DVD scene chart

Scene Content
1 The Amelikites, main title, Hadassah and Mordecai
2 Queen Agag has a son, Hadassah reads to the children, Queen Vashi rumored to not attend the feast
3 Hadassah's childhood memories, Xerxes declares a feast, Queen Vashti appears
4 The feast
5 Queen Vashti refuses and is banished
6 Round up maidens for the harem, men to be eunichs, Mordecai suggests Hadassah forgets she is a Jew, renamed Esther, enters the harem
7 Maidens enter the dungeons, Hegai the eunich is in charge, "I am Esther, I am the wind."
8 War planning council
9 Esther prepares herself, reads for the king.
10 Jesse, now a eunich, meets up with Esther
11 Candidates are presented to the king, he and Esther fall in love
12 The wedding
13 Esther and Mordecai, Mordecai overhears a plot
14 Haman's speech incites the crowd
15 Estrangement of the king and Esther
16 Haman plots to kill Mordecai
17 Haman reveals his plan to kill the Jews
18 King reminded of debt to Mordecai, Lot cast to set the date
19 Letters sent to the provinces, Mordecai refuses to kneel
20 Haman humiliated as Mordecai honored with a parade
21 Haman placed in charge, Esther approaches the king in court, unsummoned
22 Esther's banquet, she reveals her secret
23 Haman taunts and assaults Esther, is hanged
24 Mordecai becomes Prime Minister, issues edict for the Jews to defend themselves

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