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Welcome to the index of books I have read from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction (generally defined as the period between WWI and WWII), with a few exceptions to that span. Click a title for information about the author, a cast of characters, my synopsis (no spoilers), and review. I hope this will whet your appetite! - Rick Mills

Abdullah, Achmed Beeding, Francis Berkeley, Anthony Bristow, Gwen, and Bruce Manning Burton, Miles Campbell, Alice Carr, John Dickson (also see Carter Dickson) Charteris, Leslie Christie, Agatha Clevely, Hugh Coles, Manning Collison, Wilson Corbett, James Coxe, George Harmon Davis, Frederick C. Dickson, Carter (also see John Dickson Carr) Doherty, Edward J. Eberhart, Mignon Evermay, March Fair, A. A. (Erle Stanley Gardner) Farjeon, J. Jefferson Footner, Hulbert Forsythe, Robin Frome, David Gardner, Erle Stanley Gillmore, Rufus Goodchild, George Greene, Graham Gribble, Leonard Hawk, John Holden, Raymond Homes, Geoffrey Horler, Sydney Hultman, Helen Joan Irish, William (Cornell Woolrich) King, Rufus Knight, Kathleen Moore Lenehan, J. C. Levinrew, Will Livingston, Walter Mason, Van Wyck Oppenheim, E. Phillps Paul, Elliot Petersen, Herman Pleasants, W. Shepard Propper, Milton M. Queen, Ellery Ransome, Stephen Rinehart, Mary Roberts Ross, Barnaby pseudonym of Ellery Queen Sayers, Dorothy L Small, Austin J. Stout, Rex Treat, Lawrence Truss, Seldon Van Dine, S. S. Wallace, Edgar Wees, Frances Shelley Wells, Carolyn Williams, Valentine Woodward, Edward

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