2024 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge
Beth M, M.E. • North Carolina

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Doug Allyn The Black Chapel Dan Shea 3
Doug Allyn The Iron Maiden 2
Doug Allyn A Penny for the Boatman 1
Doug Allyn Bandit Ballads 3
Doug Allyn 30 and Out 4
Doug Allyn Christmas Mitzvah 2
Kelley Armstrong Hemlock Island 7
Kelley Armstrong Cocktails and Chloroform A Rip Through Time #2.5 1
Margaret Atwood The Handmaid's Tale 11
Steve Berry Deeds Not Words 3
Steve Berry The Tudor Plot Cotton Malone #7.5 11
Steve Berry & M.J. Rose The House of Long Ago Cassiopeia Vitt #4 4
Steve Berry & M.J. Rose The End of Forever Cassiopeia Vitt #5 7
Cara Black Three Hours in Paris Kate Rees #1 16
Sara Blaedel Midnight Witness Louise Rick #1 8
C.J. Box Pronghorns of the Third Reich 3
Paula Brackston The Witches of the Blue Well 3
Allison Brennan The Sorority Murder Regan Merritt #1 9
Allison Brennan Don't Open the Door Regan Merritt #2 13
Sandra Brown Out of Nowhere 9
Valerie Burns Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder Baker Street Mystery #1 7
Valerie Burns Murder is a Piece of Cake Baker Street Mystery #2 8
Valerie Burns The Plot Is Murder Mystery Bookshop #1 5
Laura Childs Death by Darjeeling Indigo Tea Shop Mysteries #1 3
Chris Colfer A Tale of Sorcery A Tale of Magic #3 14
Carlo Collodi The Adventures of Pinocchio 3
Clive Cussler Devil's Gate NUMA Files #9 16
Dirk Cussler The Corsican Shadow Dirk Pitt #27 20
Jeffery Deaver Making Amends 1
Jeffery Deaver An Acceptable Sacrifice 1
Franklin W. Dixon The Alaskan Adventure Hardy Boys #138 0
Franklin W. Dixon The Mystery of the Black Rhino Hardy Boys #178 1
Franklin W. Dixon Passport to Danger Hardy Boys #179 0
Franklin W. Dixon Warehouse Rumble Hardy Boys #183 2
Brendan DuBois The Night Walks 1
Brendan DuBois The Best Revenge 2
Brendan DuBois Bond of Brothers 2
Brendan DuBois Family Love 3
Brendan DuBois The Right Call 1
Brendan DuBois His Daughter's Island 1
Joanne Fluke Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder Hannah Swensen #27 4
J.F. Freedman Clara's Sacrifice 1
Megan Goldin Dark Corners Rachel Krall #2 11
Andrew Gross The Blue Zone 19
Michael C Grumley Deep Freeze Revival #1 16
Charlaine Harris Grave Sight Harper Connelly #1 12
Charlaine Harris An Ice Cold Grave Harper Connelly #3 16
Charlaine Harris Grave Secret Harper Connelly #4 16
Charlaine Harris Three Bedrooms, One Corpse Aurora Teagarden #3 8
Reginald Hill Castles 3
Katherine Ryan Howard The Liar's Girl 9
updated David Ignatius Phantom Orbit 8
Lisa Jackson Retribution 4
Tonya Kappes Beaches, Bungalows and Burglaries Camper & Crimes #1 7
Faye Kellerman Malibu Dog 1
updated Jonathan & Faye Kellerman Capital Crimes 13
Jenny Kiefer This Wretched Valley 7
David Knadler Five-Hat Minimum 4
David Knadler Lost Horse Road 3
David Knadler Gray Lady John Ennis 5
David Knadler Karaoke Night John Ennis 1
Megan Lally That's Not My Name 13
Deborah J Ledford Redemption Eva 'Lightning Dance' Duran #1 13
Elizabeth Lim Her Radiant Curse Six Crimson Cranes #0.5 8
Elizabeth Lim Six Crimson Cranes Six Crimson Cranes #1 7
