
bang! The Chase
Fox & O'Hare #2
bang! The Job
Fox & O'Hare #3
bang! The Scam
Fox & O'Hare #4
bang! The Pursuit
Fox & O'Hare #5
target Janet Evanovich bang! The Big Kahuna
Fox & O'Hare #6
bang! The Bounty
Fox & O'Hare #7
target Alice Feeney bang!Rock Paper Scissors bang!Daisy Darker        
A.J. Finn (Daniel Mallory) bang!The Woman in the Window          
Tarryn Fisher bang!The Wrong Family bang! The Wives        
Fannie Flagg bang!I Still Dream About You          
Amanda Flower bang!Assaulted Caramel
Amish Candy Shop #1
bang! Crime and Poetry
Magical Bookshop #1
bang! Prose and Cons
Magical Bookshop #2
bang! Murders and Metaphors
Magical Bookshop #3
bang! Lethal Licorice
Amish Candy Shop #2
Gillian Flynn bang!Dark Places bang!Gone Girl bang!Sharp Objects bang!The Grownup    
Lucy Foley bang! The Guest List bang! The Paris Apartment        
target Neil Gaiman bang! The Graveyard Book Vol. 1 bang! The Graveyard Book Vol. 2 bang! Snow, Glass, Apples      
Eva Gates See Vicki Delany          
Kimi Cunningham Grant bang!These Silent Woods          
target Cass Green bang! In A Cottage In A Wood          
target Heather Gudenkauf bang!Before She Was Found          
Chanda Hahn bang!Of Beast And Beauty
Daughters of Eville #1
target Mary Downing Hahn bang!What We Saw          
Darci Hannah bang! Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop
Beacon Bakeshop #1
bang! Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off
Beacon Bakeshop #2
bang! Murder at the Blueberry Festival
Beacon Bakeshop #3
bang! Murder at the Pumpkin Pageant
Beacon Bakeshop #4
Sophie Hannah bang!A Game for All the Family bang!Perfect Little Children        
Charlaine Harris bang!Grave Sight
Harper Connelly #1
Thomas Harris bang!Red Dragon
Hannibal Lecter #1
Paula Hawkins bang! A Slow Fire Burning          
target Rachel Hawkins bang!The Villa bang! The Ex Hex
as Erin Sterlng
The Ex Hex #1
target Nathaniel Hawthorne bang! The House of the Seven Gables          
Drew Hayes bang! The Utterly Uninteresting...          
Sally Hepworth bang!The Mother-in-Law bang! The Family Next Door bang! The Mother's Promise bang! The Good Sister bang!The Younger Wife  
target Jennifer Hillier bang! Things We Do In The Dark          
Alfred Hitchcock & Patricia Highsmith bang! Strangers on a Train          
target Lee Hollis bang!Death of a Christmas Carol
HP Food & Cocktails #13.5
Bobbi Holmes (Anna J. McIntyre) bang! The Ghost Who Stayed Home
Haunting Danielle #11
bang! The Ghost and the Leprechaun
Haunting Danielle #12
target Anthony Horowitz bang! The Word Is Murder
Hawthorne & Horowitz #1
Dorothy B. Hughes bang!The So Blue Marble          
target Joe Ide bang! IQ
IQ #1
bang! Righteous
IQ #2
Louise R. Innes bang!Death at a Country Mansion
Daisy Thorne #1
Justina Ireland bang!Ophie's Ghost          
target Washington Irving bang! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow bang! Rip Van Winkle        
target Holly Jackson bang! Kill Joy
GG Guide to Murder #0.5
bang! A Good Girl's Guide To Murder
GG Guide to Murder #1
Shirley Jackson bang!We Have Always Lived In The Castle bang!The Witchcraft of Salem Village        
P.D. James bang!Sleep No More: 6 Murderous Tales bang! The Mistletoe Murder
Adam Dalgliesh
bang! A Very Commonplace Murder
Adam Dalgliesh
bang! The Boxdale Inheritance
Adam Dalgliesh
bang! The Twelve Clues Of Christmas
Adam Dalgliesh
Sarah Zachrich Jeng bang! The Other Me          
Stuart M. Kaminsky bang!Bullet for a Star
Toby Peters #1
bang!Murder on the Yellow Brick Road
Toby Peters #2
bang!You Bet Your Life
Toby Peters #3
Tonya Kappes bang!Hitches, Hideouts, & Homicide
Camper & Criminals #7
bang!Assailants, Asphalt, & Alibis
Camper & Criminals #8
bang!Jackets, Jack-O-Lanterns, & Justice
Camper & Criminals #22
Ausma Zehanat Khan bang!A Deadly Divide
target Stephen King bang! LT's Theory of Pets          
target Mary Kubica bang! The Good Girl          
William Kent Krueger bang!Lightning Strike
Cork O'Connor #18 (PreQ)
bang! This Tender Land        
target Shari Lapena bang! A Stranger In The House          
target Victor LaValle bang! The Ballad of Black Tom          
Zara Lisbon bang!Fake Plastic Girl
Fake Plastic Girl #1
bang! Fake Plastic World
Fake Plastic Girl #2
target Elizabeth Logan (Camille Minichino) bang! Mousse and Murder
Alaskan Diner #1
Karen MacInerney bang! Murder On The Rocks
Gray Whale Inn #1
target Gilly MacMillan bang! The Long Weekend bang! The Manor House        
Joy McCullough bang!Blood Water Paint          
Freida McFadden bang! The Locked Door          
Jennifer McMahon bang!Promise Not To Tell bang!The Winter People        
Karen M. McManus bang!The Cousins bang!Two Can Keep A Secret bang!One Of Us Is Lying
Bayview High #1
bang!One Of Us Is Next
Bayview High #2
bang! You'll Be The Death Of Me  
