Mystillery Century Club Reading Challenge

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  1. No advance signup needed.
  2. once you have read each book.
  3. Here is an easy way to sort your Goodreads books by publication year, making it easy to identify books you have already read that qualify for this challenge! Read How to sort your Goodreads books by publication date.


  1. This is an ongoing - not annual - challenge. However, Social Climbers are encouraged to submit at least one book every six months.
  2. No advance signup needed. Just submit your first book(s) to begin and join the Social Climbers. As a Social Climber, the expiration date of your application is extended by one year upon each submission to your pedigree. If there are no additions to your pedigree for a period of one year, the application will be considered abandoned and expired.
  3. Upon your tenth (and final) addition to your pedigree, you will become a Centurion. This status will never expire, you shall be immortal.
  4. For our purposes, use the year the book was written, not necessarily the year it was published. If in doubt, just use the earliest date on the book's title page.
  5. Books may be read in any order.
  6. Past reading may be submitted. Check your shelves! That book you had to read in fourth grade? It counts!
  7. WILD CARD opportunity! We have not included the 2020-2029 decade in the challenge since we are only partially into that period. However, you may use a book written between 2020-2029 as a wild card for any other decade!
  8. Authors can be enjoyed multiple times.
  9. Print books, audio books, radio dramatizations, short stories, or e-books may be used. Movies do not count.
  10. Reviews are optional. If you include the URL of your review, a link to it will be provided.
  11. Once you achieve Centurionship (all ten decades), you may modestly post the Mystillery Century Club logo on your blog, Bentley, Tesla, Rolls, or equivalent.
  12. Expired pedigrees will be reactivated upon request. We have these on file: DeanieRhonda D. SueC Traci L.


Goodreads Discussion Group:


If you wish to contact another challenger, first try the Goodreads message system:
  1. Click on the Goodreads icon on the challenger's line on the main page. This brings you to their Goodreads profile.
  2. Click the MORE button (with the down arrow)
  3. Click MESSAGE. This - hopefully - brings up a message form. Just fill it out!
  4. If the challenger does not have Goodreads, or is not accepting Goodreads messages, send an email to me ( indicating who you wish to message. I will inquire of that challenger if they wish to message with you.


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