Collier Front Page Mysteries checklist

The Collier Front Page Mystery series was published in two uniform bindings over the years:

Beginning with the 2nd series, a "series number" appears on the title page. Many years had five titles in each "series". They were likely sold as sets, explaining why they tend to appear on the used market in sets of five titles.

Those titles which show the year I have in my collecton. Cells in yellow are my speculations. Titles with a blank year I have seen offered on the used market, but I do not have a copy.

The following list is likely incomplete. If you are aware of additional titles, please let me know.

Red binding, man in spiderweb embossed on front cover (33 titles)

Author Title Series Date Comment
Berkeley, Anthony The Silk Stocking Murders 1 1928
Brock, Lynn Murder on the Bridge 3 1930
Buck, Neville Marked Men 2 1929
Campbell, Alice Juggernaut 1 1928
Carr, John Dickson It Walks by Night 3 1930
Carr, John Dickson The Lost Gallows 3 1931
Christie, Agatha The Seven Dials Mystery 2 1929
Clevely, Hugh Call the Yard! 4 1931
Dalton, Moray The Body in the Road 3 1930 pseu. of Katherine M. Renoir
Dutton, Charles Streaked with Crimson 2 1929
Ferguson, John The Man in the Dark 2 1928
Fletcher, J. S. The Diamond Murders 2 1929
Footner, Hulbert The Mystery of the Folded Paper 3 1930
Footner, Hulbert The Under Dogs 1 1925
Freeman, R. Austin The Eye of Osiris 2
Gluck, Sinclair The Shadow in the House 2 1929
Hart, Frances Noyes The Bellamy Trial 1 1927
Holden, Raymond The Penthouse Murders 4 1931
Hughes, Rupert The Ladies' Man 3 1930
King, Rufus Murder in the Willett Family 4 1931
Loban, Ethyl The Calloused Eye 4 1931
MacDonald, Philip The Crime Conductor 4 1931
Martin, Stuart The Trial of Scotland Yard 3 1930
Morris, W. F. "G.B." 2 1929
Packard, Frank The Adventures of Jimmy Dale 2 1929
Packard, Frank The Big Shot 2 1929
Plum, Mary The Killing of Judge MacFarlane 3 1930
Propper, Milton The Boudoir Murder 3 1931
Propper, Milton The Ticker-Tape Murders 3 1930
Rhode, John The Murder at Bratton Grange 2 1929
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Man in Lower Ten 1 19091909 is the original copyright date, not printing date
Wallace, Edgar The Girl from Scotland Yard 2 1929
Wells, Carolyn Deep Lake Mystery 1 1928

Yellow cells are my speculations. It appears the first series was not so marked.

Black binding, weapons embossed on front cover (19 titles)

Author Title Series Date Comment
Blau, Ernest Queen's Falcon 9 1947likely the final title
Eberhart, Mignon Wings of Fear 7 1946
Ford, Leslie Murder in the OPM 6 1942
Ford, Leslie Siren in the Night 6 1943
Gardner, Erle Stanley Case of the Drowning Duck 5 1942
Hughes, Dorothy The Delicate Ape 7 1944
Hughes, Dorothy Ride the Pink Horse 8 1946
Irish, William Phantom Lady 5 1942
Lockridge, Frances & Richard Death on the Aisle 5 1942
Lockridge, Frances & Richard Killing the Goose 7 1944
Lockridge, Frances & Richard Murder Within Murder 8 1946
McCloy, Helen The Goblin Market 7 1943
Reilly, Helen Murder on Angler's Island 7 1945
Saunders, Clare Design for Treachery 8 1947
Starrett, Vincent Murder in Peking 8 1946
Stout, Rex Black Orchids 5 1942
Treat, Lawrence H as in Hunted 8 1946
Walling, R.A.J. The Corpse with the Eerie Eye 5 1942
Walling, R.A.J. A Corpse by Any Other Name 6 1943

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