target Will Mabbitt bang! The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones
Mabel Jones #1
G.M. Malliet bang! Wicked Autumn
Max Tudor #1
target Mia P. Manansala bang! Arsenic and Adobo
Tita Rosie's Kitchen #1
Kate Alice Marshall bang!Thirteens
Thirteens #1
bang! What Lies In The Woods        
Nancy Mehl bang!Fire Storm
Kaely Quinn Profiler #2
target Leslie Meier bang!Birthday Party Murder
Lucy Stone #9
bang!Christmas Card Murder
Lucy Stone #26.5
Sarah Meuleman bang!Find Me Gone          
target Liane Moriarty bang! Apples Never Fall bang! Nine Perfect Strangers        
target Meg Muldoon bang! Murder In Christmas River
Christmas River #1
Carlene O'Connor bang! Christmas Cocoa Murder
Irish Village #3.5
bang! Murder in an Irish Village
Irish Village #1
target Gregg Olsen bang! The Bone Box
Waterman & Stark #0.5
bang! A Killing In Amish Country        
Gigi Pandian bang!Under Lock and Skeleton Key
Secret Staircase #1
bang! The Raven Thief
Secret Staircase #2
target James Patterson bang! Killer Chef
Caleb Rooney #0.5
bang! Hidden
Mitchum #1
bang! French Kiss
Det. Luc Moncrief #1
bang! The Christmas Mystery
Det. Luc Moncrief #2
bang! French Twist
Det. Luc Moncrief #3
Carol J. Perry bang!Be My Ghost
Haunted Haven #1
bang! Bells, Spells, and Murder
Witch City #7
target Robert Pobi bang!City Of Windows
Lucas Page #1
target Tirzah Price bang! Pride and Premeditation
Jane Austen Mysteries #1
target Cherie Priest Maplecroft
Borden Dispatches #1
Ellery Queen (Dannay & Lee) bang!The Four Johns
(Jack Vance)
target Spencer Quinn (Peter Abrahams) bang! A Cat Was Involved
Chet & Bernie #0.1
bang! Santa 365
Chet & Bernie #3.1
Rabbit Ears bang!Squanto and the First Thanksgiving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Holiday Stories Vol. 1
Kate Racculia bang!Tuesday Mooney Talks To Ghosts          
Natalie D. Richards bang!Five Total Strangers bang! Gone Too Far bang! Seven Dirty Secrets      
Nora Roberts (Eleanor Wilder) bang!Carnal Innocence bang!Divine Evil bang!Hideaway bang!Under Currents bang! Blue Dahlia
In the Garden #1
target R.M. Romero bang! The Ghosts of Rose Hill          
J. K. Rowling bang! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter #4
bang!Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter #7
target Craig Russell bang!Hyde          
Annelise Ryan
(Beth Amos)
bang!Working Stiff
Mattie Winston #1
target Riley Sager (Todd Ritter) bang! The Last Time I Lied bang! The Only One Left        
target Alvin Schwartz bang! Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Scary Stories #1
bang! More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Scary Stories #2
bang! More Tales to Chill Your Bones
Scary Stories #3
target Alice Sebold bang! The Lovely Bones          
Maggie Sefton (Margaret Aunon) bang! A Deadly Yarn
Knitting Mystery #3
bang! Fleece Navidad
Knitting Mystery #6
Paige Shelton bang!To Helvetica and Back
Dangerous Type #1
bang!Bookman Dead Style
Dangerous Type #2
bang!Comic Sans Murder
Dangerous Type #2
Karin Slaughter bang! Blindsighted
Grant County #1
Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) bang!File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents
Reports 1-6
target Catherine Steadman bang! The Family Game          
target Erin Sterling See Rachel Hawkins          
Fran Stewart bang!A Wee Murder In My Shop
ScotShop #1
bang! A Wee Dose of Death
ScotShop #2
bang! A Wee Homicide in the Hotel
ScotShop #3
target Lisa Unger bang!The Stranger Inside updated bang! Ink And Bone
Hollows #5
Eleanor Updale bang!Montmorency
Montmorency #1
Alaina Urquhart bang!The Butcher and the Wren          
target Serena Valentino bang! Cold Hearted
Villians #8
Judith Van Gieson bang!North of the Border
Neil Hamel #1
target Various Authors bang! The House
Mason Falls Mysteries #1
target Various Authors bang! Unbirthday
by Liz Braswell
A Twisted Tale
bang! So This Is Love
by Elizabeth Lim
A Twisted Tale #9
target Catriona Ward bang! The Last House On Needless Street          
Gertrude Chandler Warner bang!The Boxcar Children
Boxcar Children #1
target Nancy Warren bang! Tangles and Treason
Vampire Knitting Club #1
S. J. Watson bang!Final Cut bang!Before I Go To Sleep        
Lilian Watts bang!A Cue to A Kill
Stage Door #2.5
Tina Whittle bang!The Dangerous Edge of Things
Tai Randolph #1
bang! Darker Than Any Shadow
Tai Randolph #2
target Oscar Wilde bang! The Canterville Ghost          
Jen Williams bang!A Dark and Secret Place          
Stacy Willingham bang!A Flicker In The Dark bang!All The Dangerous Things        
target Ashley Winstead bang! In My Dreams I Hold A Knife          
Raffi Yessayan bang!Eight in the Box          
Robin Yocum bang! A Brilliant Death bang! A Welcome Murder        

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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