Elizabeth Lim A Dragon's Promise Six Crimson Cranes #2 9
Elizabeth Lim Spin the Dawn The Blood of Stars #1 6
Elizabeth Lim Unraveling the Dusk The Blood of Stars #2 9
Elizabeth Lim When You Wish Upon a Star 8
Robert Lopresti Devil Chased the Wolf Away 3
Robert Lopresti The Accessory 7
Robert Lopresti Professor Pie is Going to Die 3
Robert Lopresti The Shanty Drummer 1
Robert Lopresti Shanks Commences Longshanks 1
Peter Lovesey Say That Again 1
Peter Lovesey The Word of a Lady 1
Peter Lovesey The Secret Lover 1
Peter Lovesey The Case of the Dead Wait Rosemary & Thyme 2
Marie Lu Skyhunter Skyhunter #1 7
Seanan McGuire Lost in the Moment and Found Wayward Children #8 4
Seanan McGuire Mislaid in Parts Half-Known Wayward Children #9 3
Seanan McGuire Rosemary and Rue October Daye #1 10
Kate Alice Marshall No One Can Know 6
updated Lia Matera The Children 7
Korina Moss Handbell Ringers of White Pines Parish 1
Korina Moss Curds of Prey Cheese Shop Mysteries #3 5
Korina Moss A Case of the Bleus Cheese Shop Mysteries #4 6
Marcia Muller Pickpocket Carpenter and Quincannon 2
updated Marcia Muller Broken Men Sharon McCone 1
Marcia Muller The Ever-Running Man Sharon McCone #24 14
Marcia Muller Burn Out Sharon McCone #25 14
Harini Nagendra A Nest of Vipers Kaveri & Ramu #3 5
Terri Parlato All the Dark Places Detective Rita Myers #1 12
James Patterson and Brendan DuBois The Cornwalls Are Gone Amy Cornwall #1 16
James Patterson and Brendan DuBois The Summer House 16
James Patterson & Andrew Gross Judge and Jury 30
Amy Pease Northwoods 8
Preston & Child Scorpion's Tail Nora Kelly & Corrie Swanson #2 11
Preston & Child Gideon's Sword Gideon Crew #1 11
Bill Pronzini The Plunderer 3
Bill Pronzini Hooch 1
Bill Pronzini Friends 3
Bill Pronzini Bones 3
Bill Pronzini What Happened to Mary? 1
Bill Pronzini the Finger 1
Bill Pronzini Gunpowder Alley Carpenter and Quincannon 1
Bill Pronzini Devil's Brew Carpenter and Quincannon 2
Bill Pronzini The Carville Ghost Carpenter and Quincannon 1
Lori Rader-Day Over her Body 1
Ian Rankin Castle Dangerous John Rebus 1
James Rollins Kill Switch Tucker Wayne #1 14
James Rollins Sandstorm Sigma Force #1 15
James Rollins Kowalski's in Love Sigma Force #2.5 1
James Rollins Tracker Sigma Force #7.5 6
James Rollins The Pit 2
M.J. Rose A First Step 3
Rektok Ross Ski Weekend 3
Simone St. James Murder Road 8
R.M. Sackville Watery Grave 3
Gabriela Stiteler Two Hours West of Nothing 3
Rex Stout Blood Will Tell Nero Wolfe 1
Rex Stout Bullet for One Nero Wolfe 1
Peter Turnbull The Long Shadow 2
Peter Turnbull Take Death Easy Hennessey & Yellich 2
Peter Turnbull Foxed Hennessey & Yellich 3
Peter Turnbull Tontine Hennessey & Yellich 3
Peter Turnbull The Estate Hennessey & Yellich 5
Peter Turnbull A Lazy Woman 2
Various, ed. Margaret Atwood Fourteen Days 37
Various, ed. David Baldacci Faceoff 16
Various, ed. Lawrence Block The Darkling Halls of Ivy 23
Various, ed. Lee Child Match Up 17
Various, ed. Paul Kane & Marie O'Regan Exit Wounds 60
Erika T Wurth White Horse 4

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