2024 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Karen A. • New Mexico

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on THU JULY 18 2024.
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Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
target Rick Acker bang!Secrets
Leigh Collins #2
target Michelle Aleckson bang! Hidden Ranch Peril          
target Mary Alford bang!Grave Peril bang!Distant Thunder
Courage Under Fire #0.4
bang!Storm Warnings
Courage Under Fire #0.5
bang!Strike Force
Courage Under Fire #1
bang!Zero Visibility
Courage Under Fire #2
bang! Thin Ice
Courage Under Fire #3
target Mary Alford bang! An Autumn Chill bang! Chinook Winds
Courage Under Fire #4
bang! Storm Surge
Courage Under Fire #5
bang! Eye of the Storm    
target Cindy M. Amos bang! Mesa Verde Meltdown          
target Christy Barritt bang! Mountain Hideaway bang! Mountain Hideaway        
target Lynn H. Blackburn bang!Deadly Objective          
Terri Blackstock bang!If I Run
If I Run #1
bang!If I'm Found
If I Run #2
bang!If I Live
If I Run #3
target Patricia Bradley bang! Revenge
Memphis Cold Case #1.5
target Davis Bunn bang! Elixir          
target Lynn Cahoon bang!Rockets' Dead Glare
Tourist Trap #4.25
target Robin Caroll bang!The Christmas Bell Tolls          
target Vannetta Chapman bang! Overshadowed
The Remnant #0.5
bang! Fading into the Night
Cyber Division #1
bang! Midnight Strike
Cyber Division #2
bang! Daybreak
Cyber Division #3
bang! High Noon
Cyber Division #4
target Agatha Christie bang!The Kidnapped Prime Minister          
updated target Brenda Clemmons bang!Flash Flood
Charlie Delta Rescue #3
> bang! Hellfire
Charlie Delta Rescue #1
bang! Fault Line
Charlie Delta Rescue #2
bang! Tempest
Charlie Delta Rescue #4
updated bang! Fractured
Charlie Delta Rescue #5
updated bang! Manhunt
Charlie Delta Rescue #6
updated target Brenda Clemmons updated bang!Fury
Charlie Delta Rescue #7
updated bang!High Seas
Charlie Delta Rescue #8
updated bang!Cave-In
Charlie Delta Rescue #9
target Colleen Coble bang! Leaving Lavender Tides
Lavender Tides #1.5
bang! Silent Night
Rock Harbor #5.5
bang! Holy Night
Aloha Reef #4.5
bang! One Little Lie
Pelican Harbor #1
bang! All is Calm
bang! All is Bright
Hope Beach
target Lyn Cote bang! Winter's Secret
Northern Intrigue #1
target Margaret Daley bang! The Yuletide Rescue
Alaskan Search and Rescue #1
bang! Deadly Countdown
Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations #4
bang! Security Breach
Capitol K-9 Unit # 4
target Susan Page Davis bang!Mailbox Mayhem          
target Ted Dekker bang! Identity
Eyes Wide Open #1
target Rachel Dylan bang!Incriminating Evidence          
target Lynette Eason bang! Code of Ethics
Blue Justice #2.5
bang! Explosive Force
Military K-9 Unit #6
bang! Holiday Amnesia
Wrangler's Corner #7
bang! On the Run bang! Trail of Evidence
Capitol K-9 Unit #3
bang! Agent Undercover
Rose Mountain Refuge #1
target Lynette Eason bang!Holiday Hideout
Rose Mountain Refuge #2
bang!Hide and Seek
Family Reunions #1
bang! Her Stolen Past
Family Reunions #3
bang! The Lawman Returns
Wrangler's Corner #1
bang! Dark Prophecy
Elite Guardians #4.5
updated bang! Rodeo Rescuer
Wrangler's Corner #2
updated target Lynette Eason updated bang!Protecting Her Daughter
Wrangler's Corner #3
target Mary Ellis bang! Missing          
target Heather Day Gilbert bang!Out of Circulation
Hemlock Creek Suspense #1
target D Giusti, S Sleeman, J Bailey Holiday Defenders          
target Elizabeth Goddard bang!Double Exposure
Exposure #1
bang!Dawn's Hidden Threat
Missing in Alaska
target Helen Gray bang!Secrets in the Park
Secrets of the Heart #1
bang!Hawthorn Hope
Secrets of the Heart
bang! Black Eyed Susan's Secret      
John Grisham bang!Witness to a Trial
The Whistler #0.5
target Valerie Hansen bang!Special Agent
Classified K-9 Unit #3
bang! Christmas Vendetta bang!Detecting Danger
Capitol K-9 Unit #5
