fun with architectural vehicles

Architectural vehicles in the parking lot

I love my Chinese architectural vehicles! I use 1:100 scale models from eBay on my HO layout. They are modern vehicles intended for architectural models (where they need to fill up streets and a parking lot with lots of generic vehicles!). They do the job and they come in bulk real cheap. Typical prices on eBay: 5 for $1, 14 for $4.24, 100 for $15.20. It pays to buy in bulk!

Typical eBay listing

1:100 scale? Maybe. Rivet counters won't even consider them, but I measured one with an HO scale ruler. 15 feet. Then I measured my wife's Kia Optima - a midsize sedan - 15.5 feet! The ruler doesn't lie, so these do represent midsize vehicles in HO scale.

1:100 cars alongside a true 1:87 truck. Convinced yet?

What's inside? These are made of three pieces, a black chassis with fixed wheels (wheels do not turn), a clear window insert, and a painted body. They snap apart easily and you can repaint the body if you want more colors.

Fun with Optical Illusions

You've seen this scene at used car lots - hoods open to reveal SALE signs.

Familiar used car lot scene

Here are some on my used car line. The hoods are not really open, it is an illusion. I painted the hood flat black, cut a second hood from styrene, painted it to match, and propped/glued them up on the signs (decals on bits of styrene). Other small decals can be used to put prices on windshields.

Are the hoods open? Or not?

Good, Cheap - but not Fast

Just search eBay for "1/100 vehicle". These are direct mailed from China, so shipping, usually free, is not particularly fast. Figure 2-3 weeks. Architectural vehicles are also available in 1/200 and other scales (passable for N?)

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