2024 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge
Bev "Quincy" Hankins, M.E. • Indiana

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Herbert Adams Too Easy 1
Rennie Airth The Blood-Dimmed Tide John Madden #2 10
F. Britten Austin Trial by Ordeal 1
H. C. Baily The Only Husband 2
Jean-Paul Alaux & Noel Balen Grand Cru Heist Winemaker Detective Mysteries #2 3
Jennifer Lynn Barnes The Inheritance Games Inheritance Games #1 3
John Bechtel The Dragon Boat Mystery 1
J. D. Beresford The Artificial Mole 1
Dolan Birkley (Dolores Hitchens) The Blue Geranium 4
C. Bobbett The Secret of the Mountain 1
Eunice Mays Boyd Doom in the Midnight Sun F. Millard Smyth #2 8
Eunice Mays Boyd (w/Elizabeth Aden) A Vacation to Kill For 2
Christianna Brand Blood Brothers 2
K.R.G. Browne Through the Window 1
Miles Burton (Cecil Street) The Secret of High Eldersham Mystery League #15 4
Christopher Bush (Charles Christmas Bush) The Hampstead Murder 1
Josephine Bell (Doris Bell Collier) The Torch at the Window 1
E. C. Bentley Trent & the Ministering Angel 1
Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day-Lewis) Mr. Prendergast & the Orange 1
Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day-Lewis) A Slice of Bad Luck 1
Anthony Boucher Command Performance 1
Christianna Brand (Mary Milne) Dear Mr. Editor... 2
Christianna Brand (Mary Milne) Shadowed Sunlight 2
Marjorie Bremner Murder in Advance 4
Leo Bruce (Rupert Croft-Cooke) Rigor Mortis 1
Alice Campbell Signals 1
Victor Canning A Question of Character 2
Bernard Capes The Poison Bottle 2
John Dickson Carr Grand Guignol 3
John Dickson Carr The Emperor's Snuff Box 2
John Dickson Carr The Silver Curtain 1
John Dickson Carr Invisible Hands 1
Raymond Chandler The Curtain 4
Ruth Chessman Murder--Early American 1
G. K. Chesterton The Miracle of Moon Crescent 1
Peter Cheyney The Orange Kid 4
Peter Cheyney After You, Lady 1
Agatha Christie The Tuesday Night Club 3
Agatha Christie Problem at Sea 4
Agatha Christie The Incident of the Dog's Ball 2
Agatha Christie The Supernatural Death 1
Agatha Christie Murder After Hours (The Hollow) Hercule Poirot #26 2
Agatha Christie There Is a Tide (Taken at the Flood) Hercule Poirot #29 9
Agatha Christie Miss Marple Tells a Story Miss Marple 2
Ann Cleeves Red Bones Jimmy Perez #3 4
updated Laura Colburn (Ian McMahan) Death in a Small World Zebra Mystery Puzzler #23 2
G.D.H. & M. Cole A Lesson in Crime 1
G.D.H. & M. Cole Too Clever by Half 2
G.D.H. & M. Cole A Present from the Empire 2
William A. R. Collins The 'Eat More Fruit' Murder 1
Joseph Commings The Scarecrow Murders 2
K.C. Constantine The Rocksburg Railroad Murders Mario Balzic #1 3
George Harmon Coxe A Routine Night's Work 4
Edmund Crispin (Robert Bruce Montgomery) We Know You're Busy Writing... 2
Edmund Crispin (Robert Bruce Montgomery) Beware of the Trains 1
Edmund Crispin (Robert Bruce Montgomery) The Crime by the River 2
Edmund Crispin (Robert Bruce Montgomery) Child's Play 3
Marten Cumberland The Diary of Death 4
Moray Dalton (Katherine Renoir) One by One They Disappeared Inspector Collier #1 9
Glyn Daniel The Cambridge Murders Sir Richard Cherrington #1 3
Avram Davidson The Restorer of Balance 1
Richard Deming Honeymoon Cruise 1
Lester Dent Sail 2
Monica Dickens To Reach the Sea 1
Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr) The Unicorn Murders Sir Henry Merrivale #4 2
Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr) Death in Five Boxes Sir Henry Merrivale #7 2