bang! Ready to Protect
Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit #2
target Lisa Harris bang!Desert Secrets          
target Dee Henderson bang! Missing
Sins of the Past
bang! Betrayed
The Cost of Betrayal
target Jerry B. Jenkins bang!Dead Sea Rising
Dead Sea Chronicles #1
bang!Dead Sea Conspiracy
Dead Sea Chronicles #2
target Liz Johnson bang!Christmas Captive          
target Evangeline Kelly bang! Lawfully Protected
The Lawkeepers
target Debby Lee bang!O Night Divine
Christmas in Meriwether #1
bang! A Midnight Clear
Christmas in Meriwether #2
bang! The Stars in the Sky
Christmas in Meriwether #3
target Katy Lee bang! Cavern Cover-Up bang! Warning Signs
Stepping Stones Island #1
target Elizabeth Ludwig bang!Cold Creek Manor          
target S.J.MacIver bang!Cinnamon Girl
2nd Chance at Love #1
target Shirlee McCoy bang! Running Blind
Heroes for Hire #3
bang! Stranger in the Shadows
Lakeview #6
bang! Protection Detail
Capitol K-9 Unit #1
target Jenn McKinlay bang! Due or Die
Library Lover's Mystery #2
target Dana Mentink bang! Betrayal in the Badlands
South Dakota Badlands #1
bang! Dangerous Victory bang! Dangerous Tidings
Pacific Coast Private Eyes #1
target Jill Elizabeth Nelson bang!Unsolved Abduction bang!Evidence of Murder        
target J. Carol Nemeth bang! Glacier of Secrets
Faith in the Parks #4
bang! A Beacon of Love
Faith in the Parks #2.5
target Sandra Orchard bang! Shades of Truth
Undercover Cops #2
bang! Emergency Reunion        
target Jessica R. Patch bang! Secret Service Setup          
target Marta Perry bang! In the Enemy's Sights
Faith at the Crossroads #4
Dani Pettrey bang!Shadowed
Alaskan Courage #0.5
Alaskan Courage #1
Alaskan Courage #2
bang! The Shifting Current
Coastal Guardians #3.5
bang! Deadly Isle
The Cost of Betrayal
target Lisa Phillips bang!Desert Rescue
K-9 Search and Rescue #1
target C.A. Phipps bang!Sugar and Sliced
Maple Lane #0.5
target Cara C. Putman bang! Hidden Love
Hidden Justice #0.25
bang! Dying for Love
Hidden Justice #0.5
target Connie Queen bang!Canyon Survival          
target Terri Reed bang! Detection Detail
Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit #1
bang! Dangerous Justice
Capitol K-9 Unit #0.5
bang! Duty Bound Guardian
Capitol K-9 Unit #2
target Elisabeth Rees bang! Innocent Target          
target Kathie Ridings bang! Wyoming Christmas Peril          
target Dana Rongione bang! The Delaware Detectives
Delaware Detectives #1
Barbara Ross bang! Clammed Up
Maine Clambake Mystery #1
target Roxanne Rustand bang! The Last Christmas Puppy
Wyoming Danger #4
target Laura Scott bang!Hiding in Montana
Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit #3
bang! Soldier's Christmas Secrets
Justice Seekers #1
target Lynn Shannon bang!Christmas Danger
Hazardous Holiday #1
bang!Christmas Threat
Hazardous Holiday #2
bang!Christmas Peril
Hazardous Holiday #3
bang! Vanish    
target Lane Stone bang!Stay Calm and Collie On
Pet Palace Mystery #1
target Sharee Stover bang! Secret Past bang! Untraceable Evidence bang! Tracking Concealed Evidence      
targetKathleen Tailer bang!Everglades Escape          
target Darlene L. Turner bang! Lethal Cover-up          
target Kellie VanHorn bang! Buried Evidence bang! Fatal Flashback        
target Virginia Vaughan bang! Yuletide Abduction
Rangers Under Fire #1
bang! Mistletoe Reunion Threat
Rangers Under Fire #4
bang! Yuletide Protector bang! For Love or Money    
target Natalie Walters bang!Caught in the Crosshairs          
target Susan May Warren bang!The Way of the Brave bang! Waiting for Dawn
Tema Hope #0.5
target Phyllis A. Whitney bang! Silverhill          
target Lenora Worth bang! Proof of Innocence
Capitol K-9 Unit #6
bang! The Soldier's Mission
Secret Agent #5

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
xupdated New
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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