Mystillery Newsletter #5 - January 2021

Mystillery news

We have had a substantial increase in participation for the 2021 challenges. I think they are being publicized somewhere of which I am not aware. I am hoping that your host can keep up with the submissions! I do have contingency plans in case I start getting overwhelmed.

The creepy Mystillery is the home page of the challenges. That is the easiest place to check on the archives of the various challenges.

Medical Examiner news

The top ten toe taggers have had their prize credits added to the Prize List.

We have a morgue-full of 30 examiners now! New examiners note: When you submit a Death Certificate, there is a checkbox at the bottom which allows to you submit your entry to the Six Shooter challenge at the same time, without having to go fill out another form. Also note that you submit one Death Certificate per book, not one per victim!

Six Shooter news

The rollover has occurred! What a nice, clean shooting gallery!

Unlike the Medical Examiner challenge, you don't need dead bodies from murder mysteries here. That is, a mystery that is, say, a bank robbery or counterfeiting does just fine. The original Hardy Boys / Nancy Drews, for example, all qualify - with nary a body to be found.

TCP formula

Tweak to the TCP formula! It didn't seem quite right that a gunslinger could read only six books, shoot right up to the top of the TCP with a perfect 1.000, then rest on his/her laurels at the top of the board while the rest of the gunslingers are blazing away with multiple notches, but languishing further down the board. Therefore, beginning in the 2021 challenge, a bonus is being added for going above and beyond one notch. Each notch (beyond the first one) directly adds a 0.100 bonus to the TCP. This should reward greater reading activity with higher positions on the Reader Board, since you can now rise above the old 1.000 ceiling. The columns have been rearranged to make it clearer.

Of course, you can still achieve a perfect 1.000 if that is your goal. Read six books by one author, and stop. That does it.

For clarity, the "Active Targets" column in the Gunslinger Board is being removed. That number is immaterial to the scoring, as TCP is not affected by the number of active targets.

Here is an example.

Reader BOARD updated JAN 1 2021 @ 10 AM EST Gunslingers: 5
sorted by Score, then shots fired. highest stats highlighted in green.
Gunslinger Notch / Shots x6 = TCP + bonus = score More info
Gunslinger 1 2 12 1.000 .100 1.100
Gunslinger 2 1 6 1.000 0 1.000
Gunslinger 3 2 21 .571 .100 .671
Gunslinger 4 1 21 .285 0 .285
Gunslinger 5 0 21 .000 0 0

Re: Prizes - my stash of PBS credits is just about depleted, so be aware that the prize awards for 2021 have changed. Details on the Prize list.

Beachcomber news

The goal of this challenge is to fill one set of four beach bags. That's it. You can continue on if you like, but don't feel you have to. There is no advantage to going beyond the initial four.

In the spirit of FREE THE BOUND PERIODICALS, we have FREED THE BOUND WILD CARDS. Previously, you had four total, (one bound to each card). Now you still have four total, but they are no longer bound per-card. You can use them on any beach bag, even all four on one beach bag if that is needed. This should help you if you have multiple difficult items on a card.

The troublesome Crime Scenes beach bag has gotten some improvements. You may wish to write these in, or obtain a fresh copy of the Crime Scenes beach bag.

*If you already found these, they remain valid.

Century Club news

The original C.C. rules asked for a minimum of one submission per year. It dawned on me that could mean we are in for a ten-year slog, and none of us has an attention span that long. So the rule is amended to ask for a minimum of one submission per six months. That gives you five years. Applications will be highlighted in red after five months of non-activity, as a 30 day warning of deletion.

Remember, prior reading counts on this challenge, no matter when it occurred. Check your bookshelf and get credit for those dusty oldies!

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