Mystillery Newsletter #13 - September 2021

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September is here and the sun is setting on baseball season, so time is running out on the Abra Cadavers game (ends Sep. 30). Not to worry, The Mystillery has an infuriating new game to be unveiled Oct 1, which will run thru March; so there will always be a game available throughout the year. The new game has been tested and the submission form is all ready to go. What is it? Well, it will be a surprise, but I will just mention it is going to require a little bit of math based upon titles of your books. It should be challenging - there are multiple ways you can meet the goals so it will require some head-scratching and shelf-searching too!

Most of my reading is conventional hardcover books - but I do read some older authors which are readily available on Kindle. Anna Katherine Green, Carolyn Wells, Edgar Wallace, Mary Roberts Rinehart and those of that era are available in bulk very cheaply in the 'Megapack' bundles. Search Amazon Kindle bookstore for mystery megapack, detective megapack or author name + megapack (try this search) and you will be surprised what turns up for either 99 cents or $1.99.

One aspect I am enjoying while reading older mysteries on the Kindle is the immediate dictionary access. I came across one character whose occupation was 'amanuensis' - What? touching the word pulled up the definition of a literary or artistic assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts. Then I came to 'lugubrious' (one of Erle Stanley Gardner's favorite terms to describe Paul Drake, after he settles down sideways in the office chair) and found it means looking or sounding sad and dismal.

Just finished POIROT LOSES A CLIENT (review) by Agatha Christie. My copy is a ex-library 1937 first edition which is just falling apart, but complete. I find it fascinating to look at the signout record on the inside back cover, and think about how people on the home front made it through WWII with mysteries like Agatha Christie! Patron 318 was reading THIS VERY COPY during the attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7 1941)!

Medical Examiner news


SEARCH ENGINE UPDATED: The search engine had its monthly update this morning (Sept 1), so your submissions through Aug 31 can now be found by it. This searches submissions to all Mystillery challenges, but it is only available from the Medical Examiner challenge page. See "Who else examined my book?" at the top of the table.

Six Shooter news

Please note a change in the structure of the challenge pages. The Shooting Gallery had grown way too long and was getting quite awkward to edit. The Shooting Gallery has been broken apart so there is a separate Shooting Gallery page for each challenger (just like the Clipboards in the Medical Examiner challenge). Click on the target icon next to your name, and your shooting gallery will open in a separate window or tab. This will also allow you to print your own Shooting Gallery page if that assists you in keeping track.



Beachcomber news

No activity on the beach in August! How can that be?

Century Club news

Abra Cadavers news

The Abra Cadavers season ends soon - September 30! Last chance to step up to bat! Come October 1, when the Abra Cadavers team puts away the bats and balls for the season, The Mystillery will open a new off-season game to run alternately with Abra Cadavers, October to April. It is an indoor sport for those cold winter months. This means there will always be a game available year-round for all our challengers! All reading since January 1 all qualifies! Check your Medical Examiner clipboard to review all your 2021 titles!

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