Charlotte Dockstader Under a Thousand Eyes 1
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost Special 3
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Speckled Band 4
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Gloria Scott 1
M. L. Dunn They's Things in the Deep Woods 4
Lord Dunsany Three Men in a Garden 1
Mignon G. Eberhart Murder on St. Valentine's Day 1
Martin Edwards Sepulchre Street Rachel Savernake #4 13
Martin Edwards With a Little Help from My Friends 4
Sven Elvestad The Final Days of Abbot Montrose 2
George Emmett Bloehm's Wall 1
George Emmett A Fine Winter Thirst 2
Gilbert Fankau Who Killed Castelvetri? 1
William Faulkner Hand Upon the Waters 2
Alice Feeney Daisy Darker 9
E.X. Ferrars The Case of the Two Questions 1
Leslie Ford (Zenith Jones Brown) The Philadelphia Murder Story Grace Latham / Colonel Primrose #12 5
R. Austin Freeman The Aluminum Dagger 2
Sara Hoskinson Frommer Murder in C Major Joan Spencer #1 2
Kelman Frost The Late Edition 1
Erle Stanley Gardner The Clue of the Scattered Rubies 2
C.B. Gilford Widow's Mite 1
Dolores Gordon-Smith A Fete Worse Than Death Jack Haldean #1 6
Dolores Gordon-Smith Mad About the Boy? Jack Haldean #2 8
Edward Gorey Amphigorey 33
Ron Goulart The Peppermint Striped Goodbye 2
Kerry Greenwood Murder & Mendelssohn Phryne Fisher #20 5
Kathryn Miller Haines Winter in June Rosie Winter #3 4
Virginia Hamilton The House of Dies Drear 1
Dashiell Hammett In the Morgue 1
Cyril Hare (Alfred Alexander Gordon Clar) The Murder at Warbeck Hall 2
C.S. Harris (Candice Proctor) When Blood Lies Sebastian St. Cyr #17 13
C.S. Harris (Candice Proctor) Who Cries for the Lost Sebastian St. Cyr #18 13
C.S. Harris (Candice Proctor) What Cannot Be Said Sebastian St. Cyr #19 18
Edward D. Hoch The Theft of the Bingo Card 2
Geoffrey Household Taboo 2
Anthony Horowitz Moonflower Murders Susan Ryeland #2 11
Arthur Hougham The Night of the Garter 1
Christopher Huang Unnatural Ends 8
David Hume (John Victor Turner) He Stooped to Live 1
Alan Hunter Gently Down the Stream George Gently #3 3
John Hunter The Sign of Seven 2
Michael Innes (J.I.M. Stewart) The Sands of Thyme 1
Michael Innes (J.I.M. Stewart) Old Hall, New Hall 3
MacKinlay Kantor The Grave Grass Question 2
Carolyn Keene (various) The Mystery of the Ivory Charm Nancy Drew #13 1
Carolyn Keene (various) The Haunted Bridge (original) Nancy Drew #15 3
Carolyn Keene (various) The Haunted Bridge (revised) Nancy Drew #15 3
Carolyn Keene (various) The Phantom of Pine Hill Nancy Drew #42 1
Clarence Budington Kelland A Piece of String 1
Richard Keverne The Post-Chaise Murder 1
Rufus King The Seeds of Murder 3
Maurice Leblanc Drops That Trickle Away 1
Richard Lockridge Twice Retired Paul Lane #8 5
Frances & Richard Lockridge Death Takes a Bow Mr. & Mrs. North #6 2
Frances & Richard Lockridge Death Has a Small Voice Mr. & Mrs. North #18 3
Frances & Richard Lockridge All Men Make Mistakes 1
Richard Lockridge Write Murder Down Lt. Nathan Shapiro #7 3
Richard Lockridge The Tenth Life Inspector Heimrich #23 4
Peter Lovesey Where Is Thy Sting? 1
Philip MacDonald Malice Domestic 1
Philip MacDonald The List of Adrian Messenger Anthony Gethryn #11 14
Sharyn McCrumb Bimbos of the Death Sun Jay Omega #1 2
Sharyn McCrumb Zombies of the Gene Pool Jay Omega #2 6
Peggy McIntyre Hand on My Shoulder 2
Stephen McKenna Blackmail 1
Hannah Nicole Maehrer Assistant to the Villain Asst. to the Villain #1 2
Ngaio Marsh A Knotty Problem 1
