2019 Medical Examiner Mystery Reading Challenge

Medical Examiner Reading Challenge


How to:

  1. No advance signup needed.
  2. Read a murder mystery. Note the victim(s) and cause(s) of death.
  3. Submit one Death Certificate per book.
  4. Try to get the most toe tags, as shown in the Dept. of Vital Statistics (below).
  5. Please note the Morgue does not update in real time. Your submission generates an email to the Chief Medical Examiner, who will fill in the data.


  1. Print books, audio books, or e-books may be used.
  2. You get one Toe Tag point per victim (Well, the victim actually gets the tag, but you know what I mean).
  3. You do not need to write reviews, but you are welcome to. If you do, the Chief Medical Examiner will link to the review from the Morgue.
  4. Bloggers are welcome to copy the toe tag image from the header for your blog.
  5. Cross-entries from other challenges are encouraged.



The Morgue does not update in real time. It was last mopped up on THU JAN 17 11:30 AM EST
Sorted by Examiner name
Examiner Author Title (links to reviews) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
Ahcop Anthony Webb Verdict Without Jury             2     2
Ahcop Charlotte Jay A Hank of Hair               2
Ahcop Victor Bridges Dusky Night               2
Ahcop Harry Stephen Keeler Two Strange Ladies             2     2
Ahcop Francis Beeding The Norwich Victims 2               3
Ahcop Victor Bayley House of Hatred               1
Avid Series Reader Sue Grafton Y is for Yesterday           3     4
Examiner Author Title (links to reviews) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
Bev Hankins David A. Kaufelt The Winter Women Murders 2               3
Bev Hankins Ngaio Marsh Died in the Wool                 1
Bev Hankins Dorothy L. Sayers Clouds of Witness                 1
Bev Hankins George Bellairs The Dead Shall Be Raised           2 2     4
Bev Hankins George Bellairs Death of a Quack               2
LuAnn Braley Nicole Ellis Brownie Points for Murder               2
Rick Mills Ellery Queen The Perfect Crime                 1
Rick Mills A. A. Fair
(Erle Stanley Gardner)
Give 'Em the Ax                 1
Rick Mills Carolyn Wells Deep Lake Mystery                 1
Rick Mills Carolyn Wells The Come Back                   0
Rick Mills Rex Stout And Be a Villain           2     3
Examiner Author Title (links to reviews) Asph Drown Fall Fire Hit Pois Shot Stab Other Toe Tags
Tari Hann Amanda Flower Death and Daisies                 1
Tari Hann Joy Avon In Peppermint Peril             3
Tari Hann Camilla Chafer Jeopardy in January                 1
Tari Hann Maymee Bell Batter Off Dead                 1
Tari Hann VM Burns The Novel Art of Murder               2
Tari Hann Bethany Blake A Midwinter's Tail               2   2
Tari Hann Wendy Meadows Snowy Misery             2     2
Tari Hann Chelsea Thomas Candy Apple Killer 2                 2
Tari Hann Vicki Delany A Scandal in Scarlet             3
Tari Hann Sally Goldenbaum How to Knit a Murder                 1
Tari Hann Melissa Bourbon Pleating for Mercy                 1
Asph = asphyxiation, strangling, air deprivation
Drown = drowning
Fall = from height, or pushed
Fire = fire, bomb, or explosion
Hit = by object or vehicle
Pois = poison, drugs, snake venom, carbon monoxide
Shot = by gun, arrow, other projectile
Stab = by knife, other sharp object

Dept. of Vital Statistics:

Examiner Toe Tags issued
Tari Hann 19
Ahcop 12
Bev Hankins 11
Rick Mills 6
Avid Series Reader 4
LuAnn Braley 2

Some High Body Counts:

These books will give you a lot of toe tags quickly.


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