2019 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge

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How to:

  1. No advance signup needed.
  2. Shoot (read) book #1
  3. Submit the form. You will get a line in the Shooting Gallery upon your first shot.
  4. Repeat until you have read 6 books.
  5. Please note the Shooting Gallery does not update in real time. Your submission generates an email to me, I will fill in the data.


  1. You get to define what is a "mystery".
  2. Print books, audio books, or e-books may be used.
  3. Once you have completed a target, you can target the same author again for additional reads.
  4. You can target different authors simultaneously or consecutively.
  5. Young folks are especially welcome too. Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew readers are naturals!
  6. Pseudonyms count as the same author, for example, if you are reading Erle Stanley Gardner, you can count books by A. A. Fair.
  7. You do not need to write reviews, but you are welcome to. If you do, I will link to the review from the Shooting Gallery.
  8. Bloggers are welcome to copy the target image from the header for your blog.
  9. Cross-entries from other challenges are encouraged.


Shooting gallery:

The Shooting Gallery was last swept up of spent bullets on Tue Jan 15 2019 7:30 PM EST
Book titles link to reviews, if provided.
Sorted by shooter name.
Shooter Target Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Shot 4 Shot 5 Shot 6 Complete
Ahcop Francis Beeding
(John Palmer)
The Norwich Victims              
Bev Hankins Ngaio Marsh Died in the Wool              
Rick Mills A. A. Fair
(Erle Stanley Gardner)
Give Em the Ax            
Rick Mills Carolyn Wells bang!Deep Lake Mystery loadingThe Come Back          
Rick Mills Ellery Queen The Perfect Crime            
Rick Mills Kathleen Moore Knight Footbridge to Death            
Rick Mills Rex Stout And Be a Villain            
Tari Hann Tonya Kappes
aka Maymee Bell
Batter Off Dead A Charming Cure          


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