Ngaio Marsh Boots 1
Ngaio Marsh Chapter & Verse 4
Ngaio Marsh Death of a Fool Inspector Alleyn #19 1
Ngaio Marsh Tied Up in Tinsel Inspector Alleyn #27 2
Ngaio Marsh Black as He's Painted Inspector Alleyn #28 4
A. A. Milne A Savage Game 1
Gladys Mitchell The Manuscript 1
Gladys Mitchell The Case of Bella Garsington 1
Susan Moody Oh, Who Hath Done the Deed? 2
David Morrell Inspector of the Dead Thomas De Quincey #2 15
John Mortimer Rumpole at Sea 1
Nicholas Olde The Invisible Weapon 1
E. Phillips Oppenheim Blackman's Wood 3
Baroness Orczy Overwhelming Evidence 2
Lewis Padgett (H. Kuttner & C.L. Moore) Murder in Brass 5
Stuart Palmer The Riddle of the Black Spade 3
Stuart Palmer The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla Hildegarde Withers #7 2
Louise Penny Still Life Inspector Gamache #1 3
Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips) Jericho & the Silent Witnesses 1
Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips) The Girl Who Lived Dangerously (copy A) 3
Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips) The Girl Who Lived Dangerously (copy B) 3
Arthur Porges The Scientist & the Bagful of Water 1
Talmage Powell Salesmanship 1
J.B. Priestley Mystery at Greenfingers 1
Ellery Queen The Halloween Mystery 1
Ellery Queen The Needle's Eye 2
Ellery Queen The Adventure of the Murdered Ship 3
Ellery Queen, Jr. The Golden Eagle Mystery Ellery Queen, Jr. #2 1
Kate Quinn & Janie Chang The Phoenix Crown 6
Ruth Rendell A Guilty Thing Surprised Inspector Wexford #5 4
Craig Rice (Georgianna Craig) Smoke Rings 1
Chris Rippen Ferry Noir 2
Grenville Robbins The Broadcast Murder 3
Sax Rohmer The Case of the Tragedies in the Greek Room 2
Fred Saberhagen Seance for a Vampire... Dracula #8 4
Jaime Sandaval All the Way Home 3
Sapper (Herman Cyril McNeile) The Music-Room 3
Saho Sasazawa Invitation from the Sea 1
Dorothy L. Sayers The House of the Poplars 3
Dorothy L. Sayers Whose Body? Lord Peter Wimsey #1 2
Dorothy L. Sayers Gaudy Night Lord Peter Wimsey #12 1
Margaret Schef The Owl in the Cellar Lt. Ryan #1 5
Christopher St. John Sprigg The Case of the Unlucky Airman 1
Christopher St. John Sprigg Death at 8.30 2
Christopher St. John Sprigg Six Queer Things 4
Gladys St. John-Loe The Langdon Case 3
Viola Brothers Shore The Mackenzie Case 3
Georges Simenon Two Bodies on a Barge 2
Jonathan Stagge (Webb & Wheeler) Death, My Darling Daughters Dr. Westlake #7 4
Cathie Haig Star (Norma Schier) The Tecommseh Fen Mystery 1
Aaron Marc Stein This Was Willi's Day 1
Rex Stout Fer-de-Lance Nero Wolfe #1 4
Rex Stout The Silent Speaker Nero Wolfe #11 2
T. S. Stribling Figures Don't Die 2
L.A.G. Strong You Can't Love Two Women 1
Julian Symons The Clue in the Book 1
Phoebe Atwood Taylor Figure Away Asey Mayo #10 2
Lawrence Treat A as in Accident 1
Arthur W. Upfield The New Shoe Insp. Napoleon Bonaparte #15 3
Arthur W. Upfield Man of Two Tribes Insp. Napoleon Bonaparte #21 5
Janwillem van der Wetering Messing About in Boats 2
Roy Vickers A Man & His Mother-in-law 4
Roy Vickers Blind Man's Bluff 2
Charles Vivian Locked In 1
Ruth Sawtell Wallis Cold Bed in the Clay 2
Thomas Walsh I Killed John Harrigan 2
Alec Waugh The Police Are Baffled 2
Kate Westbrook The Moneypenny Diaries 9
David Winser The Boat Race Murder 1
H. Freeman Wood The Passenger from Scotland Yard 2
Eva-Lis Wuorio Look to Your Skeletons 1
Herbert O. Yardley & Carl Grabo Crows Are Black Everywhere 7

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