rockland line

Rockland Line is one of two short lines interchanging with the Cape Ann (the other being Seacoast Line). Rockland operates between Portland and Bar Harbor. Rockland Line has trackage rights on the Cape Ann to the interchange point at Pamola.


Of the two short lines, Rockland is in much better financial condition, serving substantial customers between Portland and Rockland, ME. Freight customers include paper companies, marine industries, and a cement plant. The line also serves passengers on the route in their full dome car. Seacoast Line also gains run-through revenue from Seacoast Line.

Rockland's FM-A locomotives

Rockland's freight car fleet consists of modern 50' plug-door boxcars.

Typical Rockland 50' plug door boxcar

Rockland's one passenger car is a full dome car, which joins Cape Ann's Acadian at Pamola to allow passengers to continue to destinations south, without having to change trains. Once part of The Acadian, passengers have access to Cape Ann's cafe car and dining car. Connection to Amtrak may be made at Kenton.

Rockland's full dome

The Cape Ann requires cabooses on any freight trains entering its system. Rockland has their own, and also has access to pool cabooses which are under joint ownership of the three roads, and are denoted by a large "P" in place of a roadname.

Rockland Line uses Cape Ann's Bolton Shops at Kenton for major maintenance and repair.

Rockland caboose 325

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