Mystillery Newsletter #2 - October 2020

New challenges for 2021 are coming online, and time for an update on the various Mystillery challenges! First, you will notice they are now in color! I was getting confused periodically as to which challenge I was in, as they all looked pretty much the same. So now each challenge has its own background color:

Medical Examiner

Year Examiners Toe Tags Books read
2019 8 1444 441
2020 14 2134* 660*
* to date

There are no changes to the challenge for 2021.

Six Shooter

Not much to see here yet. The 2021 version of this challenge will not be posted until late December 2020, due to the fact it requires the 2020 challenge to wrap up first.

Year Gunslingers Shots (books read) Notches
2019 8 192 27
2020 18 448* 33*
* to date

There are no changes to the challenge for 2021.

The 2020 Six Shooter will also close on Christmas Eve (Dec 24 2020). For the period Dec 25-31, you can still submit entries, they will be applied to the 2021 challenge; although since this is a rolling challenge, it really doesn't make any difference! The rollover will go like this:

  1. Completed targets will be removed.
  2. Partially completed targets will roll into 2021 provided there was some activity on that target in 2020. If there was no activity on a target in 2020, that target will be considered abandoned and removed. Targets which are in danger of being dropped are now highlighted in red.


The Bingo challenge has closed. If you have unfinished items in the Bingo challenge, feel free to copy them over to the Beachcomber challenge. The Beachcomber beach bags "Weapons" and "Crime Scenes" are almost identical to the former Bingo cards.


Beachcomber store, Wells, Maine

The 2021 Beachcomber Mystery Challenge is open, so jump right in! This replaces the Bingo Challenge, which had two significant issues: complex/inconsistent scoring, and a reliance on Golden Age tropes which tended to disenfranchise readers of contemporary and cozy mysteries. Hopefully, these issues are now in the past!

Abra Cadavers

There are no changes to the challenge for 2021.

This baseball challenge is a seasonal challenge and will open in the spring for a new season. The challenge will open on whatever day the Major League Baseball season opens - usually late March or early April.

Century Club

There are no changes to the challenge for 2021.

Since this is an ongoing challenge, it moves at a more relaxed pace. The goal is to read a mystery from each of the previous ten decades. If you find it difficult to find certain decades, check out my stash of books on the prize list - there are lots of various decade books there and you can grab them with your prize credits and help me make some room on my shelf.


Unused prize credits will roll over to 2021.

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