Mystillery Newsletter #15 - November 2021

From The Mystillery

While we were in Boston for our daughter's running of the Boston Marathon (Oct 11), your host also had the opportunity to visit a favorite place, Brattle Book Shop.

Daughter Bethany at the Boston Marathon. Should she continue running, or stop at the used book sale? Decisions, decisions!

Your Host in his Natural Environment

We also happened across a little place called Caffé Nero. Could this be a retirement project of epicure Nero Wolfe? Note the back wall is covered with books.


So..... What current mystery author got her start when she fell into an open grave? Ewwwwwww. Here is the answer. Thanks to Avid Series Reader for pulling her out and bringing her into the M.E. Challenge!

Refresh me: My goal is to get any updates posted within 24 hours of submission. If you don't see your latest submissions, be sure to click the REFRESH button on your web browser (swipe down on a cell phone) to load the newest version. Many days challenge pages are updated several times, which may be faster than your web browser can follow.

Bev at My Reader's Block has posted her 2022 Vintage Scattergories challenge. It is available for signup now!

Bev at My Reader's Block has just posted her Mount TBR 2022 challenge. It is available for signup now!

Medical Examiner news

We hope you enjoyed the "Are you a robot?" question on the Death Certificate form. It was a joke, of course, and it didn't matter what you chose. Just making fun of the various robot tests appearing on web forms.


Morgue Statistics
Medical Examiners81437
Total toe tags issued14442719 8786
Total books read441806 1592
Average toe tags per book3.27 3.37 5.51
Average toe tags per examiner180194 237
Average books read per examiner5557 43

* as of November 1
SEARCH ENGINE UPDATED: The search engine had its monthly update this morning (Nov 1), so your submissions through Oct 30 are indexed and can now be found by it. This is available from the Medical Examiner and Six Shooter challenge pages.

Six Shooter news

You may notice "2020" appearing next to some of your titles read in 2020. This is to help sort things out during the rollover the last week of December.



The Six Shooter rollover is coming! At the end of the year, the 2021 Six Shooter Challenge will roll over to 2022! When the 2022 version is posted, your completed targets will be removed. Your partially completed targets will still appear, so you do not lose any progress. All your numbers (notch, shot, TCP, bonus, and score) will reset to zero. Of course, the entire 2021 challenge will be archived so you can still refer back to see your 2021 targets. (For some nostalgia, take a look back at 2019 and 2020.)


New from The Mystillery!

Just in time for the holidays! The Mystillery's new BookBit will up your reading challenge performance! The BookBit monitors your wrist movement to clock your page-turns in real time. Reading Challenge experts recommend a daily goal of 1000 page-turns to stay competitive in the cut-throat world of competitive reading challenges! Stop wasting valuable time with exercise, walking, and running! Settle in for some serious sedentary reading time this winter with the Mystillery's Bookbit!
  • BookBit's daily goal is preset to 1000 page-turns.
  • BookBit is compatible with hardcovers, paperbacks, and Kindles.
  • BookBit delivers corrective mini-shocks if you fall asleep or fail to keep on pace.
  • BookBit comes in Midnight Black, Mysterious Mauve, or Blood Red.
  • BookBit has a handy clock built in.

Beachcomber news


Century Club news

Ten Pins news

Abra Cadavers news

Abra Cadavers has closed for the season.

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