2024 Medical Examiner's Reading Challenge
Jen McFarren, M.E. • Texas

This clipboard was last updated on SUN APR 28 2024.
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9 Authors 9 Titles links to review Series 24 Toe Tags
updated J.C. Eaton Revved Up 4 Murder Sophie Kimball Mystery #12 3
Lee Goldberg Dream Town Eve Ronin #5 2
updated Rebecca Hanover The Last Applicant 2
updated Leslie Karst Molten Death Orchid Isle Mystery #1 2
updated Catie Murphy Death by Irish Whiskey Dublin Driver Mysteries #5 3
updated Carlene O'Connor Murder at an Irish Chipper Irish Village Mystery #10 2
updated Gigi Pandian A Midnight Puzzle Secret Staircase Mystery #3 5
updated Loreth Anne White The Unquiet Bones 4
updated Carly Winter Lavender and Lies Heywood Herbalist Cozy Mysteries #2 1

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