Mystillery Newsletter #17 - January 2022

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I hope you had a great Christmas/holiday season, and that you may have received lots of books to read in the coming year! I wanted to share this photo of a gift (product link) received from Kathy, here shown in front of the Mignon G. Eberhart section at Mystillery Manor:

So now we can better enjoy our vinyl records while perusing mysteries! I think I shall name this device "Roger Ackroyd". Caution: linked article contains spoiler. Well, the photo above contains a spoiler, too, for that matter.

Where were our 2021 challengers? In the colored states on our map, plus Georgia (Scott Nickels moved to Georgia after map was created):

and... Canada, India, Indonesia, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom.

C0NTENTH0MEB0DY writes: I try to check in on several of the member blogs (including The Mystillery blog) as much as possible. They are all impressive and even though I am normally reading different types of books than most, I feel such a community of like souls in all of you. Constant readers are just the best people!
Editor's note: You, too, can get lost in the blogs of other challengers by clicking their blog icon on any challenge page.

Please note all challenge prizes will be discontinued in 2022. They have not attracted much interest.

The transition from 2021 to 2022 was much simpler than anticipated. So now the Medical Examiner, Six Shooter, and Beachcomber challenges will run through Dec. 31 instead of ending on Dec 24. (I had allowed myself an interim week to figure everything out but that turned out to be unnecessary.)

SEARCH ENGINE UPDATED: The search engine had its monthly update this morning (Jan 1), so your submissions through Dec 31 are indexed and can now be found by it. This is available from the Medical Examiner and Six Shooter challenge pages.

Medical Examiner news


Morgue Statistics
Medical Examiners8 14 37 9
Total toe tags issued1444271910822 164
Total books read441806 1883 28
Average toe tags per book3.27 3.37 5.74 5.85
Average toe tags per examiner180194 292 18
Average books read per examiner5557 51 3

* as of January 1

Six Shooter news


  • Sanacrow (Tennessee) carved notch #19 for 2021 with author Agatha Christie and notch #20 for 2021 with author Allison Brennan !

  • Bev Hankins (Indiana) carves her notch #10 for 2021 with author Lee Strauss! Bev is now a member of the Clean Plate Club - that is, no leftovers. All her 2021 targets are completed with nothing to roll over to 2022.

  • Scott Nickels (Nebraska) carved his notch #2 for 2021 for author Robert Goddard !

  • SueC (Utah) carved notch # 15 for 2021 for author Tony Hillerman !

  • Tina Hilbert (Utah) carves notch #1 for 2022 with author J. K. Rowling!


    • Tina Hilbert (Utah) scores 2.000 to get both sharpshooter and booksniper for 2022!

    • A score of 1.000 is considered the "perfect" score - which can be achieved by reading only six books by one author, and then stopping (1/6*6=1.000). Once you start adding more authors, it gets complicated fast! To be a Sharpshooter, you much achieve a score of 1.000 or better at some point (you keep the sharpshooter badge even if your score subsequently drops below 1.000). Meanwhile, our gunsliingers are achieving even greater shooting proficiency, so we have added a new badge level. The Booksniper badge is awarded for achieving a score of 2.000 or greater.
    The Six Shooter rollover is here! The 2021 Six Shooter Challenge has rolled over with a crash to 2022! Your completed targets been removed. Your partially completed targets still appear, so you do not lose any progress. All your numbers (notch, shot, TCP, bonus, and score) have been reset to zero. Of course, the entire 2021 challenge is archived so you can still refer back to see your 2021 targets: Choose 2019202020212022

    Shooting Gallery Statistics
    Gunslingers81821 7
    Total shots taken (books read)1926191065 16
    Total notches carved (sets of 6)2764 108 1
    Average shots (books) per gunslinger2434 50 2
    Average notches (sets of 6) per gunslinger3.373.55 5.14 0

    * as of January 1

  • Beachcomber news


    Century Club news

    Ten Pins news

    Abra Cadavers news

    Abra Cadavers has closed for the season.

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