pre-operation checklist

  1. North Interchange Track 20: Amtrak Downeaster

  2. North Interchange Track 21: Northern regional train with incoming interchange traffic

  3. Davis station: one F7 and one coach if running full schedule. Remove these is running freight-only schedule.

  4. Pamola siding: clear.

  5. Cape Ann station: one coach and one cafe

  6. Kenton Yard Track 13: Two locomotives

  7. Kenton Yard: Caboose available

  8. Kenton Spur: incoming interchange remaining from last session

  9. South Interchange Track 10: The Acadian: F7, tavern, coach, dome

  10. South Interchange Track 11: BM/Conrail with incoming interchange traffic

  11. All interchange blocks (10, 11, 20, 21) set to neutral.

  12. All Train Order Signals (at Towers PT and ST) set to Proceed.

  13. Check for Train Orders. Roll 1 die. Result of 1-4 indicates set corresponding Train Order Signal to Stop. Result of 5-6 indicates no action.

  14. All mainline tracks clear.

  15. Sound system on

  16. Master Switch on, all block signals showing red

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