2023 Six Shooter Reading Challenge
Jen McFarren • Texas

This Shooting Gallery was last updated on MON MAR 13 2023. Previous shooting galleries: 2022

Target 1 2 3 4 5 6
Jennifer S. Alderson bang! Death by Bagpipes
Travel Can Be Murder #4
bang! Death by Fountain
Travel Can Be Murder #5
bang! Death by Puffin
Travel Can Be Murder #9
bang! Death by Flamenco
Travel Can be Murder #7
bang! Death by Gondola
Travel Can be Murder #8
Juliet Blackwell bang! The Last Curtain Call
Haunted Home Reno #8
Wendy Byrne bang! Nearly Dead in Iowa
Izzy Lewis #1
bang! Fame, Fortune and Secrets
Grace Powers #3
Lynn Cahoon bang! Penned In
Farm-to-Fork Mys #4.5
Nancy J. Cohen (Nancy Cane) bang!Styled For Murder
Bad Hair Day Mys. #17
Holly Danvers (Holly Quinn) bang!Long Overdue at the Lakeside Library
Lakeside Library #2
Nita DeBorde bang!Ghost Agents
The Ghost Agents Trilogy #1
The Ghost Agents Trilogy #2
The Ghost Agents Trilogy #3
Vicki Delany bang!Elementary, She Read
Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mys. #1
updated target Robert Dugoni updated bang! Her Deadly Game          
J.C. Eaton (A Goldfarb & J Clapp) bang!Saddled Up 4 Murder
Sophie Kimball #9
Lee Goldberg bang!Gated Prey
Eve Ronin #3
Debra H. Goldstein bang!Five Belles Too Many
Sarah Blair x#5
updated target Carolyn Haines updated bang! Bone-a-fied Trouble
Trouble Cat Mysteries #9
updated target Nikki Haverstock updated bang! Of Murders and Mages
Casino Witch Mysteries #1
updated bang! Which Mage Moved the Cheese
Casino Witch Mysteries #2
Cheryl Hollon bang!Death a Sketch
Paint and Shine Mys. #3
Libby Klein bang!Antique Auctions are Murder
Poppy McAllister #7
updated target Thomas Lockhaven updated bang! Ophelia P.I.
Witch P.I. Cozy Mystery #1
Angela McRae bang!Rubies and Revenge
Junkin' Jewelry Mys. #2
Elle Marr bang!Strangers We Know          
Justine Maxwell bang!Murder and Macchiatos
Coffee Truck #1
Andrew Mayne bang! Sea Storm
Underwater Investigation #3
Carlene O'Connor bang!Murder in an Irish Village
Irish Village Mystery #1
Gigi Pandian bang! Under Lock and Skeleton Key
Secret Staircase #1
Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz) bang!When She Dreams
Burning Cove #6
updated target Nellie H. Steele updated bang! Moving is Murder
Middle Age is Murder #1
updated target Susan Y. Tanner updated bang! Turning for Trouble
Trouble Cat Mysteries #7
Diane Vallera bang!Pillow Stalk
Madison Night Mys. #1
Kirsten Weiss bang! Gourd to Death
Pie Town Mystery #5

Key to symbols
Name in italics pseudonym
bang! Shot taken
Notch earned
Rolled over from previous year
One more to go
Target complete

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