Mystillery Newsletter #16 - December 2021

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Do you enjoy cozy Martha Grimes British pub settings? How about J. J. Farjeon trapped-in-a-snowstorm mysteries? Now you can have both. In the news: British pub patrons snowed in for three days. ( full story ) Well, it's better than getting snowed in at the dentist's office for three days. Someone needs to write a murder mystery on this one quick...

Next time you visit Maine (you do visit Maine, don't you?) you may wish to visit a unique bookstore located inside a railroad boxcar. Here is the story from the Bangor Daily News.

The 2021 challenge year is winding down. Here's how the transition to 2022 will go:

Please note all challenge prizes will be discontinued in 2022. They have not attracted much interest.

Bev at My Reader's Block has posted her 2022 Vintage Scattergories challenge. It is available for signup now!

Bev at My Reader's Block has just posted her Mount TBR 2022 challenge. It is available for signup now!

SEARCH ENGINE UPDATED: The search engine had its monthly update this morning (Dec 1), so your submissions through Nov 30 are indexed and can now be found by it. This is available from the Medical Examiner and Six Shooter challenge pages.

Medical Examiner news


Morgue Statistics
Medical Examiners81437
Total toe tags issued144427199706
Total books read441806 1780
Average toe tags per book3.27 3.37 5.45
Average toe tags per examiner180194 262
Average books read per examiner5557 48

* as of December 1

Six Shooter news

Welcome to our newest gunslinger, Ena_Reads_Books from the United Kingdom!

A housekeeping note: If you have partially-completed authors in your shooting gallery which have left you cold and you do not wish to continue with them, let me know and I will mark them to not rollover into 2022.

Save time with the checkbox: If you intend to submit a book to both Medical Examiner and Six Shooter, use the Medical Examiner Death Certificate form. You will find a little checkbox at the bottom which will automatically submit your book to both challenges.



The Six Shooter rollover is coming! At the end of December, the 2021 Six Shooter Challenge will roll over to 2022! When the 2022 version is posted, your completed targets will be removed. Your partially completed targets will still appear, so you do not lose any progress. All your numbers (notch, shot, TCP, bonus, and score) will reset to zero. Of course, the entire 2021 challenge will be archived so you can still refer back to see your 2021 targets. (For some nostalgia, take a look back at 2019 and 2020.)

Shooting Gallery Statistics
Total shots taken (books read)192619 1013
Total notches carved (sets of 6)2764 101
Average shots (books) per gunslinger2434 48
Average notches (sets of 6) per gunslinger3.373.55 4.80

* as of December 1

Beachcomber news


Century Club news

Ten Pins news

Abra Cadavers news

Abra Cadavers has closed for the season.

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