Mystery Marathon 2024

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Description and Goal:

The goal of the challenge is to complete the Mystery Marathon by reading 26.2 mystery books during the year. Sit back down and take a breath, no actual running is required.

As there are 26.2 miles in a marathon, one book counts as one mile. The number of pages counts as the number of steps taken to complete that mile.

Like a real marathon, this is an endurance event, not a sprint. Do not feel pressured to read fast! You can complete the marathon without visiting the Medical Tent if you just average leisurely reading one book every two weeks.



  1. This challenge is open January 1 to December 31 2024.
  2. Only fiction is allowed.
    • Books of any length (short stories included) may be used for the first 26 miles.
    • Only a short story (less than 100 pages) may be used for the final .2 mile.
    • The first submission of a under-100 page book will be applied to the final .2 mile.
  4. You can reread books from previous years.
  5. Print books, audio books, and/or e-books may be used in any combination.
  6. Bloggers are welcome to any images for your blog.



Goodreads Discussion Group:


If you wish to contact another challenger, first try the Goodreads message system:
  1. Click on the Goodreads icon on the challenger's line on the main page. This brings you to their Goodreads profile.
  2. Click the MORE button (with the down arrow)
  3. Click MESSAGE. This - hopefully - brings up a message form. Just fill it out!
  4. If the challenger does not have Goodreads, or is not accepting Goodreads messages, send an email to me ( indicating who you wish to message. I will inquire of that challenger if they wish to message with you.


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